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BIRDFLESH (Swe): "Night of the Ultimate Mosh" Cd 2002 Razorback

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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Other releases from this band

What can I add that I haven't already said on the 'Alive Autopsy' review? BIRDFLESH is possibly the best grindcore band from Sweden today, Heir of a huge tradition of grind/punk/crust bands (G-ANX, BOMBANFALL, STUKAS, KRUNCH, WOUNDED KNEE etc) they still manage to keep it fresh, powerful and tight for half an hour of full speed dementia. Their totally unserious image is now their trademark, and I strongly reccoment to lose some time reading their lyrics, the funnier ones since BROKEN HOPE’s latest. Althugh no real points of contact can be found with NASUM, both share the same complete smoothness and digestibility, hearing this album is just like drinking fresh water, you can’t really get bored. Grindcore with such a groove and taste that can be heard over and over without getting repetitive. Double throaty vocals and constantly pounding drumbeats follow for just the whole length of this Cd at breakneck speed, all the while passing through experiments and variations that abound without slowing down the whole concept. I was thinking: what is exactly the element that makes this album so good? From the back of my brain came a disquieting answer. It's fun. Fun. I mean, when was the last time I heard and reviewed an album that was so completely entrtaining? There is no real need to explain every single twiat or character variation, this Cd just makes sense even in its more unconventional moments, accurately balanced with skill, rage and groove. Even if there is not a clear Thrash Metal imprint in the album, this Cd stirs up the same simple, sincere energy of great classics such as WHIPLASH’s “Power and Pain” or SLAUGHTER’s “Strappado”. I guess the music in itslef doesn’t really mean much when it’s able to recreate such fistbanging mania. Be it Thrash, Punk, hard Core or Grind, “The Night of Ultimate Mosh” rages on and on and on...


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