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Corpsegristle fanzine and records (Aka txdm)

Interview with Hound 1999


PREFACE: Posthumous interview of a very good label and an interesting, promising fanzine... Corpsegristle magazine is a professionally printed fanzine from Texas. If you bought my Nuclear Abominations rag, then more than probably already know the name. He's thoroughly dedicated to Brutal Death scene, more precisely, Texan Death metal. Hound, the tattoo artist behind Corpsegristle magazine and records (released PROPHECY crushing debut Cd), proves to be involved to the core in promoting Death Metal from his country…

Hello Hound. Is that your real name? Eheh. However your real name's so ugly you don't want it to be know? Maybe you're called Hound because you're always on the look for pussy?

Hound isn't my real name obviously, my real name is cool, it' nothing embarrassing or anything like that. A lot of people know me by my real name and call me that. Always on the lookout for pussy? What guy isn't?


I can name a few, probably the foremost is Taifun of Necropolis as he's decelerated gay. He probably wishes to have sex just with pigs and his father. However you haven't told me your name. Back on us: Texas. When I ask other American guys about Texas they just describe it as a great ranch full of brawling Christians with small brains and too much beer in the cranial box. How do you react to this? If you're so Christian why do you publish DEICIDE interviews? If you're not, why do PROPHECY and so many southern countries thank god and Jesus as their saviours? Well most of them, IMPRECATION didn't look so religious by the way. What happened to them? I hear Louisiana is definitely the worst country in all the states for criminality and chaos, is that true?
My real name is Paul. TEXAS is not what most people think, it's like anywhere else. We have cows and shit like that, but it's not all oil wells and ranches, we have just about anything that other places have. Christianity is a very big thing here, even so I'm not religious at all! To each his own. I have a lot of friends who are Christian, and many who aren't. A lot of bands in the South tend to believe in all the god and Jesus shit, I don't care what their beliefs are, as long as the shit is brutal! Whether it be DEICIDE or EMBODYMENT (Christian band from here in Dallas) I really don't give a fuck about what the bands religious beliefs are. IMPRECATION are still around, they are more black metal than anything. They have a side project called INFERNAL DOMINION that is pure brutal death! Heavy, sick shit!


May I have their address? They released something so far? So you don't have some city or state you have a particular dislike? I heard Boston/New York rivalry. Maybe its just a gang thing or something related to sport. Is that true every American city has a local football team and that every such team have a particular enemy? Who's your ritual enemy then?
I have heard that New Orleans, LA is one of the most violent cities in America, I don't know the statistics or anything like that. I don't have the INFERNAL DOMINION address yet, they haven't recorded yet. I don't have a dislike for any other city, I'm not into sports at all so there's no rivalry for me. But almost all major US cities have several pro sports teams, hockey, football, basketball, and baseball.

DYING FETUS and INTERNAL BLEEDING to name the most famous ones, use the violence they see in the streets as a symbol to push their music to the limits of listenable brutality. However, maybe this sometimes is mistaken for politics. You like that kind of hard core point of view regarding the lyrics?
I like anything violent, violence is a really interesting thing.

Judging by the incredible layout and professionality of your works in the web design, the fanzine layout and the Cd's you're producing I guess you're spending a lot of money. You are rich or you are just really earning money on music? Here in Italy it's just fantasy even thinking to live with metal. I think the states seem to give many more possibilities and chances of expansion to bands and people with good brain and professionality. What do you think about it?
I spend a lot less than you might think, I'm always looking for a less expensive way to do things.

Well, for instance a domain like yours would (used to ndr) cost about 1000 dollars a year plus 70 dollars / hpour for the mere design, plus the CD packages look real high quality. That sounds much more than any single man could afford.
I have someone else do my website, they use Photoshop and Microsoft Frontpage. My domain is only $99 US a year, and the web design is done by a friend of mine for free. I tattoo for a living, and the money is pretty good. I spend all my extra money on my label and zine, I want everything to be done right so I don't mind the expenses.

Great! If I ever manage to come there (I hope for some Ohio Death fest or something) will you tattoo me? I love Aaron Cain, Travelling Bennie and Paul Booth styles. How do you judge em singularly? Who's the best tattoist in the world in your opinion? Do you like Kristian Walin and Alf Svennson's works? I heard he tattoes too. MARDUK drummer tats are awesome don't u think? Also many bands have come there to tattoo themselves? You ask Death Metal guys less than others for tats? You know who tattoed Erik from DEEDS OF FLESH? How is your studio called? What ahs been your weirdest tattoo? You ever tattoed strip-tease-surgically improved blondes?

I could do some work on you for sure, Paul Booth is the absoloute fucking best in the world! He is the main artist for my body, him and Zig are the sickest! Aaron Cains is awewome too! A lot of bands are getting tattooed now, it's getting popular. I don't know about MARDUK's tattoo work, i havent seen it. Zig did some sick artwork on Erik from Deeds, and some other people I don't know. I usually charge Death Metal people a little bit less, but this is how I make my money so I can't be too giving. My shop is called Trilogy, the weirdest thing I've tattooed is a moustache on a lesbian girl! I've tattooed lots of titty dancers for sure. The US is a great place for a band in my opinion, there are so many opportunities and options for a band here. With so many other bands and people into the scene it's like a big family, everyone helps each other and everyone is better because of it.I guess the whole world is like that. Just in the states you manage to meet em personally. I hope to one day totally live off my activities in metal, so all I can do is just work at it, and not give up.

