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DISGORGE (Mex): "Goremassacre Perversity" split Cd with COCK AND BALL TORTURE (Ger) 2001 Lofty Storm

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Who doesn’t know DISGORGE by now? The mighty paladins of pathologic splattergrind, technical as fuck, ultrafast and immensely obsessed by horror, gore and guts, guts, guts every fucking where. DISGORGE are the modern day heroes of a genre which is getting more and more scoffed as “antiquated”. None is able to play as intricate and totally splatter as DISGORGE, the songs are a real holocaust of constantly evolving vocals, that span all ranges of the word “heavy” from grunts to gargles. The drumming is as sharp as a surgeon’s blade cutting through the innards, fast, complex, perfect. No other band plays like DISGORGE, this shit is unique. Oh and the GRAVE cover.... twice as fast as the one in “Into The Grave” and just as heavy.... we need more gore, more gore, more GOORE!!!


Tracks (3): 5) Goremassacre Perveristy 6) Grotesque Devourment 7) Inhuman