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By Grind@ No-Copyright June 2004


In the last months i found several brutal old games and in this second article i wrote about those and also recent ones,flash games and something else.As the previous chapter i just search on the net,magazines,in my memory and collection with an helping hand from friends and chat rooms/forums users.Even in this second chapter i ignored atmospheric/tactical/strategic games.


Some information about:

*Megadrive (MD)is also known as Genesis.

*Amiga rom (in fomat ADF) need the kickstart rom in the ROM slot of the emulator to work. An help for the configurations is available here:

*In the old days Commodore 64(C-64)and maybe other computer's games were available with different names for each country and edition,some of them are developed by amateurs or are modified versions of other games.For these reasons write a good list of games and find them is very hard.

*Very often i forgot to wrote in this and the previous article that some SNK/Neo-Geo games are also available for consoles such Playstation 1(PSX)and 2(PS2) and maybe others.

*M.A.M.E.(mame),which means Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator,most important commands on keyboard for Windows version (mame32) are: 5- insert coin 1 and 2- start player 1 and 2 TAB- options P- pause ESC- shut down the program and sometimes F2- deep controls,such difficulty level,number of coins and more.For more information search the mamefaq on internet.

*Golden Rule for all videogames of the whole world is: the Japanese version is uncensored. Anyway 99% of censored editions includes cheat modes to restore blood,nudes and mutilations.

*The "sprites" are the interactive and animated parts of the game:characters,enemies and maybe something else.

*The "bitmap" graphic is drawed frame by frame and then animated like a cartoon,in fact all the games without poligonal or digitalized graphic are in bitmap.

* A "Tie-In" is a game based on a movie license(usually a blockbuster).

*Some arcade games aren't available as zipped ROMs but in CHD format which is a copy of the hard disk used by the original cabinet.To play a CHD with MAME you need to put it and the zip file in the rom folder.Usually CHD files are very big,from 100MB to 600MB,and zip files to add aren't bigger than 400KB.

*There are several hacked versions of famous games,expecially for NES,which adds blood or (pseudo)satanism,skulls or skinheads to the original game(and name).

*DOS games are a pain in the ass.You can try to play them using the program DosBox available at where you will also find a list of supported games and a user friendly Windows Frontend. The other solution is apparently the best (i didn't tested it) and is to buy the Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 which should garantee a total compatibility with all operative systems,audio cards and mouses.


Bloodlust Software

In the first "Games of B&D" i wrote about games available on Troma homepages,here they are:the Bloodlust Software games.Most of them are downloadable from (Home of the Underdogs). They work in DOS but also with WIN95/98 operating systems.

Skippy's Revenge: Simple graphic and gameplay,you control Skippy's car and must kill everyone on screen to access the next level.View from above and lot of red on screen.

Time Slaughter-A beat em up like Time Killers and Blood Storm with an impressive amount of blood spilling at each attack,a lot of moves,bad gameplay,10 characters and final moves to spill even more blood and to cut in pieces the opponent.

Executioners-Beat em up like Double Dragon with the classic Bloodlust graphic style and gameplay:raw,indecent and obscene.

Noggin knockers 1-A sort of ping pong game with blood and mutilations...5 chars pretty different from each other,and silly words in the top of the screen during the whole game.

Noggin knockers 2-Now the chars are 8 each one of them with a special move,a new background and a lowest difficulty level.



Games developed for fun and not for money. As for Bloodlust's games you can find them at the Home of the Underdogs.

Doom 2D-An action/platform with graphic,enemies and weapons ripped from Doom.The configuration of controls gave me problems,you may be more lucky.

Hateful Chris:Never say buy-Uhm,i put it in this Freeware category and the game is "against consumistic society"but if you want download and play this game you must pay the authors...Funny action/platform with cartoon graphic and a bit of gore.Available at and a new 3D game "Shoot the moon" is scheduled for an unknown future.

Choose your Enemy-A street boxer game with digitalized graphic,first person viewpoint and all your teeths as lifebar.No blood or gore.

Liero-Do you remeber Worms?This is the bloody version of that game with armies of worms fighting with several weapons.Lateral 2D graphic,too little sprites and lot of weapons.

Xevil-This is another simple game with lateral graphic.Only goal is find weapons and kill enemies.

Pong Kombat 3-A game developed for Macintosh computers,the gameplay is like Noggin Knockers by Bloodlust but not as bloody and "morbid".A sort of ping pong game with paddles based on Mortal Kombat characters and special moves.With an emulator you can play this Mac game on PC.All info and downloads here:

Unloaded-This is not a freeware at all,it's a MOD for the game Unreal Tournament (the first,not the 2003)based on Loaded and Reloaded(see the first Games of B.& D.).Well developed,good graphic with lights effect and a good amount of blood.

Kill Pikachu-Available at you need to download and install it to play.Forget those crappy games were pikachu/pokemon explodes like ballons or were you throw pies on them.Let the soil turns red.

Destruction Carnival-Such a big name for such small sprites.It would be the new Total Carnage and is pretty well done,but like the 90% of the freeware games the sprites are very little and the graphic is a classic computer bitmap with dark colors.

Drunken Rage:Santa Fights Terrorism-FPS doom-clone with silly enemies and good graphic,but i can't see the surface,the screen turns black.A T-shirt should be also available but the link reports that the product doesn't exist.This and Highway Havoc are available at

Highway Havoc-It's like GTA 1 or 2 but you have to kill and destroy with your car on a rectilinear road.On my PC the game crashed after 15 seconds.There are .DLL files on the gamepage that must be downloaded in the game folder to resolve problems(on my computer it crashed anyway but after 30 seconds).

The following games and others with toon graphic and hilarious intenctions are all available at in the "Transfers" page.

Deadly Tournament - An amatorial Mortal Kombat with six digitalized challengers (the programmers), the control system is poor with only 1 kick, punch, special move and fatality. The list of moves is also available in the clickcorps pages. Combo system is not full working yet but the game can be updated in the next months (I got the 1.2 version).

Last Days of Vietnam-The structure is very simple but the realization is professional (movies,pictures,options and music).You control 3 machine guns and can call for airstrikes and artillery attacks to stop the march of the enemies.The tiny sprites' graphic don't show the blood and violence at its best.

The Cube-Based on the horror/sci-fi movie it's just a maze and you have to escape from it.

Entrance Gate-An action/platform similar to the freeware Abuse with blood and little sprites. The control system is keybords for movements and mouse for weapon.Lateral viewpoint.

PMD2-Die Little Rat-Another game where the only goal is to kill and dismember the highest number of Pikachu.Have fun!!


Freeware-Fallen Angel Industries

All downloadable at

Factor X-Similar to Destruction Carnival with surreal amount of blood and damages on the enemies body,shitloads of levels and weapons.

Carrion-Only 2-4 multiplayer game where colored balls kills each others using different weapons.Some blood and great attitude.

Dante-A flipper game with morbid atmosphere sometimes broken by a couple of naive graphic choices.The ball movements are slow but quite realistic except when it touches the sticks.

Fatal bout-Much bloody and serious than Carrion, 1 or 2 players, 6 chars and 14 stages.

Commando-Shooter with lateral view and many platforms.Classic freeware tiny graphic, Well developed and bloody.

Kar-Nage-View from above and lots of single-screen arenas where the only goal is destroy the opponents and receive money to upgrade the vehicle and buy new weapons.Good game but the sprites are too little.

Machines Of Destruction-Same concept of Kar-Nage with bigger sprites and arenas,3 game modes:death match,race and soccer.Up to 4 players and intelligent bots if you can't find a human to play with in the real life.Also supports online gaming.

Douglas Circumstance-Without blood and destruction,addictive fake-NES platform game.Complete the objective of each of the five levels jumping and blasting.Few kind of enemies but they looks great to me.


Shoot 'em up

Spinal Breakers (MAME)-The blood is sadly green in all the 3 versions of this games and in the american []there were more enemies.If your mame don't recognize your rom in the "available" list try in "all games" and load it anyway,it could say that the rom is damaged and will not work properly.In fact the game is playable but filled with graphic errors.[]

G.I.Joe (mame)-It doesn't matter if you like this old cartoon or not,this game is an orgy of destruction.The game is someway similar to SpaceHarrier but slower and more focused on annihilation.[]

Mechanized Attack(mame)-Another game with war theme.It should be played with gun but as always you can use joypad or keybord as well.Not a great game and not a drop of blood but a good amount of destruction.[]

SAR Search and Rescue (mame)-Developed by SNK before the Neo-Geo era.It have a control system that i found ugly,a good graphic with view from above and a discrete quantity of blood & gore.[]

Esp.Ra.De (mame)- A shooter that could be in the cat."psykio-visco-sammy"of this text if it didn't has a funny mass of people slaughtered by the fire of your spaceship.[]

Hell Knight/Evil Night (arcade)-Developed by Konami in 1998.A total clone of House of the Dead Sega's saga with different levels,same gameplay and the shotgun option(with a "real" shotgun in the arcade cabinet).

Rivers of blood. Not emulated yet.

House of the Dead 3 (arcade,Xbox)-Another step forward for this saga.There is not much to say:a shooter game with gun,lots of zombies and monsters to mutilate and the same amount of blood.The Xbox version includes House O.T.D. 2 and the blood is green,maybe there is a cheat to turn it red. In these months the House of the Dead movie is in theaters,the plot is different than the video games' one and in the next months Sega will release a 4 episode based on the movie.

Henry explorers/Crypt killers (Arcade,PSX,Saturn)-Another gun-shooter game by Konami.The original arcade cabinet had 3 shotguns as weapons/toys,the 2 names are for the japanese/occidental versions.Classic horror plot with mummies,aliens,gargoyles and so on in places such cemeteries and swamps.Not bloody as the previous ones of this cathegory and also inferior gameplay and graphic,but who cares?

Resident Evil Survivor (PSX,Arcade)-A gun shooter spin-off of the main series with exploring section in third person,House of the Dead is more splatter than this but here the enemies don't follow always the same "trails".Gameplay is ugly with slow pistols and strong enemies.There is a sequel for arcade and PS2,then the PS2-only Dino Stalker and Resident Evil:Dead Aim is the 4 of the saga.Also known as Gun Survivor.

Take no Prisoners (PC)-Developed using the same graphic engine of MageSlayer,30 levels,21 enemies,futuristic/post apocalyptic theme.Bloody.

Zombie Raid (Mame)-An old fashioned gun shooter full of humans,monsters,blood and guts.Will you appreciate the surprise at the end of the last level? []

Vampire Night (Arcade,PS2)-Modern gun shooter born from the collaboration of Sega and Namco.

