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VV.AA.: "Destruction of the Heavenly Realms" Cd 2002 Deathgasm

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Like every good reviewer I tend to hate compilations becouse your point of view tends to be a bit dissonant from song to song, yet we have this Deathgasm comp here, and the bands featured herein are some of the most varied you can think of. Dedicated to the memory of Maxìmilien Varnier, this Cd just feature a 2 sheet heavy red carboard cover with a list of addresses (written in gleaming silver hmmm...), so that’s all the infos you’ll get. Bands featured vary all from Black Metal to Grindcore to Death (DEMONCY, AMOEBIC DISENTERY, REGURGITATION to name a few), with some more or less renown names such as DEEDS OF FLESH and some more obscure like MAD COW, which is total crazed grind with some South Park-like vocals. Constantly changing not only in style, but in recording level and quality as well (some sound like demo tracks, some sound like Cd rips) it is quite difficult to find a common element or coeherence in this compilation. Not sure what it was meant to symbolize but the overall level is quite Ok, especially the great DEMONCY song taken live. If you want a bit of all genres yet sticking to non-melodic stuff, a comp like this might be a good choice.


Tracks (19): 1) EVIL INCARNATE - Smoke of the Holy Ones Burning 2) AVULSION - Unjustified Insanity 3) UNBLESSED - Religiously Raped 4) ABOMINANT - Pinnacle of Hate 5) AVENGER - Evil, Hate, War 6) SIGNS OF DYING - Impaled Within the Cerebral Vortex 7) MAD COW - Theory of Conspiracy 8) VORE - Host of Abominations 9) REGURGITATION - Repulsive Genital Disfigurement 10) DEMONCY - The Obsidian Age of Ice 11) OSSUARY - Kill Your God 12) APOTHEOSIS - Innocence’s Lost/Nocturnal Adoration 13) Vastion - Bring to Pass 14) UNHOLY DEATH - Swingin’ by a Rope 15) DARK CYCLE - Full Circle 16) INNER WAR - Each Day lost 17) DEEDS OF FLESH - I Die of my own Terms 18) FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES - Human Wreck’s Container 19) AMOEBIC DYSTENERY - Sipping a Cup of Urkel’s Shit