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GOREOPSY (Svk): “Intentional Disfiguration” tape 1999 [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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Other releases from this band

It has to be said in advance that GOREOPSY heavily use drum machines. I don’t know if you lie this stuff but certainly the music sometimes gets so fast it would be surely interesting to see how a human drummer could handle it. The main of GOREOPSY songs however is composed of sludgy, relentless riffs which drag for minutes, with this kind of toad like bubbly grunts a la CUM/DEMILISH constantly spilling all over like a blood-soaked sheet. I don’t think they really need the faster, grind parts, as they really get the best from these slow, inexorably sluggish ones, but for sure they would gain much from a real drummer, far more than the more solid, aforementioned CUM (now VAMPIRIC MOTIVES). Fpr those who like deep vocals and spectral sludgecore.


Tracks (6): 1) Intro 2) Intentional Disfiguration 3) Metus Atrox 4) Encapsulated Fresh Meat of Anal Butcher [? Ed.] 5)Diarrhoeatic Bloody orgasm 6) Undiminished Glutton Demands