Blast Shark (mame)-Submarine shooter with different scrolling in each of the 10 rounds (lateral, vertical and forward),bitmap graphic,destruction under/over-water and no blood.[]

Guerrilla War/Guevara (Mame)-Another SNK pre-Neo Geo game,same gameplay of SAR but with a classic war-theme and bloody death of the enemies.In the american version[] the name and the story of the original japanese Guevara[]were changed.

CarnEvil (mame)-With horror-circus theme,bloody gun-shooter with 3 levels to choose and when completed the access to the last stage.The CHD file of this one is a mammoth of 1.50 GB(!!!) [carnevil.chd/]

Crisis zone (arcade)-The third episode of the of Time Crisis series which add a submachine- gun in the cabinet.You can destroy everything on screen,all graphic is interactive but the red on screen is secondary.

Tengai/Sengoku Blade:Sengoku Ace Episode 2 (mame)-Developed by Psikyo,multiscrolling and lateral view,no blood,more destruction.5 oriental flying fighters to choose each one with different level's order,after the 6 you will choose between 2 journeys for the levels 7 and 8.And sometimes new levels can appear.[]

Twin Caliber (PS2)-Hated by critics and with a lot of gameplay problems.This could be a third person action game someway similar to Resident Evil series,the differences are that you can't move the characters,just shoot at the monsters using the two characters/guns at the same time.Blood,guts and limbs everywhere.

Expendable (PC,DreamCast,PSX)-3D graphics,dynamic view from above,20 levels,18 weapons, mindless action,blood&gore.Dreamcast version seems to be the best.

Guwange (mame)-Awesome graphic,6 levels of mayhem,3 characters and original bosses.It's like a modern vertical shooter (see Psykio-Visco-Sammy reviews on the "side B" of this article)with walking characters,hundreds of enemies exploding in clouds of blood on feudal Japan backgrounds mixed with horror and sci-fi elements.[]

Revolution X (mame)-Gun shooter,soundtrack composed by Aerosmith(no voice or sugar melodies).Fight against the new world order spilling buckets of blood.[]

Ikari 3:The Rescue (mame)-Another rambo-like shooter with view from above developed by SNK in 1989.Same ugly controls and moderated amount of blood.Third episode of Ikari Warriors saga.[]

Under Fire (mame)-Gun shooter with poor digitalized graphic and unrealistic amount of blood.[]

Gratia:Second Earth (mame)-Classic shooter with lateral scrolling,beautiful modern graphic,no blood.Only one ship,controls are:one button for air fire,another for blast the ground,this means that in some levels you can destroy everything(expecially cities).[]

Savage Skies (PC,PS2)-Ozzy's Black Skies based on Ozzy Osbourne's music/lyrics changed into this Savage Skies.Choose one of the 3 flying creatures(21 to unlock)visit 20 levels of fantasy worlds and kill their inhabitants.Blood.High difficulty level.

Dragon Gun (mame)-Fantasy themed gun shooter filled with tons of monsters.Bitmap graphic.6 endless levels of exploding bodies and gore.[]

Chimera Beast (Mame)-It' only a prototype of a never released arcade game but the gameplay and graphic aspects are well done.Lateral scrolling shooter underwater backgrounds and water creatures and monsters.Enemies die in a explosion/spray of flesh or blood which gives little satisfation.[].

Cosmic Cop (Mame)-Lateral scrolling shooter placed in a dark future.Detailed graphic,big sprites and big explosions [].Known in Japan as Gallop-Armed Police unit [].

Beast Busters (Mame)-Developed in 1989 by SNK this was one of the first gun shooter with splatter in it.Placed in a city filled with monsters(expecially zombies),awesome bitmap graphic and lots of gore.[].9 years later SNK released the sequel Beast Busters 2:Second Nightmare.

Dead Connection (Mame)-Each level is composed by one screen only where you have to kill all the enemies(little sort-of-blood effect)and destroy everything.Tiny detailed bitmap graphic. []

Enforce (Mame)-Frontal scrolling shooter,the tank automatically drive on a trail and you control the weapons.No blood and big explosions.[]

Nebulas Ray (mame)-Vertical scrolling space shooter,detailed 2D graphic with 3D elements,fast and clean scrolling,nice explosions.[]

Rapid Hero (Mame)-Vertical space shooter,8 short levels with hundreds of enemies,the last levels are thicker than a swarm of locusts.No blood.Fast.[]

Space Gun (Mame)-Same plot of "Alien" movies,gun shooter with bitmap graphic,7 levels with crossroads in them,4 special weapons,nice aliens and lots of gore.[]

Bedlam (PC,PSX)-Isometric view and a graphic style which reminds Syndicate.5 cities and 36 levels of blood and mayhem.

Charge N'Blast (DreamCast)-Basically a shooter with simple gameplay,view from behind the chars,short levels,lots of destruction and decent 3D graphic.


Lateral scrolling beat/shoot em up

Armored Warriors (mame) -4 mech to choose each with different weapons and more to keep from the destroyed enemies. Developed the year before CyberBots:Fullmetal Madness[]which have some of the mech of Armored Warriors in a Street fighter like game.High impact and awesome bitmap graphic.[]

Knights of Valour (mame,Nebula)-Placed in an old mongolia/china epoch this is a slash em up with 5 chars to choose,long levels filled with enemies and hard to kill bosses.Some blood here and there.To play this you need to create a new zip file which will contain the game files and the contents of the bios "".The same procedure used with to play neo-geo games.The Nebula emulates the rom better than the mame.[]

Warrior Blade Rastan Saga Episode 3 (mame)-As you can see the third episode is a different genre[take a look in Barbaric Action games].Detailed graphic,a decent amount of blood,3 characters to choose.I solved the screen size problem this way: open mame32,right click on the game name, go to properties/display and click on "Run in a window".[]

Undercover Cops (mame,snes)-5 long levels,3 "undercover cops" to choose and many enemies with nice clothes to defeat.Awesome weapons on the ground,blood and detailed graphic.[]

Judge Dredd (Mame)-With digitalized and partially 3D graphic,lateral scrolling and blood. []There is also a prototype version available[].

Mad Motor (Mame)-You ride a motorbike during all the game levels and sometimes you and your bike evolve in a beast/Oni demon.Without blood,but with a decent amount of destruction.Reminds me the bike levels of the Akira game for CD32.[]

Skull and Crossbones (mame)-An old game about pirates with traces of blood at each slash,only two buttons:slash and turn,the jumps are automatic.The graphic and gameplay are similar to the duel moments of Pirates!/Pirates Gold(famous Pirate-life simulator for C-64,Amiga,NES and Megadrive).[]

Narc (Mame)-Pseudo-digitalized graphic and interesting quantity of blood in this son of the Reagan/Tatcher years.During these days a 3D sequel has been released.[]

Growl/Runark (Mame)-Indiana Jones meet Animal Liberation Front with lots of enemies and few but intense moments of splatter and destruction.[]

Battle Rangers/Bloody Wolf (mame)-Classic war themed shooter with view from above where you can also ride a motorbike.Discrete enemies' graphic variety but they all die in the same way. [battlera/]

Gekido Advance-Kintaro's Revenge (GBA)-Adds RPG elements on the classic Final Fight structure.You need keys or items to open new areas of the 5,big and complex,levels.No weapons to pick up from the ground and some enemies vomiting blood against you.Horror plot and martial arts.

The Legend of Silkroad (Mame)-Placed between middle and far east with humans and monsters as enemies,3 characters (the girl,the brute and mr nice guy).The graphic is in mediocre 3D with decent backgrounds,lateral scrolling and blood.7 levels of 2/3 rounds each and a couple of cross roads. []

Battle Toads (mame)-Awesome bitmap graphic with some fake 3D effects and an unespected sympathy for the splatter.The game is based on the old tv-toon series(the years of biker mices and mutant turtles),each one of the 3 character has several different moves(a flying kick became a chainsaw and so on).Great variety of levels (classic 2D or vertical scrolling and so on).[]

Violent Storm (Mame)-Classic Final Fight gameplay and graphic with big sprites,good animations,7 levels of street fights with nice blood effects and 3 characters available.[]

Takeda Shingen (Mame)-Old fashioned graphic,feudal Japan theme and a samurai as main character.Slash them all.[]


Metal Slug 3 and 4 (neo geo)-These ROMs don't work with Mame but with neo-geo emulators like Neo Rage X.New enemies,weapons and vehicles in both.The third with a more original approach in level structures and graphics and the 4 more similar to M.S. 1 & 2 but with different characters to choose(which changes nothing in the game dynamics).

Turrican (Amiga,Snes and probably more)-This game was a must-have in the early nineties.No blood and gore but a good amount of destruction,great gameplay and good graphic.Blast!!I tested the Snes version and don't know if the Turrican 1,2 and 3 for Amiga have the same impact.

Super Turrican (Snes)-The sequel is in the "bigger-better" vein but i think the first episode has a better gameplay.

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project (PC)-A different kind of game for the Duke,the structure is a classic 2D game with lateral viewpoint but the graphic is tridimensional.Well done,bloody and sometimes frustrating.

Turok Evolution (GBA)-The version for the last Nintendo handle console is a pretty hard action/platform with lateral view and 2D graphic.A lot of weapons,2 chars to choose,25 levels and an unespected quantity of blood spilling in the air.

Crime Wave (PC-DOS)-Same name of a totally different game for Saturn.Digitalized graphic in 1990 was pretty rare and the results in this game are crappy.Anyway it's full of blood and enemies.

Contra 3:The alien Wars (Snes,GBA)-The GBA version add an "EX" at the end of the title but probably it's just a conversion of the Snes game(which is also known as Contra Spirits,Super Contra and a couple of other names without even the "Contra" word in them...).The chapter 1 and 2 are available for NES and MAME but with this third game they finally reach a decent amount of destruction(but without blood as all the Contra games).The game itself is a 2D shooter with several power ups to change the fire of your soldier,some jumps here and there and section with view from above.Maybe you don't know that Contra games were legend in the old days of gaming.

Contra:Hard Corps (MD)-This is the fourth chapter and is really well done,there's nothing to add if you read the Contra 3 review and for Saturn's and PSX's games is the same but it seems that the latest Contra games aren't well done like these two.

Predator (Amiga and all old computers)-A mediocre arcade game with some blood in it.There is also "Predator 2" but i can't tell you if there is blood in it.

