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SECLUDERE (USA/Mi): ďIsolation MetalĒ tape 2000 Reberabtive [promo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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Other releases from this band

The fact that this bands busted out of the corpse of a noise-experimental band like RAISED IN MEAT could just nothing but help. Especially when you consider this is a project all centred around vaguely ambient/psychedelic atmospheres and stripped of everything Black Metal. Itís a droning, mesmerizing, obsessive repetition of loose riffs over and over for minutes, itís the kind of stuff thatís created to drive you nuts, filling your cervix with desolation and bareness, and drains you of your warmth second by second. There is a lot of clean guitar and crepitating Greek-black-metal-when-it-was-good abandoned feel. Itís not gothic stuff, itís fucking grey and miserable and I was enjoying the fact that luckily for my nerves, it had no vocals on it. After a while when it really gets trippy, some of the dirtiest, most fundamental, barren Black Metal I have ever heard starts. Thereís no beauty in this shit, just ugly bleak stuff which no man with good sense should hear. Spectral vocals submerged in an horrible mix, echoing beneath the same riff over and over, itís like techno-trance meets industrial black metal. I donít think you should but it. But being nuts myself. I liked it. Especially when high on heroine. For your knowledge, SECLUDERE have now changed name to DEAD TO EARTH.


Tracks (12): 1) Rx Intro 2) An army of ghoulish fiends in slumber 3) Nightpraise/Nightdrone 4) Ö and as they dreamÖ 5) Secludere 6) Universal cosmic damnation 7) Ö risingÖ 8) Prelude/Through Dysthymia 9) Lucia 10) Magine Bugs 11) Diatribe 12) Secludere II (outro)