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HELLISH MASSACRE (Swe) #2 (Fanzine), 200?



I have to admit that while I tried hard to find something unappealing in Hellish Massacre, this is really my kind of reading, and I couldn’t but enjoy it. He (the editor) grabbed a copy of the Nefas Cd I released last year without giving anything back (not even a notification mail he got the pack) but I guess that was because he thought I was sending it for review in his zine (while I just wanted to trade with his band WATAIN, I didn’t even know he had a fucking fanzine, but what the fuck). All this long annoying prelude to preannounce you that I wanted to shoot bad words about this zine from the beginning because I was a bit pissed off but I really cannot. The layout is perfect. Brilliant. Not that kind of monster like Davthvs or Headufcker (rip) which are technical paragons of perfection and typographical skills, it is just a ‘zine, like they printed them 10 years ago, with the uneven text, the typewriter font, the ugly frames and the million logos. To even browse, it is really too good. When we come to interviews, they’re fresh and in depth, even though I consider Black Metal bands as peripheral in respect to Death and Grind, while he is totally into this genre, but the good thing is that he is into the GOOD Black Metal of Judas Iscariot, Graveland, Malign, Antaeus, Triumphator and stuff like that instead of the routine garbage. Let’s say I am not too much in the genre, but all of these bands are in my favourites. They tend to be featured in block all together in other 100 zines (the Black metal “Horde” bla bla bla, I guess next issue will have at least two of the following Thornspawn, Tsjuder, Bloodstorm, Black Witchery Mutiilation or Krieg, am I a wizard?) but never mind, there are some touches of “colour” with the average band SANATORIUM (Death/grind, but nothing special), UNPURE and the only Peat Metal band in the world (I still wonder what it sounds like but it should be something like old IMPALED NAZARENE). Features of twisted humour are what give the zine its special aftertaste, like this band called DARK GRAVE spending 10 dollars to send the editor a package with a bio and a photo, or the psychological examination of DUST’s logo. The reviews are short but good and again full of irony although it’s boring when you notice how little knowledge the editor has about Death Metal that strays from the bullet and thrashing attitude. All of the American DM and grind bands are basically reviewed the same way, which is probably the same way I review Black Metal, so I cannot complain any longer. The zine is really one of the 5 best from the whole Scandinavia today (that I know of), so I really recommend to hurry in getting the last copies (cash first, the editor is a businessman eheh) for your toilet reading. One last thing: reading zines like this is like having a fake ‘800 wardrobe in your bedroom. They’re not old but act as if they are old and something behave as if they’re straight from the 80’s, which a bit bothers me because it’s pretty blatant that it’s purposely aged, sounds a bit of a “cheat”, but the style is so damn good that I cannot see the point in printing it glossy and colourful when you get a far better impression by using ole good schemas. Filth above quality is my motto as well. I tried to destroy it but only good things came out. Hellish Massacre is just too fucking good.


Reviewed by: Necrogoregrinder


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