Elevator Action Returns (mame)-Starting point of the first level is placed on the roof of a skyscraper and you have to visit the lower levels of the building to win.Great variety of levels,detailed graphic and good gameplay.Enter in blu/red doors,use the elevators and shoot the enemies which react with a nice blood effect.For some reasons this game reminds me the Jap-anime "Angel Cop". []

Gunforce:Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island (Mame)-A sort of Contra(only the lateral scrolling 2D sections) meets Metal Slug(without the comic/funny elements) with great graphic impact.6 levels filled with enemies and playable vehicles,good gameplay and high difficulty level.No blood. []

Gunforce 2 (Mame)-This sequel totally fits to my standards:better graphic,much more destruction, lowest difficulty and no gore until the bloodbath in the last level.Shooting with 2 weapons at the same time,5 long levels of mayhem.[].

Barbaric Action games

After the movies about Conan the barbarian where made several games about this fantasy theme and the trend continues for 5/8 years.These games are platform with 2D graphic, fantasy/prehistoric/mythological ambientation and usually the main character is a brute armed with sword. Here some of the best.

Barbarian (Amiga,C-64,Atari ST)-This is a simple game similar to Karate Championship with 2 characters fighting each other.The game which start the trend,a bit of blood and a very old gameplay applied on the ugly control system which old computer/joystick gives.There is another game named Barbarians with a gameplay like Barbarian 2 and without blood.The recent Barbarian for 128-bit consoles and GBAdvance haven't blood or gore in them.

Barbarian 2 (Amiga,C-64,Atari ST)-The sequel is an action game and sometimes you can cut the head of your enemies.Surely better then the first game.

Rastan (MAME,NES,maybe others)-This is the best game of this kind.Six levels,just a couple of enemies spill blood when killed.Need I to write that the arcade/mame version is the best? []

Nastar (mame)-The sequel of Rastan also known in Japan as Rastan Saga 2 isn't funny and enjoyable as Rastan and add a sort of "gore" effect on the killed monsters.[]

Cadash (mame)-Any enemy die in a bubble of blood.Programmed by the same software house of Rastan Saga and add to the game some RPG elements(choose your characters from 4,talk with people,find items and so on).[]

Blades of Vengence (Megadrive)-Choose from 3 characters,only 3 lives to complete the game,no passwords or continue.A big drop of blood is the last goodbye of the opponents.Well done and not too hard,but 3 lives are very few.

Targhan (Amiga,Atari ST)-A sort of Barbarian 2 less brutal and with a darkest mood.

Hippodrome/Fighting Fantasy (Mame)-Fight against 8 opponents(lizard man,dragon,wizard and so on)to became the best fighter,after each victory use the money to buy new weapons.Few blood and a very easy control system.bitmap graphic,lateral view[].

Moonstone (Amiga,PC-DOS)-More than 24 levels,good graphic and great variety of enemies for the goriest of all fantasy action games.

The Astyanax (Mame)-The first 4 levels are long,filled with enemies and fantasy while the 5 is a cool variation.Some blood when enemies are slashed with your axe,the only weapon of the game with a bomb/spell which kill everything on screen.Rastan-like gameplay and graphic style.[]

Blandia (Mame)-The sequel of Gladiator(Ogon Shiro-Golden Castle)is a 1vs1 slasher in the Barbarian way.Destroy the armor and then cut the body until energy ends.6 chars,special moves and little spot of blood after each slash.[]

Beat em up

Time Killers (mame)-I don't know what are the connections between this game and Time Slaughter because the graphic style is similar but the developer are different(apparently).Not a bloodbath as T. Slaughter,this one is more focused on the mutilation during the game(you don't need to wait a fatality to see arms and legs lying on the ground). []

Blood Storm (mame)-The sequel of time killers with different challengers,new moves/specials and fatalities.A lot of codes and hidden characters added. []

Survival Arts (mame)-This game is a clone of Mortal Kombat with giant sprites(in the old days this means quality)and is a real shit,but who knows,you could be a coprophile and enjoy the taste of this game.[]

Kizuna Encounter-Super Tag Battle (mame,Neo-Geo)-The usual high impact 2D bitmap graphic of Neo-Geo games,10 challengers and a cheat for the bosses,weapons,blood,tag team matches in suburban places.[]

Savage reign (mame,Neo-Geo CD)-The japanese version is named Fu' un Mokushiroku-Kakutou Sousei and is a game based on this new martial art which mixes karate and "boomerang" weapons. Half of the characters are taken from Kizuna Encounter,the matches are 1 VS 1 and there is a platform in each stage where you can jump/attack/escape from your opponent.The presence of blood depends by the character's weapon.[]

Pit Fighter (mame)-An old game with digitalized 2D graphic,street fighting,weapons throwed by the spectators and a bit of blood.Not a good game anyway.[]

Eternal Chapions (Megadrive)-The challengers are totally different from others beat em up,here you will also fight with a gangster and a necromancer each one with different styles of fighting.No blood,each level contains a different "pit fatality".

Eternal Champions-Challenge from the Dark Side (MegaCD)-The sequel adds new regular and secret fighters and the final moves are 4 types:sudden death,overkill,vendetta and cinekill.

Primal Rage 2 (arcade)-Not emulated yet,maybe in the next months.

Killer Instinct 1,2 and Gold (Arcade,N64)-Many people love this game,not me.Anyway K.I. 1 and 2 are the arcade games(there is also a SNES conversion of the first)and the Gold is the N64 version.To play the arcade ones you can use mame or kiame,a special emulator developed for K.I. The challengers are mainly monsters so the blood were substituted with pieces of their bodies(ice,bones and so on)and even the human chars don't waste their vital fluids so easily, The main characteristic of the game is the combo system with even 90-hit combos.Fatality and maybe more final moves.

Lobo (Megadrive,Snes)-The MD version is very rare because an official cardrige was never released and only a prototype version is available somewhere.Never released a Rom file of the game.Anyway it's similar to Killer Instinct and based on the DC comics' character Lobo,the most violent and nasty of their whole "comic-universe".Also the Snes version is hard to find.

WarGods (PC,Arcade,N64)-Similar to Mortal Kombat saga with 3D graphic,blood and fatalities.

Bio Freaks (Arcade,Saturn,N64)-Another bloody 3D fighting game with 9 challengers armed with all kind of weapons.

Golden Axe-The Duel (Mame,Saturn)-If i remember well in this 2D old style beat em up(no combos,no fatalities or ultra moves and team fighting)there is some blood.10 challengers like the classic dwarf,barbarian and monsters such death-adder.Detailed graphic.[]

Daraku Tenshi:The fallen angels (mame)-The only B em Up developed by Psykio.Graphic similar to street fighter zero games,that sort of bitmap probably mixed with poligonal graphic,with a dark color palette which reflect the ambientation and characterization of the 10 playable fighters. Combos and special moves,no fatalities and just some spits of blood at each strong attack. []

Bushido Blade 1 & 2 (PSX)-These are different kind of beat em up for 2 reasons:the first and more stupid is that the fighters are armed with swords or other weapons and the second is that the levels/stages/arenas are the biggest ever seen in a game of this genre.The graphic is in 3D and you can choose 6 fighters and 8 weapons.Then you will see how long you can run before catch an hypothetical coward opponent.Both games with feudal Japan as main theme and legs/arms damaged until the match ends.Bushido Blade 2 adds a plot about the war between 2 clans each one with 10 characters,some levels where you will face several weak enemies like is an action game but the weapons are only 6.An easiest control system,better graphic for the characters and worst for the levels.

Grappler Baki:Baki Saidi No Tournament (PS2)-Based on a violent manga/anime with a someway ridiculous characterization and drawings,3D not-so-good graphic,11 opponents and blood.

Vicious Circle (mame)-Clone of Mortal Kombat,developed by Atari,only a prototype.[vcircle.chd and]

Mace (Mame,N64)-10 characters,dark medieval theme,in the N64 there isn't blood,don't know about the arcade version.One fatality for each char.Weapons and 3D graphic.[mace.chd/]

Art Of Fighting 3 (Neo geo,Mame)-One of the famous Neo-Geo game series adds in this third chapter some blood on the strong moves.That's all.[]

Bloody Roar (several systems)-B.R. 1 and 2 are available only for PSX.The first with 8 chars and cartoon graphic with sidestep move added in the american edition.The second deleted the sidestep, the chars are 10,more "realistic"graphic. The third is for PS2 and with different names and version for GC and Xbox. More chars,improved graphic and the same toon style. There's blood in all of them but the real king of splatter is Bloody Roar 4 on Playstation 2.All the episodes are 3D and the characters have the ability to change into man/animals(a sort of lycanthropy),quite easy controls.

Tao-Feng:Fist of the Lotus (Xbox)-3D graphic,developed by the Tobias' software house(Tobias and Boon are the creators of Mortal Kombat),with blood,12 characters,gameplay focused on combos and realistic moves with some "magical" attacks for each char.No fatalities.

Pride FC (PS2)-25 fighters from Pride(japanese mixed martial arts league,stuff like UFC and other leagues with fighters from different disciplines).Usually this realistic games aren't bloody and this is probably the only exception.

Dual Blades (GBA)-This one broke the "golden rule":the japanese version is censored(white/grey blood) and the occidental not.Dual Blades has improved the graphic and gameplay of games such Time Killers and Time Slaughter but the blood was highly reduced.There are no fatalities,9 characters some with detailed graphic and other with 10 year old kid drawings.

Kabuki Warriors (XBox)-Boring,bloody,simple controls.Start with 3 kabuki warriors,travel from Edo to Kyoto fighting opponents in 20 cities unlocking new characters.3D graphic on 2D scrolling.

Asura Blade:Sword of Dynasty (Mame)-Modern 2D bitmap anime-like graphic with magical/fantasy theme,8 fighters and buckets of blood in the Samurai Shodown vein.

Dino Rex (Mame)-Years before Primal Rage Taito released this one.6 dinosaurs available,large levels with lots of thing destructible,blood and no fatalities.Clear proto-digitalized graphic.[]

Killing Zone (PSX)-Awful animations,decent graphic,10 characters based on famous monsters such Medusa,Frankenstein,Minotaur and so on. Gore and shitty gameplay.

Real time RPG and Strategic

The following are all in the "occidental" style because japanese RPGs and Startegic games aren't bloody and many of them are in cartoon-like graphic. American and european games are darker with more realistic graphic and blood. RPG means Role Playing Game and 99% of them with view from above.I suggest to search the manuals of the following games or at least some experience with control systems.

Lord of the Rings:The Battle for Middle Earth (PC)-The only LotR game with blood in it is a strategic game similar to "Age of Empires" and "Cossacks" series,with big armies clashing in bloody battles.

