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DEADBODIESEVERYWHERE (US/Ca): “s/t” Cd 1999 Death Vomit

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

This one might easily be the most totally schizoid grindcore I have heard in years. I totally hate this sort of high shrill wails (see LENG TCH’E) yet I sincerely admit the music DBE plays is fucking innovative in its own genre, thrashing to the ground every structure and formality that is starting to stagnate even in the primal fury of the grind genre. The band has some crude, sudden turns in the music which remind a bit of DISEMBOWELMENT or CEPHALIC CARNAGE, no need to add this might have been Headfucker’s number one choice if the label was still intact, with its stubborn, caustic sense of humour and its uncontrolled spasms of violence. I haven’t read the lyrics but I bet they talk of smoke at least in one line (they’re shaved and play grind after all). There is not much more to add, if in your grindminded attitude there is much space for experimental divagations and typical ultracore shouts, this is a must, especially if you have been looking for a somewhat different approach. Gargle. For some reason I tend to be more into splatter pathogrind than this kind of schizopherinia. I would like to end the review with another nice controversial quote from the band from Jellobean: “Metal will never be that big. Wanna know why? ‘Cos this country is so afraid of giving angry white guys any sort of real power, except for goofy wrestlers in spandex. It’s another backlashing of the whole EO thing. At least, that’s what this weirdo 800 line customer of ours from Alabama told me after I explained to him that Graveland will not be joining the next Family Values tour.”. PS: I read the lyrics. They’re less stupid than what I thought indeed, kinda Benumb in style you know, lots of problems, lots of people pissed off and trying to solve things by shouting on top of the lungs on a stage where the only people that’s attending is already of your own opinion.


Tracks (13): 1) Black Cloud 2) Full Body Cast 3) Punch The Clock 4) Action Packer 5) Sloth 6) Karmassacre 7) Waste Of Skin 8) Less A Man 9) Chop Shop 10) Pest Control 11) Neckbrace 12) Henry'S Revenge 13) Earache