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LYMPHATIC PHLEGM (Bra): "Wide Opened Thoraco-Abdominal Tract" split Cd with NEURO-VISCERAL EXHUMATION (Bra) 2000 Fleshfeast/Disgorgement of Squash Bodies

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

LYMPHATIC PHLEGM: LYMPHATIC’s unique approach to goregrind really made them special and creates a feeling of oppression and hopelessness which is only reached, in my opinion, by the best CUM, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY or earlier SQUASH BOWELS. No need to add this is my favorite brazilian act (goregrind-wise at least.) Still using huge doses of pitch shifting to make the vocals a sordid pudding of screams and inhuman grunts, and a hammering drum machine that kicks the spine, yet the best and more distinguishing thing in this band is their apocalyptic, distant and eerie feeling. The riffs adopted are sometimes similar to some rather simple song for kids, yet as disturbing when collocated in such a scenario of limbless torsos and pathological abberrations. All the intros from the seongs are actually samples from the movie Deranged. Fernando of the great magazine Black Hole took care of the superb design.


Tracks (10): 1) Pulmonary Thrombotic Embolism (Malignant Occlusive Microthrombus Formation) 2) Congenital Megacolon by Abnormality in Peristaltic Processes 3) Suppurated Inflamatory Intumescentia of the Ophtalmic Conjunctive 4) Pathological Analysis of the Collagenic Affections 5) Tuberculous Degeneration of the Lymphatic Ganglions Aroused by the Outcoming Becillus from Blood and Lymph 6) Oozing Crusted Scabies Disgorgement in Dermatomytositis 7) Premature Dettachment of the Normally Inserted Placenta 8) Traumatic Subarachnoid Haemorrage Due to Disseminated Aneurysm (Disposed to Coagulate) 9) Infectious Pyelonephritis by Pathogenic Bacteriologic Proliferation on the Renal Parenchyma 10) Systemic Multicentric Reticulohistiocytosis Contagiosa