Baldur's Gate-One of the most famous RPG based on AD&D,the first 2 chapters each one with an expansion are PC only,but the Baldur's Gate:Dark Alliance saga is available for all the 128-bit consoles and the first episode was also released for GBA.The game is similar to Diablo but with more options and characters.

Planescape:Torment (PC)-Same graphic engine of Baldur's Gate with a closer view to the ground so sprites are bigger.This is based on another AD&D world:Planescape.The german version is censored.

Nox (PC)-Fantasy theme,fast action more arcade than Diablo.Three characters each one with a different campaign and multiplayer mode with options such DeathMatch and capture the flag.

Icewind Dale 1&2 (PC)-More strategic than arcade and focused on the "party" and not on a single character.Also exist an easy expansion for the first episode named I.D.:Heart of Winter.

Dark Reign 1&2(PC)-Futuristic/apocalyptic theme,real Time Strategic as StarCraft.There is also a censored version of D.R. 1 but a splat patch is available online.

Dungeon Siege (PC)-Another RPG with a "party" of characters,classic medieval/fantasy theme and blood.Recently was released the expansion D.S.-Legends of Aranna and Dungeon Siege 2 is scheduled for 2004.

Sacred (PC)-This game is released a few weeks ago,the american version is censored so you need the UK edition to see some blood.A classic RPG with good graphic.I cannot say more.

Blade and Sword (PC)-A RPG where you can choose 3 characters,you can't create your own hero and the gameplay is focused on action with several moves and combos.Placed in old China and bloody.Nice graphic.

Hellfire (PC)-An expansion game for the first Diablo.

Divine Divinity (PC)-RPG similar to Diablo 2 with less horrific attitude,more focused on the medieval aspect of fantasy.Now in stores the sequel:Beyond Divinity.

Neverwinter Nights (PC)-RPG with 2 expansions-N.N.:Shadows of Undrentide and N.N.:Hordes of the Underdark.A cheat mode will enable the Extra Gore option.

Arx Fatalis (PC,Xbox)-RPG in first person like Ultima Underworld,developed in 2002,beautiful and clean graphic(especially the PC version),blood and gore.

Dungeons&Dragons:Heroes (Xbox)-More a Gauntlet lke game than an RPG,very easy and arcade.Few blood,good gameplay and graphic.

Alien vs Predator:Exinction(PS2,Xbox)-A bloody strategic game in the Warcraft style with aliens,predators and humans.

Battle Realm (PC)-A mix of fantasy and martial arts with chaotic fights which reminds Hong Kong kung-fu movies with cartoon-like graphic.Real Time Strategy game,excellent graphic.The first expansion is B.R.-Winter of The Wolf and adds 11 missions and is focused on the 2 secondary clans of Battle Realm(Lotus Clan and Wolf clan which is the barbaric one)forgetting the Serpent and the Dragon clans.

Gladiators of Rome (PC)-This looks is like a 3D action game instead of a real time strategy. You are the "manager" of a 10 men gladiators team and have to give them the right commands to win the fights.3 arenas,several weapons,blood.An arcade game would be better.

Dark Planet:Battle for Natrolis (PC)-It's like StarCraft with biggest armies,3 races (Colonists:human marines,Dreil:bugs and Sorin:samurai lizards)and more blood.

Demonworld:Dark armies (PC)-Based on a sort of german Warhammer-like strategy game.There is blood but the graphic,plot and gameplay are ugly.

Myth (PC)-One of the most played strategy game online,Myth is a saga of 3 games(M.-the fallen Lords,M.2-Soulblighter and M.3-The Wolf Age)one better than the previous filled with blood and gore.25 missions in each game where you control several good guys(dwarves,barbarians and so on)against the bad guys(undeads).Myth 2:Soulblighter is also available on Macintosh.

Throne of Darkness (PC)-RPG similar to Diablo but placed in ancient Japan.You control a Samurai and other 3 characters choosen from the seven available.During the game you will choose with which character slash while the other are controlled by the CPU.

Darkstone (PC,PSX)-A mix between an RPG with isometric view and a 3D action game.100 different enemies,32 levels and other 22 randomly selected,choose 2 characters and play.

Arcanum:Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (PC)-Placed in a fantasy world during its industrial revolution.Developd by the same team of Fallout (the turn based post-atomic RPG),lots of skill,technologies and spells,280 monsters.Before and during the game you can choose to play in real time or turn based.

Green Berets (PC)-Similar to a mod available for Myth,10 missions of splatter action for this mediocre strategy game.Vietnam theme.

Dark Angel:Vampire Apocalypse (PS2)-Set in a gothic/horror world,you play as a female vampire which blah-blah-blah,63 items,12 areas and 15 monsters,90% action and 10% RPG.Splatter. Nothing in common with the 3D action game "James Cameron's Dark Angel" based on the tv-series.

Hostile Waters:Antaeus Rising (PC)-Modern graphic and a gameplay focused on "find your enemies,destroy everything and search items in their ashes".The action/attack moments are in third person view,21 missions and a plot,written by Warren Ellis(author of comics like Transmetropolitan),based upon a postapocalyptic world where peace reigns supreme until a group of old world magnates declares war.More destruction than gore.

Evil Islands:Curse of the Lost soul (PC)-Developed by a russian team,hack and slash action/RPG with rough 3D graphic and isometric view like Diablo.Fantasy theme.

Kingdom Under Fire:A War of Heroes (PC)-Just like Warcraft 2 with better graphic and worst gameplay.

Warlords Battlecry 1-3 (PC)-Is the real time series of the "Warlords" saga (4 games with turn-based system),the gameplay and fantasy theme are like Warcraft but here you need to create a hero and then develop an army/city.Each game is the evolution of the previous adding races (9-12-16),spells(83-100-130)and regions/missions (67 in the second game) with interesting and detailed graphic.

Legend of the North:Konung (PC)-Diablo-like RPG with decent realistic graphic,sloooow movements and several gameplay problems.

Sacrifice (PC)-Strategic game with third person view from long distance and awesome 3D graphic. All the gameplay is about your wizards,the mana he neeeds for his spells and the bloody consequences of these upon his enemies.

Soulbringer (PC)-Dark atmosphere,poor 3D graphic,point and click slashing and lots of spells and monsters.

Demise:Rise of the Ku'Tan (PC)-First person style with option around the game window.It isn't a Turn Based but the action is limited because all fightings are automatic.Bloodbath.

Deception 1-3 (PSX)-These are different from the other games of this paragraph.The graphic is 3D with third person view and the gameplay is a sort of "Home Alone"(the movie)because you have to put traps(2000 in Deception 3:Dark Delusion)and kill the enemies.

Dungeon Keeper 1-2 (PC)-Similar to Deception for the "passive" gameplay and the graphic choices.You play the role of a dungeon master who wants those goddamn heroes out of his dungeons or dead.

Turn Based

Because some games are bloody and entertaining anyway.

Dark Legions (PC)-Turn based during the positioning and movement and real time for the fights.Dark fantasy theme with awesome demons/monsters,some blood and one of the worst control system ever made:you will understand how to play correctly after many "whattafuck!!" and "goddamn sonofa!!!".View from above,bitmap graphic.

DreamWeb (Amiga)-I'm not been able to play this.Should be a sci-fi adventure game in the old computer style with sex and gore.

Wizard & Warriors (PC)-Old fashioned kind of game,the first person RPG where everything is controlled by mouse. Dark and modern bitmap graphic,a game window surrounded by options and the classic fanatsy theme supported by a nice amount of blut.

Pool of Radiance:Ruins of Myth Drannor (PC)-The first Pool Radiance game was released in 1988,it was the first using the Dungeon&Dragons rules.Create 4 characters and face the enemies,the gameplay and all the game's bugs.Beautiful graphic,100 hours to complete the game.Blood and splashing spells.

Odium (PC)-The plot is about NATO investigation in Poland and the backgrounds are all in post apocalyptic style with ruined cities dwelled by monsters.Well done graphic in the Fallout style.

Koudelka (PSX)-A sort of Final Fantasy with gothic theme and splatter.The sequel Shadow Hearts is available on PS2.3D graphic in both the games.

Total Annihilation

Battle Tanx (N64,PSX,GBColor)-Finally a game with tanks.Different models to drive in post-apocalypse american cities,fighting gangs armed with tanks(and nothing else).Simple gameplay were the mission are just an excuse for destruction.

Battle Tanx Global Assault (N64)-The sequel adds european cities,new tanks and different gangs.

Seek and Destroy (PS2)-This one is released by Takara and the plot is something like:"an evil empire on other time and planet must be destroyed".I'm wondering if this is a sort of Battle Tanx 3 because the two games are very similar.

World Destruction League:Thunder Tanks (PSX,PS2,GBC)-The real sequel of Battle Tanx and first of the W.D.L.Improved multiplayer mode,decent graphic and gameplay.PS2 version is the best. Gameboy Color version has the classic view from above and bitmap graphic,more than 30 missions and 10 characters.

Blast Corps (N64)-A good 3D demolition squad "simulator".

Off-world Interceptor (3DO,Saturn,PSX)-Shooter game where you drive a sort of car on alien planets infested by enemies(space ships,motorbykes and so on).High impact,even if the game was developed in 1994,and a distorted sense of gravity.The version for Saturn and PSX adds the word "extreme" in the game name.That's all.

Red Dog:Superior Firepower (Dreamcast)-Car racing shooter as above,same concept different game.

Otogi:Myth of Demons (XBox)-An action game in third person with clean graphic,great gameplay, fast action with no blood but lot of enemies and destruction. A great quantity of weapons and magic spells,well done mid air action,feudal Japan ambientation.

Godzilla:Destroy All monsters Melee (GameCube,Xbox)-A 3D version with Godzilla movies' monsters of King of the Monsters.Beat em up 1 vs 1 surrounded by cities destroyed at each step,punch,jump or special attack.The Xbox version add a single player mode.

Godzilla Generations (DreamCast)-Bad developed and with shiny graphic style,anyway the world need this 3D godzilla simulator where the only goal is destroy cities.

Godzilla Generation Maximum Impact (DC)-Nothing in common with the previous game,this one was developed by Sega,there is a plot and is based on the movies.Just wait that the enemies are focused in your crosshair and shoot.Not so great and the enemie use always the same patterns. Better graphic.

Zombie Nation (NES)-Lateral scrolling shoot em up with Rampage-like attitude,mass demolition and good graphic.Known in Japan as Abarenbou Tengu.

