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GHOULS (Ita): “promo 2000” tape 2000 [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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This demo substantially starts from the point where the last one ended, with even more apocalyptic hyperblasts, more hate, and vocals which have gained a thicker coat of phlegm and a broader range of pitch. The whole identity of the band has grown even stronger. The droning, mesmerizing guitars have now become even more undulating, improving on those abrupt changes which introduced the solos, now become one unique surge of grindcore-speed riffs while still sounding metal to the heart. It’s like they added 5 notes per second, encapsulated some solos in the music itself and begun exploring the boundaries of chaos with a churning mass of technical-uneven guitar-drum rhythms and guttural yet very distinctive singing. There is a fair addition of melodies as well, backed by the best solos ever from an Italian band that I can recollect of (how many DM bands still play solos to this day in my country? Not many that I can mention, the best one having been right AIWAZ from the same city as GHOULS, and that was 8 years ago). If you mind me, this is one of the three best “unadulterated” Death Metal bands from my country today. Address above.


Tracks (3): 1) Divine Chosen 2) I’m the living swear 3) Eternal Damnation