You used to play in DEVOURMENT? What's happened to the band? Flo of CRYPTOPSY continuously keep on talking about the band. Is he just a fan or there's something nastier behind his publicity?
Actually, I've never played in DEVOURMENT, I produced their first demo and done everything I can to promote them, but I was never an actual member. Their new shit is recorded way better, it wasn't rushed like before. United Guttural is putting it out in a month or so, so be prepared! There are 2 demos, the 2 song demo, and then they recorded another song and made it into a 3 song demo. There are different color covers but it's all the same.


I thought you were because the logos of both band and label were similar. But as I now read in the demo, you just drew it. May you draw a logo for me too? Also why you did change name from IN CESS to CORPSEGRISTLE?
Yeah I just drew the logo for Devourment, and Sintury too. I don't draw many logos anymore, Zig is the main man for that. I got tired of having 2 different names for the same shit, so I just started to call everything CORPSE GRISTLE.

They are just about to have their debut CD out called "Molesting the Decapitated" it's some heavy ass shit! Which I'd love to hear.


Is that going to be different from the previous demo in style? The demo had a really shitty sound. And even if recently you showed to produce as I told before, highly professional stuff (PROPHECY is awesome in layout and everything), the demo contained grinding sanguinary ferocity but unsatisfyng in both recording and package. Also what is that story that there are various different covers for that demo? Some with 2 songs some with 3, some white, some red...can u tell me how many different demos were released under the same name?
As far as Flo is concerned, I think Brad Fincher (Devourment's drummer) looks up to Flo so much that he must have given him a blowjob! Nah, not really, I guess he's just a fan. Guess uhm?


Ahaha. Howver Flo himself says he plays with his style. Is he gonna pass out during a concert as Flo did while playng at Milwaukee?
I don't think Brad will pass out, he's from Texas so he's used to the heat! Flo is from frigid Canada so the heat took it's toll on him in Milwaukee.


Ugh shame on me. I saw your address under In-Cess Underground contact and…ehm…you are going to support and produce just Texan bands? I heard friends that think you are being really not objective as far as reviews go.
The way things are right now, I'm only going to produce Texas bands. There are so many killer bands from here that are never heard from, so I want to change that and show everyone that Texas has a brutal scene.


But what if a Colombian band showes you a promotape that surpass SUFFOCATION in skill and sheer energy...

If a band comes along that is so awesome, I'll produce it with a new label from a friend of mine called CORRODED COLON RECORDS! It's Shawn from VIRAL LOAD's new label. My reviews are just that, MY reviews, and my opinion. That's the whole point, you send your music to a zine to get their opinion. If a band doesn't agree with someone's opinion, then they get pissed. If they are afraid of a bad review then they shouldn't send anything to be reviewed! The way I review stuff is the way I think, I'm not some award winning writer, I write what goes through my head. I get a lot of music for review and it gets overwhelming, so my reviews may seem similar at times. It's hard to say something original for every band, so if anyone has complaints I don't know what to tell em.


Well you're perfectly right. I never liked WITCH HUNT, EXHORDER or MALEVOLENT CREATION which everyone seem to talk about as Gods. That is our work, to be objective. Some 'zine writers just review things they like to review and not more. Don't you think a 'ziner has responsibility to review everything he gets? In my country everyone is supporting RESURRECTURIS, DOMINANCE, VALDIMIR, MORTUARY DRAPE, SADIST or BLACK AGE, which at a first hearing are just bands that suck huge dicks. However they are bands that either have strong backbone moneywise talking, or are cool persons. Have you ever thought about getting a disgusting demo by a dear friend and you have just to write the truth about that?
I review at least 95% of what is sent in for the zine. I've given less than favourable reviews to people I consider friends, but tha't how it goes. I review whatever I feel, and I don't worry about their popularity or money or anything like that.


Where is CORPSE GRISTLE headquarters situated? How many people work at it, just you? How much of your time does it take you? You often go at concerts? Do already people know you at gigs?
My "headquarters" are located right next to downtown Dallas. It's pretty much just me, I do have other writers for the mag, but for the label it's just me. I spend a lot of my spare time doing Corpse Gristle stuff, it's almost like a separate job to me. I go to shows all the time around here, and I try to make it to all the fests around the US as much as I can. In Texas I'm well known, but not so much in other places. Although I have many friends from all over the US.


You know personally JR then? I personally prefere JR Carrington the porn baby. You still watch TV at right?What programs you do prefere? Have u ever been part of some violent brawl out of a gig?
Nah man, I never met JR! (Why does everyone outside of North America ask me that!) I don't watch TV at all. I have gotten into a couple fights at shows, it happens.


Have you any other hobbies of jobs in your life that stray from metal and death?
Not really, other than my job tattooing.

Thats not a shitty thing by the way.


I am friends with me-at-us, but nothing more than that i've known them for years and i've always supported them they're great live and they always put on a crazy show with a lot more than just playing music, they do all kinds of crazy shit, every show is totally different i don't think they have e-mail, but you can write to them
3521 oak lawn avenue
dallas, tx 75219

Well... all for then...



DEVOURMENT (USA/Tx): "Impaled" tape 1997 In-Cess
PROPHECY (USA/Tx): "Foretold... Foreseen" Cd 1998 Corpse Gristle
SINTURY (USA/Tx): "Disgorging the Dead" Cd 1998 Corpse Gristle