I Was an Atomic Mutant (PC)-The 3D graphic isn't detailed,well done "video package" with short movies and graphic in 50' sci-fi style.4 oversize characters to choose:robot,woman,lizard and brain.Goal of the game is the complete annihilation of the cities.

War of the Monsters (PS2)-Beat em up like Godzilla:Destroy All Monsters with 10 "original" monsters available,multiplayer and several game modes.

Warjets (PSX,PS2)-The same game released in the same month for the two PS generations.Second game of the "World Destruction League" series. About the PS2:several 2 players modes,9 airplanes, 33 levels,old school 3DO (the developers) graphic and something less for the PSX version.Post atomic theme for both.Could be better.Have fun.

Infestation (PC)-Mediocre and unknown game similar to Off World Interceptor placed on earth invaded by enemies/aliens.Buggy car,several weapons,mediocre gameplay and graphic.

Rampage Through Time (PSX)-3D graphic on 2D structure, 6 monsters, 20 levels with 3 sub-levels and one mini game. Destroy cities from the past to the future.

Amiga CD32

One of the first 32-bit console with 3DO and Jaguar. Sad and short life until the retire from market of Commodore society. The CD format and player was mostly used to add short movies in classic Amiga games. The best emulator (Project32) is developed by the same authors of WinUAE (amiga) and i'm not sure if you need this installed before. Some games are supported others not yet,the format is .ISO

Akira-Based on the famous apocalyptic anime. There are also a couple of Akira games for gameboy and Nes but they are different, boring graphic adventures. This is the same action game available for Amiga (the computer), maybe this CD32 version have extra movies and a much clear audio/video. Good graphic, various kind of game during the 7/8 levels:in the first two you are Kaneda running on the highway, then a couple of levels using Tetsuo in the laboratory and so on. Only one button used.

Gloom-A Doom-like game. No ammo limits, very splatter, bad graphic resolution and impact but well done dark atmosfere. Only 3 lives for each continue and no saves. Levels are quite short.

Fears-It should be another Doom-like game but the emulator did not support it yet.

Alien Breed 3D-After several good shooters with view from above for Amiga (Alien Breed, A.B. Special Edition,Tower Assault and A.B. 2-The Horror Continues) the Team 17 jumps on the trend of Doom-like games with this 3D version.Also available for Amiga but with inferior graphic quality and without movies between the levels.

Alien Breed 2:The Killing Grounds-Always a mix of sci-fi/alien atmosphere and doom gameplay. I don't know if both games works on CD32 emulators,the Amiga version surely will.

Unconventional Racing

Motor Massacre (Amiga)-A sort of Mad Max have to run and destroy cars in ruined cities,visit stores and enter in buildings searching for food,fuel and weapons killing hordes of assholes.I think the difficult level is too high and somebody can tell you the game is boring. Not me. Motor Massacre is the european name of Road Rider.

Road Rash Jailbreak (GBAdvance)-Bitmap graphic, 10 tracks on 5 locations, 3 chars, cop mode, country/rockabilly soundtrack, several codes for secret chars and so on. If you don't know the Road Rash saga: motorbikers riding in highway, cities and more, beating each other to win the race. The differences from the previous Road Rash games are: only 4 opponents (and not the usual 15/20), power ups contained in boxes on the road, bitmap and not digitalized graphic and even the hard rock soundtrack disappeared.

Necrodome (PC)-A sort of Doom where you drive a futuristic car until it will be too damaged by enemies' fire, then you walk around the level killing and searching stuff.

Death Rally (PC)-Racing game,view from above similar to Off-Road and modern graphic with light effects sometimes the people will became red splats on the ground.

Battle Cars (Snes)-Produced by Namco with a graphic engine similar to F-zero. On each track you will made one race for points,test and destruction of opponents (to gain cash and credits) and another race against the circuit's champion (usually a mad max like person). The speed/weapon/energy bar on screen are in ultra-minimalistic graphic so the action is really "full-screen". I think it's funny and well done but many will tell you it's pure crap.

Cybersled (arcade,PSX)-3D raw poligonal graphic,futuristic car/tanks,several arenas and weapons to destroy the opponent. Developed by Namco. The year after this release Namco did a similar game named Cyber Commando [] but i don't know how it was.

Battlesport (PC,PSX,3DO)-10 tanks to choose, 50 arenas all different from each other, 3D graphic and 25 add-ons/weapons for your car. Defeat your opponents throwing the ball in the goal and shooting them. The PC 2 player mode uses split screen. The controls are weird.

Carmageddon (GBColor)-View from above, something like 40 tracks, as several censored version of Carmageddon pedestrians are zombies (those green things on the road not much bigger than a spot) so you can splat them with no remorses. TRIVIA-The original 3D game Carmageddon was probably based on the movie "Deathrace 2000".

Impact Racing (Sat,PSX)-A racing game with the Daytona style but an inferior graphic realization and weapons.

Crime Wave (Saturn)-A game similar to the first GrandTheftAuto where you are a taxist/bounty hunter. So expect 2D graphic,view from above, weapons and fun. Could be better.

S.C.A.R.S. (N64,PC)-A racing game with cars/tanks based on animals (but it's not a childish game) and several weapons/items to let it be more interesting. The PC version is the best of the two.

Drome Racers (PC,PS2,GCube,GBA)-One of the many games developed with Lego license, this one is a racing game with unusual cars, many tracks and some weapons. Before every race you need to qualify in a drag-race. Also the GBA version is in 3D graphic with 3 different camera-view.

Hot wheels:Velocity X (PC,PS2,GCube,GBA)-Also the HotWheels logo entered the world of videogames with several titles for different consoles, many of them are just racing games without weapons, not Velocity X. Pathetic plot for kids, race and battle modes, 15 tracks, 3D graphic for all versions except the GBA which is in isometric 2D.

Vigilante 8 (PSX,N64,GBColor)-Choose the bad (Desperados) or good (Vigilantes) guys, each group is composed of 6 cars. In the quest mode you can choose only 8 of them and play the 4 missions of each car (defend and save someone for the Vigilantes, the opposite goals for Desperados). Or you can just choose cars and tracks where shoot the opponent until he blows. The GB color version has only this option, there isn't the quest, decent 2D bitmap graphic with view from above and a confortable control system.

Vigilante 8:Second Offense (PSX,N64,DreamCast)-Missions are more complicated,70' theme and new weapons,items and so on.

Twisted Metal 1,3,4 (PSX)-Choose your car, enter in huge arenas and destroy the opponent. 3D not so good graphic, 12 or more characters (in the forth also Rob Zombie with Dragula car...), levels ambiented in urban and suburban places, mines, missiles and other weapons, special moves and hidden traps and weapons. The third was the worst of the pack.

Twisted Metal 2 (PC,PSX)-Same as above. Somebody think it's the best episode. An important lesson: the pedastrians don't die. When you hit them, they fly. I don't know why this is one of the favourite games of Morbid Angel's guitarist Trey Azagthoth.

Twisted Metal:Small Brawl (PSX)-With mini-cars in Micro Machines-like levels. Pathetic.

Twisted Metal:Black (PS2)-The last born with better graphic and gameplay, 10 cars and 5 more are secret. Also available a Twisted Metal:Black Online which adds some game options and the name says the rest.

Interstate '76 (PC)-The number 76 means year 1976, it's a sort of Mad Max with '70 theme. Story mode,where you can't choose your car, or single missions (17 or 30,i'm not sure) with one of the 70 cars available. Lots of weapons. Driving the vehicles is enjoyable. Also a multiplayer option. If you find Interstate 76:Arsenal remember that is the commercial version of 2 expansions (I. 76:Gold Edition and I.76: Nitro pack) and should be free downloadable from the net. Gold upgrades the 3D engine and Nitro adds missions. The demo version of Interstate 76 is easily available (and free) on the net but the software house, Activision, doesn't support the game anymore and abandonware sites don't spend a word on it. Works with Windows 95/98.

Intertsate '82 (PC)-The sequel. Destruction Derby-Well,everybody knows this series. Four games released, all for PSX/PS2 and PC except Demolition Racer which is PC only and DD Raw only for PSX, the first is also available for Saturn and there is a D.D. 64 obviuosly for N64. Each game added game modes, circuits or arenas but, in my opinion, the destruction factor isn't high as the name says.

Grand Theft Auto:London 1969 (PC,PSX)-This is a mission pack for the first GTA game. The second mission pack is GTA:London 1961, you can download it from the internet page of GTA-L.1969 and you need '69 installed to play the '61.GTA-Director's Cut is a commercial editions with both GTA 1 and London 1969.

Maximum Roadkill (PC)-Developed in 1995.Choose one of the eight futuristic motorbikes and fight your opponents in large arenas with several weapons.

Technocop (MD,Amiga,C-64,ZX Spectrum)-It starts as a Chase HQ clone: run as fast as you can with your car to the crime scene, but here you will not crush the criminals with your vehicle. Like in Outlander you will step out of your car and enter in lateral scrolling section where you will shoot and kill the poor bastards. Gore. The Amiga version is better than Megadrive and there are also some graphical differences (mainly colors). Also consider that MD don't need to load from disk after each section.

Mafia (PC,Xbox,PS2)-A sort of GTA3 ambiented in an hypothetical (and very big) city of 1930'. 20 missions, lots of slow cars with realistic reactions. The consoles versions' lacks on the graphic aspect ruin the atmosphere of the game.

Bad Lands (Mame)-An old racing game developed by Atari, it's a sort of Off-Road (do you remember this game?) with post-atomic locations. Shoot the 2 opponents with a gun installed in your car or with missiles (available with several car upgrades after each race). Bitmap graphic and view from above/isometric,8 funny tracks.[]

Payback (Amiga)-3D graphic and view from above for this clone of Grand Theft Auto 2. Well done and bloody. Works on Amiga 4000 with cd player and maybe a PowerPC.

Furious Karting (Xbox)-Beat you opponents with a bat or with the special items available on the road (just flames,chickens and a couple of others). Urban theme. (It's a go-kart racing game).

The Getaway (PS2)-20 mission with "linear" plot and gameplay as Mafia, placed in London.

Ben Hur:Blood of Braves (PS2)-Chariots racing game based on the famous final race seen in Ben Hur, the 1959 movie. 17 tracks, 21 chariots,wheels and horses, 15 characters, several weapons and 64 spells. Also 2 players split screen mode and 6 game modes available. Released in Europe only.

