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BELPHEGOR (Aut): "Infernal Live Orgasm" Cd 2002 Phallelujah

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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Other releases from this band

Isn’t “Phallelujah” an Angelcorpse song? Eh. Well other than that it’s also the name for BELPHEGOR’s own newborn label, which just released a 10 years anniversary collection for their own band which includes three Mpeg videos (to watch with your own computer for the analphabets). One is a live gig and the other two are videoclips in which the band enters a church, pull out a gun and shoot the crucifix. Ah ah, that’s the absolte best part, but also the nun that masturbates with the cross is fun. I bet they will pass it on MTV with no censorship. However BELPHEGOR likes to state once more they’re possibily the best European Black Metal band today, and they do it with a release of uttermost savage brutality, hearing these live songs is like drinking blood from the brain cavity of a goat’s freshly severed head. Ultimately blasphemous, hyperfast, with little or no dispersion these songs capture wholly the band’s live energy and christhating rage. I also like the Angelripper-like accent in the vocals while introducing the songs eh. To close the circle, this Cd contains a few more cuts: “Spawn of Rats” is a new song which is going to appear on the next studio release, and the two last tracks are taken from early demos (‘91/’93). Add to all this a 24-page crammed booklet with some infos, lots of pics etc. and you’ll get the point why this is a Cd which is good to have.


Tracks (12): 1) March Of The Dead 2) Purity Through Fire 3) Necrodaemon Terrorsathan 4) The Last Supper 5) No Resurrection 6) Swarm Of Rats 7) Diabolical Possession 8) Blackest Ecstasy 9) Requiem Of Hell 10) Der Untergang Pt. II 11) Graves Of Sorrow 12) Hellbound