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NECROTIC MUTATION (Can): "s/t" MCd 2000 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 11/09/2006 23:59:59


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Code: NMCD-2000

Running Time: 17:08


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Necrotic Mutation probably released this MCd (or Cd single?) just to show the world that the band was still alive despite changing the complete line up save for the singer, and the passing of 6 years since the debut album was released. Even if some distinct personality remains, the menacing, twisted necromantic sound of the early band here is almost lost. I have the impresison that when bands begin to experiment how flexible the Death Metal genre can be, the bass player automatically becomes an idiot. Not the rest of the band, just the bass player. Bass players become protagonists as soon as the band wants to push the sound to more creative areas and they do this by turning the volume switch all the way up and starting to go their own way despite the song coherence. "Slap slap slap" everyone wants to be fucking Les Claypool. There are some really horrendous moments of cheap aimless bass string slapping in this album. Despite this however, the songs have a clear, well developed structure, with even a few moments of complete digression with elements of samba and ambient music. In respect to "The Realm of Human Illusion" the band however seems to have become a bit uninspired, creating three tracks with have no punch, and that are more a show of musical prowess than Death Metal anthems. I like the Canadian insanity this band still emits, and these guys surely know how to play their shit, but the energy level is definitely lacking here. The vocals have become a bit clearer, with some spoken phrasing as well, but this album remains far from being easily edible. Canadian insanity strikes again, but if I were in you, I'd go for the full.


Tracks (3): 1 - The Necrotic Mutation 2 - Exalteration 3 - Flying Over Ether'n'Thee