Super Chase:Criminal Termination (mame)-Sequel of the famous Chase HQ with improved graphic. You have to run fast as you can to catch the criminals and destroy their car. Interesting amount of destruction. []

Reign of Fire (Xbox,PS2,GC,GBA)-Based on the dragon-filled post-atomic movie. Well done 3D graphic,several missions where you ride different vehicles to kill the dragons. After the human campaign you can choose if play the next missions as human or dragon, but the dragon controls are crappy. Xbox version is the best. In the GBA version you spend much of the time walking and shooting with a group of soldiers imitating everything you are doing,sort of digitalized graphic, view from above,no blood and low gore.

Smuggler's Run 1-2(PS2,GBA)-Developed by Rockstar. 6 game modes, several cars and levels. The main mode is the mission one where you have to contraband stuff,also the other game modes are based on the contraband job but are more focused on the battle aspect than the "run fast as hell from police and other enemies". The GBA version tries to emulate the 3D engine with bad results and reduced the game options. The action is placed in America as the improved sequel Smuggler's Run 2:Hostile Territory (PS2 only) and the third chapter Smuggler's Run:Warzone (GameCube only) is placed in Russia and Georgia.

Totaled! (Xbox)-Bad developed car combat game similar to Destruction Derby.

Spy Hunter (PC,Xbox,PS2,GC,GBA)-Mission based racing which reminds me a mixture of Chase HQ and the racing stages of Outlander.8 levels with 5 missions each and several weapons. GBA version tries to emulate the 3D engine. Spy Hunter 2 is available on 128-bit consoles only and also a mobile phone version will be released.

Circus Maximus:Chariot Wars (Xbox)-Same concept of Ben Hur with 19 tracks in european regions of the Roman Empire. Different graphic and gameplay. You can choose to play using the driver,the warrior or both (computer will play as the other man if you don't choose to use both at the same time) while in Ben Hur there is only one man on each chariot. Several horses, chariots, drivers and warriors to choose before each race.

Motor Mayhem:Vehicular Combat League (PS2)-Car combat game, beautiful graphic in the "futuristic racing" style,post-apocalyptic plot, 8 characters, 40 weapons, several small arenas and 3 game modes: Eliminator, DeathMatch and Endurance.

Rumble Racing (PS2)-Nascar cars, 15 circuits, bombs, oil, shortcuts and 3 stunt tracks. 3D graphic.

Ben Hur 2000 (Arcade)-Or just Ben Hur without the "2000" is another chariot racing game with 6 racer, 3 tracks and 3 difficulty levels.

Mad Crasher (Mame)-A long track with jumps and obstacles, destroy the opponents with your laser. Futuristic style, isometric view. []

Road Blasters (Mame)-Race on a highway, with view from behind the car, weapons to destroy the traffic and bitmap graphic. Old and well done game. []

Special Criminal Investigation (Mame)-Same concept of Chase HQ with a button for shooting. Good graphic and gameplay.[]

Gauntlet-like games

In this cathegory i put all the games with view from above,fast action,lots of enemies and mainly weapons with short range.Maybe in the next months will be released a new Gauntlet developed by Midway with the collaboration of John Romero,the mind behind Doom 1&2 and the sad Daikatana.

Gauntlet-Dark Legacy (XB,Ps2,GC,GBA)-The first 2 Gauntled and the sequel Gauntlet Legends (which adds modern graphic) are as described above,with fantasy theme and no blood.This GB advance game is the last of the saga,with a different graphic and isometric view,a bad gameplay but bloody.

Mageslayer (PC)-This is a sort of Heretic/Hexen with 2D graphic and view from above.Lots of blood and 4 chars to choose(a dwarf with giant hammer,a demon,an inquisitor and another mofo i can't remember)with 4 different spells,great variety of enemies and levels,good graphic and decent gameplay.I think it's better than Take no Prisoners.

Vandyke (mame)-This is un-bloody but it's hard to find a game with slashing/fantasy graphic but vertical scrolling and shooter-like gameplay.

Samurai Deeper Kyo (GBA)-Based on an anime series.There is no blood except for the first boss that sprays green fluids all over the screen at each slash.The ROM version need a patch to be played because without that the bosses are immortal(endless green fluids...).To apply a patch on the rom file you could use IPSWin or SmartIPS.There is a PSX version which is in the vein of Samurai Shodown with 22 characters and 4 players option but less blood than this GBA game.

Legion:Legend of Excalibur (PS2)-You control the Arthur character slashing your way through the level's endings.Some strategic elements limited to giving orders to other soldiers which follow your quest.Gore.

Devil World/Dark Adventure (mame)-Another game without blood,i know it's a shame.Same gameplay of Gauntlet with different backgrounds and biggest sprites.Dark Adventure is the Jap version with different weapon and starting point.[]

3D Action/Shoot/Beat em up

Hokuto No Ken (PSX)-Another game from the Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken manga/anime with a not so great modern graphic,story mode where you can use,in some moments of the plot, other chars(people like Burt and Rey)than the main Kenshiro.Special moves and the same uncensored violence you can find in the original series.Only japanese version but language is not a problem.Developed by Banpresto in 1996.

Hokuto No Ken-Seiki Matsukyu Seishi Densetsu (PSX)-This was developed by Bandai in 2000 but is very similar to the previous fact it could be the same with upgraded graphic. vil Dead-Hail to the King (PC,DreamCast,PSX)-Based on the mighty Evil Dead movies.The gameplay isn't good and the difficult level is a bit too high,the blood is everywhere and the graphic is well done.Anyway better than Evil Dead-A Fistful of Boomstick(PS2,Xbox).

Devilman (PSX)-Another game only in japanese language with story taken from a famous manga/anime filled with violence.Try a search for good faq of this one or will encounter several problems to complete the game.Dark and bloody as you can expect with good graphic.

Resident Evil-I just played with the first episode for 5 minutes many years ago,now there are more than 6 different games for all 32/64-bit systems available but i don't care.If you want to know more about the single games just search reviews on internet,i wrote this lines because the game is bloody and full of zombies & monsters.Originally released for PSX,known in Japan as Biohazard,also a decent movie was based on the game and a sequel is in the air.See the "Shoot em up" section for the spin-off Resident Evil:Survivor.

Deep fear (Saturn)-A game in the Biohazard/Resident Evil style developed by Sega.

Kakugo No Susume (PSX)-I have never seen this game but somewhere is written that this is a 3D action/platform and the manga/anime this game is based upon is one of the bloodiest and strangest ever made.

Death to Rights (PC,Xbox,PS2,GC)-Originally developed for Xbox and then converted for the other systems with less action.Weapons,martial arts,blood and prison for the main character(a cop).

Spawn:Armageddon (Xbox,PS2,GameCube)-The classic mediocre game based on the Spawn comics.The good point of this one is the great amount of blood.

BloodRayne (PC,XB,PS2,GC)-Only 3 areas with several places to visit hunting and killing mutants,nazis,satanists and demons.The main character is a female vampire so you can suck the blood of your victims,graphic engine is similar to Tomb Raider.Lots of blood&gore and weapons.

Gekido (PSX)-Released in year 2000,the "prequel" of Gekido Advance is a 3D beat em up with spectacular special moves and much more splatter.

Gungrave (PS2)-Grave is the protagonist of this shooter,a sort of vampire dressed like a cowboy who carries a sarcophagus on the back.Designed by the japanese artist who realized the Trigun series,developed by Sega,6 easy levels of bloody blasting.

Blade 2 (PS2,Xbox)-Beat em up based on the movie,some weapons such shotguns and boomerangs,buckets of blood,decent graphic,rage mode which activate the sword,bad controls,stupid enemies and sometimes special kill animations.

Zombie Revenge (Arcade,Dreamcast)-From Sega comes this 3D beat em up with some guns in it, obioviusly lots of zombies.I don't know if that green blood could be turned red.

Eternal Darkness:Sanity's Requiem (GameCube)-This is the first "mature" game developed by Nintendo in his whole existence.An horror adventure in 3D graphic,similar to Resident Evil,with 12 characters,each one of them playable in a different time periods.The story is about a family and his generations against an evil book.Swords,spells,guns,blood and gore.

From Dusk Till Dawn (PC)-The only connections with the movie are the main character,Seth Gecko,and the enemies,zombies and vampires.Placed on a floating prison(a big ship)and totally focused on action/killing,no puzzles to solve here.Good graphic and several problems with controls and gameplay.

Extermination (PS2)-Similar to Resident Evil with a plot similar to John Carpenter's movie "The Thing"(which was a remake,but who cares...). During the combat you can switch to first person view,aim the monsters and shoot.Well done graphic and atmosphere.

American McGee's Alice (PC)-Adventure platform with decent amount of action and blood.A dark and neurotic version of "Alice in Wonderland".

Blair Witch Volume 1-3 (PC)-This trilogy has only the concept in common with the movies,the characters are different and there are a lot of monsters to kill.These are adventure games with lots of action,decent graphic and several gameplay problems.Reminds me Evil Dead-Hail to the King.

The Devil Inside (PC)-The plot is about your playable character living in this TV-Show and killing everything that move using weapons or his "devil inside".Horror theme,splatter and the same problem of many other 3D games:the camera movements.The designer is the same of "Alone in the Dark".

Vampire:The Masquerade-Redempition (PC)-Spectacular,pure action,blood and great technical realization(animations&graphic).Places such Venice or London and New York in medieval and modern ages.

Martian Gothic:Unification (PC)-Just like Resident Evil(zombies and splatter) with sci-fi plot and ugly gameplay filled with puzzles.The graphic had an intriguing old fashioned PC game style.

Urban Chaos (PC,DramCast)-A sort of GTA3 played by the side of the law in a near-future city few steps before the apocalypse.Lots of weapons and martial arts,great graphic.The PC version is the best of the two.

Akuji The Heartless (PSX)-Adventure/beat em up game about a guy without the heart walking around in hell,14 levels,some puzzles,spells,30 enemies and nice graphic.

Tai-Fu:Wrath of the Tiger (PSX)-Fighting game with some blood.

Apocalypse (PSX)-Based on the omonimous movie with Bruce Willis.Good graphic,fast action, futuristic weapons and 20 different enemies.

Countdown Vampires (PSX)-Resident Evil clone with 8 levels(forests,casinos and more).

Fear Effect (PSX)-Same gameplay of Resident Evil,3D graphic in a modern anime style and the classic controls/camera problems.

Illbleed (DreamCast)-Another Survival Horror(once again:Resident Evil)with lots of blood,more strategic elements than the others and a humour/b-movies feeling.The plot is about a rich movie maker and some kids exploring is new horror-park.

Mortal Kombat Special Forces (PSX)-Play as Jax through 5 levels searching for Kano.Same controls of the beat em up series (2 punch,2 kicks)and some weapons,combos and special moves to kill the (few kind of) enemies better.

