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AUTOPSY (USA/Ca): "Ridden with Disease" Cd 2000 Necroharmonic

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Cover Art

Running Time: 33:12


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I feel almost unworthy of reviewing a CD like this. The best Death Metal band of all times demo tapes and live tracks on one compact disc. Considering it's really impossible to get hold of those legendary demos to this day, I think it was a good idea to reprint 'em on CD, and I am also glad it was Necroharmonic to do this and not Necropolis, Avantgarde or other major labels which are getting rich on commercial reprints of bands like BATHORY or MAYHEM. The man in Necroharmonic has fucking right tastes when he comes to good music. I have to admit that while he has one of the best fanzines around, even layout wise, the graphic eye on this release was probably blind, there are horrible errors of layout design which spring to the eye immediately, tiny pictures stuffed on the borders with no even fair idea of proportions and typographical knowledge but yet, the vulgar bad taste somewhat fits AUTOPSY (or better, ABSCESS) attitude. The cover artwork is fucking cool, a classic multi-tortured corpse painted the Mike Diana's chilling way (which also does cover artwork for Roy's Flophouse of the Freaks, see review), which is a sort of first school kid sketch and grossly splatter taste. But well, when it comes to the music, it's something you barely stand. I felt so fucking enraptured when I got this on the reader I had my heart racing at 1000. One step far from Mental Funeral, with a vaguely more thrash sound (POSSESSED way), these demos are nothing but masterpieces of ALL the history of music. Add 2 perfectly recorded live tracks of two of their best songs "Service for a Vacant Coffin" and "Severed Survival" with a vibe and intensity to blow down a tower filled by concrete (like an airplane) and you get what this CD means. Not cheap at all but worth the pain, definitely.


Tracks (9): 1- Human Genocide 2 - Embalmed 3 - Stillborn 4 - Mauled To Death 5 - Charred Remains 6 - Ridden With Disease 7 - Critical Madness 8 - Severed Survival (Live) 9 - Service For A Vacant Coffin (Live)