Run Like Hell (PS2,Xbox)-Nice and clean third person version of Duke Nukem.Boring.

3D Action/Slashers

Rune (PC)-Viking themed,decent graphic with beautiful environments,blood,sword,axes and hammers,each enemy must be killed in a specific way.Rune:Halls of Valhalla is an expanction with only multiplayer levels and bots aren't supported. About Rune:Viking Warlord for PS2 i don't know if its a different game or the conversion of the first or a compilation of both the PC games.

Severance-Blade of Darkness (PC)-With a game structure similar to Rune(which was probably the first of his kind)and different plot and places,more on the fantasy/horror vein.

Blood Omen 2 (PC,PS2,Xbox)-After the roleplaying games Blood Omen-Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver the saga evolved in this 3D game with the same vampire theme.The PC version is technically better than the others.

Gladiator:Sword of Vengeance (PC,PS2,Xbox)-The name and the definition 3D action/slasher should be enough to describe this one.Like the previous games of this cathegory it could be developed better,but the results are good(and bloody)anyway.

Onimusha (PS2,Xbox)-An horror adventure developed by Capcom and placed in a sort of feudal Japan. Three games available for PS2:Warlords,Samurai's Destiny and Demon Siege. Genma Onimusha is a different version of the first for the Xbox. In the next months will be released a 3D Beat 'em Up version similar to Soul Blade/Edge:Onimusha-Blade Warriors and the gore will be highly reduced.

Die by the Sword (PC)-Classic dark fantasy theme with orcs and monsters.Choose the full blood version.There is also the expansion game: Die b.t.S.-Limb from Limb.

The Mark of Kri (Playstation 2)-Blood and gore in the Rune style.

Hunter:The Reckoning (XB,PS2,GC)-Up to four players at the same time,choose one of the four characters available and slice away the hordes of enemies.Arcade attitude and a sequel H:the R. Redeemer for XBox.The viewpoint is high and far from the sprites,not in third person.

Tenchu (PSX,PS2,Xbox)-Control a ninja in a blood-filled feudal Japan.All the four games are well done.Tenchu:Stealth Assassins and Tenchu 2:Birth of the Stealth Assassins are PSX only.Tenchu:Wrath of Heaven is for PS2 and Tenchu:Return from Darkness for XBOX.

Rygar:The Legendary Adventure (PS2)-The 3D sequel of an old arcade game adds some blood and 3 different diskarmor(that spiky yo-yo shield that Rygar uses as a weapon)each one with several upgrades and moves.Ancient roman and greek architectures,few monsters and levels.

Archangel (PC)-Mediocre horror with a sci-fi touch and a lot of slashing.Three big areas and spells as long range weapons.

Shinobi (PS2)-Sega developed this 3D episode of the classic Shinobi saga and the result is great.The previous game didn't show a single drop of blood while this is a shower of red fluids.

Way of the Samurai (PS2)-Well done action with a complex fighting system.Your choices will change game events and endings and each sword modifies special moves and your samurai's characteristics.

Drakan:Order of the Flame (PC)-Good graphic,large levels,you will ride a dragon or slash using the hero.Reminds Tomb Raider with swords and blood.

Drakan:The Ancient's Gates (PS2)-Improved sequel with more RPG elements(for example you must repair your damaged armours and weapons)and a less Tomb Raider-like aspect.

Arabian Nights (DreamCast,PC)-Fast paced action,simple puzzles,7 large levels and a lot of different enemies to defeat.

Devil May Cry 1-2 (PS2)-Both games are Horror/Gothic,wonderful graphic,controls and gameplay.

7 Blades (PS2)-Japan-only release developed by Konami.Good graphic and bloody slashing action.

Resurrection:The Return of the Black Dragon (PC)-Same graphic and gameplay of Rune and Severance,with a much more arcade attitude.3 characters available with different special moves/magic spells,7 levels and high difficulty.

Vampire Hunter D (PSX)-Based on the manga/anime series with a Damphyr vampire hunter as main character(many years before this theme becomes trendy).30 locations,good graphic,some problems with the controls.

First Person shooters (FPS)

For a complete list of Doom-like games (Breathless, Trapped 2, Genetic Species, Gloom Deluxe, Gloom 3, Testament, Nemac IV) for Amiga (1200, 4000, Cd-Rom) read this: I encountered several problems with those games (availability and configurations), this list and link are the best I can do.

Ghen War (Saturn)-Futuristic theme with a plot ripped off from Alien and Space hulk.

Killing Time (3DO,PC,MAC)-Forgotten by the whole world this is the only FPS placed in the Twenties.Developed in 1996 or before, graphic style is like Doom/Blood with more pauses from one splat and the other.

Congo (Saturn)-A modern FPS based on the omonimous movie. Crap.

Space Hulk (PC,3DO,PSX,Saturn)-Based on the Games Workshop's Warhammer 40000. The PC-DOS version is the oldest with different graphic.The plot is simple:you are the space-marines and have to erase aliens from spaceships.More strategic than the usual FPS,here you have to give orders to the other marines in action while you are splatting elsewhere.

Serious Sam:First Encounter (PC)-Sci-fi plot and egyptian theme,hordes of enemies(sometimes more than 100),buckets of blood,mastodontic bosses and 15 levels(2 of them are secret).The graphic engine could be the same of Unreal.The XBOX game Serious Sam includes this and the second episode.

Serious Sam:Second Encounter (PC)-Better graphic,new weapons,more levels and 3 different areas(south america,babylon and medieval eastern europe).

Turok:Dinosaur Hunter/Turok 2:Seeds of Evil (N64,PC,GB)-Based on a comic book published by Valiant,Turok is a native indian-american teleported from a battle against "cowboys" to a prehistoric epoch where a tyrannosaurus rex can be equipped with laser guns.The control system is sometimes unconfortable.Gameboy versions are 2D action without blood.

Turok 3:Shadow of Oblivion/Turok:Rage Wars(N64,GBC)-Always the same,in fact i could wrote about all the Turok games in one review if they were released for the same systems.This episodes wasn't released on PC and Rage Wars is a maily multiplayer game like Unreal Tournament and Quake Arena.The Gameboy Color versions of both are single player action games in bitmap graphic with different scrolling sections and no blood.

Turok:Evolution (PS2,GCube,Xbox)-The forth episode,available also for GBAdvance(see "Action/platform" in this article),with another graphic improvement and the same big levels ambiented in futuristic/prehistoric jungle and buildings.

Shadowcaster (PC-Dos)-An arcade version of Ultima Underworld games.Several RPG elements, a graphic style and theme similar to Hexen and 7 morph to choose during the game to find items and solve the simple puzzles that stop your way.

Strife (PC-Dos)-Another FPS with RPG elements.Post apocalyptic theme with alien enemies,raw graphic,talking to people is an imprtant phase of the game and different answers and choices will change the whole plot.

Gore:Ultimate soldier (pc)-A short single player mode because the game is focused on the multiplayer looking at games such Quake Arena and Unreal Tournament.Lot of weapons to choose but only 8 enemies,each chars you will use is different in speed/strenght and so on.Level design goes from sci-fi to western trought gothic,urban,dungeons and more.

PO 'ed (PSX,3DO)-Alien invades the spaceship were you are the chef,kill them.Old style graphic,25 levels and 16 enemies.Strange that there wasn't a PC version.

Daikatana (PC,GBA,N64)-Developed by John Romero,the main brain behind Doom 1&2.Anyway this Daikatana was a flop.Sci-fi theme,some RPG elements,some blood.Boring and frustrating.The GBA version is totally different and without blood&gore.

Soldiers of Fortune (PC)-A different kind of FPS,more similar to 3D adventures.I don't like this kind of games,anyway there is a high level of gore in it,each bodypart can be shooted and eventually mutilated.Urban/military theme.Several games similar to this one are: Kill.Switch,Fugitive Hunter:War on Terror.

Contract J.A.C.K. (PC)-Easy game with a 007 wannabe shooting soldiers here and there.Gore.

Chaser (PC)-Sci fi theme,modern graphic,intersting plot and fast splatter action.

Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter (PC,XBOX,PS2)-Bloody old style FPS with sci-fi theme and modern graphic.

Red Faction (PS2,PC)-Sci fi theme,maybe focused on the multiplayer because the single player mode is very short.Also some vehicles to ride bringing death and destruction. Red Faction 2 is pretty the same (obviuosly with new levels, vehicles, enemies and so on) available for PC, PS2, Xbox and GC.

Devastation (PC)-35 weapons,21 missions in single player mode,arcade or tactical game options.The graphic engine is pretty good and the plot is about your war against a mega corporation,so you can wonder what kind of levels you will find in it.

Die Hard:Vendetta (GameCube,PS2)-Based on the famous movies, 11 levels of slow gore. An intersting thing is that you can grab people and use them as human shields. Quite easy.

Die Hard:Nakatomi Plaza (PC)-30 levels,slow movements and few enemies.

Iron Storm (PC)-The story is that in 1964 the first world war isn't over yet.Several modern/futuristic weapons,first and third person view(choose),some puzzles to solve.Reminds me the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Hired Team (PC)-Clone of Quake 3 and UT developed in Russia in 2000.28 maps.

WW2:Iwo Jima (PC)-12 missions against Japan with 10 weapons and a couple of other marines giving an helping hand.Mediocre.From the same developers of WW2:Normandy.

Western Outlaw:Wanted Dead or Alive (PC)-10 different levels of crap.

KISS:Psycho Circus-The Nightmare Child (PC)-Similar to Quake,based on the Comic book about the hard rock band.No puzzles,pure action,blood and nice graphic. Soundtrack composed of Kiss' songs remixed in techno versions.

Mortyr 2093-1944 (PC)-Mediocre game with futuristic weapons and good graphic.The plot is about the destruction of the Third Reich.

Alien Resurrection (PSX)-Based on the 4 and last movie of the Alien Saga.Well done.High difficulty.

Shogo-Mobile Armor Division (PC)-The one and only FPS with a graphic style and plot inspired by japanese animation.20 weapons,20 enemies and buckets of blood.

And those that i can't put in a cathegory

Die Hard Trilogy (PC,Saturn,PSX) A different game in each episode of the saga, all in 3D graphic. The first is an action shoot/beat em up, then a racing game and the last is a gun-shooter. Blood, funny cruelty and mediocre programming in all of them. Same genre and quality for the PC sequel D.H.T. 2-Viva Las Vegas.

Rape Games (Snes) When the Snes was a best seller console, Nintendo want an all-ages/family stuff and the result was completely succesfull (censorship and happy games a go-go), but in the emulation days you can find a lot of ROMs with sexy contents unavailable in those days. This Rape Games is the worst of all with 3 levels of demetial 2 button fast pushing sex action.

Killer Games (C-64) This is a modern game for C-64, developed in 2001 by Beerlord (?) which gives you the opportunity to became a killer and face the many different options this career offers to you. More info and several screenshots here (and don't forget to explore the other pages).

Resident Evil Gaiden (GBColor) Bitmap graphic, multiscrolling view and slow action. When you are attacked from enemies or walk near them you will enter in the fighting section where the monsters are in front of you and a spot is flipping from left to right on a bar, press the button in the right moments to spill some blood. Several weapons and nice splatter effects.

The Typing of the Dead (Arcade,PC,DCast) This is The house of the Dead 2 without guns, you are armed with a keybord and must write the right words to splat the enemies. Obviously the arcade cabinet is equipped with a keyboard.

Genpei ToumaDen (mame) Placed in feudal Japan, horror atmosphere. It starts as a Ghost and Goblins-like game with lateral scrolling, tiny sprites and platforms, then you can choose to enter in pink gates and the game became a pure slasher with giant sprites. Later you will play in Gauntlet-like levels. The game alternate these 3 kind of game during the many levels and the crossroads will guarantee different journeys and variety. Well done bitmap graphic and costant presence of blood. []

Ork Attack (Amiga) You control a knight moving from left to right on the upper side of the screen and throwing rocks against orcs. When they are near you can slash them with a sword. The gameplay is very simple but its not easy to see the next level because you have one life only. Dark bitmap graphic, view from above and buckets of blood.

Kengo:Master of Bushido (PS2) Basically it's a 3D beat em up 1 versus 1, sometimes you will face more than one opponent(as in the Quest mode) or will train your character with mini games. Blood and gore.

Combat Medic:Special Operations (PC) Boring and bad developed. Sometimes you shoot at enemies but the most of the time you will treat and operate wounded soldiers in 3D graphic.

Druuna: Morbus gravis (PC) Based on the Paolo Serpieri's character Druuna, an old nudie sci-fi comix of the Heavy Metal magazine bunch. Looks like Tomb Raider without weapons. Bad controls and gameplay, tits and gore.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto (PC, MAC, PS2) 3D action game with modern graphic and a very original fantasy/sci-fi world design. There are 3 characters available, each one of a different race. One uses weapons and technology, one uses a sword and magic powers and the third is a giant who fights using wrestling moves. All the 3 char and their groups need Smarties and Vimps (2 elements available on the planet while you are breakin bones) and each group use them in a different way to develop their buildings. Both first and third person view.

Rollcage (PC, PSX) A futuristic racing where cars have wheels, you can run outside the tracks (inside tunnels, walls and so on), destroy buildings and opponents with tons of weapons. This game could be in 3 cathegories of this text at the same time. 20 tracks. 3D graphic.

Rollcage Stage 2 (PSX)/Death Track Racing (PC) Sequel with same gameplay and graphic, 60 circuits and the initially locked game mode "quirkly Rubble Soccer".

Heavy Metal Fukk 2 (PC) The plot starts 30 years after the story of Heavy Metal 2000, the animated movie (the first "Heavy Metal" movie is better). The game is a FPS (with also third person view) divided in 3 parts: the RPG where you talk to people and search weapons which degenerates in a shooter, the platform session in the swamp and the last is a mixture of the first 2 areas placed in 4 elemental environments.

Dark Tower (Mame) Same gameplay of "Bubble Bobble" with horror theme. Tons of levels placed in dungeons filled with monsters. Use your bat to kill them. Some little blood&gore effects. []

Lucky & Wild (Mame) Developed by Namco. Graphic and plot reminds me Super Chase:Criminal Termination but in Lucky & Wild you destroy the criminals' cars shooting them with a gun. A mix of racing and gun shooting, quite destructive, without blood. []

Riding Fight (Mame) Ride on water and street with your surf in a futuristic world beating everyone on your way. Third person/Behind the char-view, similar to Space Harrier, that sometimes switch to lateral scrolling, 360 action (jumps and fights), beautiful bitmap graphic. Some weapons spills blood from their victims. Fucking cool game. []

Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64) Developed by Rare and published by Nintendo. The classic cute, toon-like Nintendo style applied on a gross 3D platform filled with blood. Some levels are racing or first person shooters. Multiplayer game for brutal death matches. Don't waste you time on Conker's Pocket Tales for GameBoy Color, it's a crappy, nice-and-clean game.

Renegade Racer (PC) 12 characters, 6 circuits for 32 races, several weapons and power ups. Combat water-racing with 3D cartoon-like graphic.

Flash Games

Most of them are playable online, the program "Flash" is the only thing you can download and you need anyway to play also those saved on hard diskI found a good source at and some of them are available with a search on google. To play Flash games offline even if they are online gaming only, you have to: 1-Open the game online page and complete the loading. 2-Go to your computer's directory where are stored the internet files (can be named "temporary internet files") or use the "search" program of your Operative System to find ".swf" file. 3-Copy the file somewhere on your hard disk. 4-Open the file with your Internet Browser program. The majority of flash games will work off-line.

Teletubbies Mercy Killing-3 weapons,one for each range,sound effects and weapons ripped from Unreal Tournament.Bloody and satisfying.

Chicken Game-Cut the head of those goddamn chickens!!!

Rabbit Hunter-The name says it all.Little sprites and simple animations.

Barb Jump-Choose your beach-boy and every jump failed will let him loose a piece of his body.

Suppakitty Bash mk.2-This is sadistic.

Kill Bin Laden?-Not a great game,too easy.As you can expect there were other games about Bin Laden and his death.

Teacher Killer-You can see a screenshot and hope for a download available in next future on this one. The author is in team and don't want to put the game online because it's too old and bad developed.

Dirt Dragons-It's a sort of promotional game for the movie Tremors 4 available at It's boring and the blood effect is pathetic.

Mad Shark-Eat all the living things you will find on your way.

City Jumper-Minimalistic graphic and an unespected splatter attitude.

*The following games are available at and maybe somewhere else:

Kaboom-The suicide bombing game.

Binladen vs baddudes-Single screen beat em up game controlled with the mouse.

Escopeta-Beware!Your ass is in danger!Keyboard's arrows and spacebar.

Gimproulette-Russian roulette game within a little window.

Pinguxtreme-My record is 835.3 meters.Just two left-click on the mouse.

*I found the following here:

Bush Shootout-Mouse-shooter, you know what i mean?Not much blood.

Animal Hunter-Lateral scrolling slow paced shooter.

Basted in Blood-Shoot the turkeys,not the babies.

Attack of Influenza Birds-Machine gun massacre.

Bat And Mouse-You are the mouse,so eat cheese and run.

Blast Your Enemies-Just 3 buttons: up,down and shoot.

Bleed The Game-A Doom-like shooter controlled with mouse(only left click).

Bloody Hell-Awesome game similar to Smash-TV.Little game-window and .DIR file,not a .SWF

Bloody Rage-Mortal Kombat-like with cartoon graphic and famous characters to choose (Jason,spiderman,freddy...),raw gameplay.

Brain Splatters 2-Adventure game.It's bloody but i hate this game and the other in the same vein available at

Carmageddon-Single screen,mouse controlled,drive your police-car and kill all kids and granmas.

Celebrity Hitman-Attack of the dictators' clones.

Christmas Combat-Simple fighting game for 2 players.

Divine intervention PT-1-Lateral scrolling shooter,slow-paced action,pretty hard and bloody.

Duck Hunt-The original game and a new "D option" for the veterans of the old Nintendo game.

Flippy Attack And you run and jump. More games available here.

Jackhammer Rampage-Single player racing with lateral scrolling.

Kentucky Space Battles-Old fashioned shooter.

Kill the Boss Fight Game-Men drawed with sticks fighting in the streets.

Kindergarten Killer-Great.

Metal Slug Rampage 1&2-Just one life using the battle tank,the 2 have blood in full effect while the first didn't shows much red on screen.

Monster Mash-Blood and gore,several easy screens.

Pedestrian Killer-One screen and a mouse controlled car.

Ranger 3D-A ranger shooting bears,is this logic?Another mouse shooter in first person.

Short Bus Rampage-Drive on them and go on.View from above.

Swat-Lateral scrolling shooter,blood and horrible gameplay.

Tommy Gun-Toon graphic for this bloody game with limited gameplay.

Turkey trouble-Very similar to Monster Mash but with pseudo-military theme.

Recent games-very short so called reviews and previews.

Celebrity Death Match From the pongo animated tv-series a 3D fighting/wrestling games.Around 18 chars and other 6 or so hidden,blood and fatalities(if you don't kill the opponent the match will never end and you can beat the bastard all night long).

Backyard Wrestling-Based on the parallel sport where guys jumps from the roofs of their houses and use all the weapons available in a backyard(inspired by ECW and CZW wrestling federations)seems to be the bloodiest wrestling game ever made(not a difficult thing anyway).

Otogi:Hyakki Toubatsu Emak (Xbox)-The sequel of the first Otogi i wrote in the "Total Annihilation" cathegory.

Will Rock (PC)-Ancient roman/greek level's design and same style for the majority of the enemies (gladiator,minotaurs...),gameplay cloned from Serious Sam but not funny as the original.10 levels

Samurai Shodown 5 (Arcade,Neogeo,PS2)-Always in bitmap 2D top notch graphic,around 24 challengers and the Special version that will be released in the next months for Neo geo should add more chars.

Enclave (PC,Xbox)-A dark-fantasy action/slasher,25 levels,beautiful 3D graphic with sometimes contact problems(could happen that your slash beats the air when your enemies ignores your shield slicing you).Lots of chars and both third or first person view are supported.Who will choose the "no-blood" option?

Nosferatu:Wrath of the Malachi (PC)-First person shooter,modern 3D graphic and old school gameplay(kill enemies and search keys,nothing else matters).Classic horror atmosphere.

Painkiller (PC,Xbox)-This is a preview,right now it's not available in stores but looking the screenshots what i can say is that this game is bloody,filled with enemies,dark urban/sci-fi/fantasy levels and monsters in awesome 3D graphic.

Warhammer 40.000:Fire Warrior (PC,PS2)-Another game based on this Games Workshops universe,this time a bad developed FPS with the standard 3D graphic and only 7 levels.

Alien Blast:The Encounter (PC)-Sci-fi themed FPS with view from inside your spaceship and several aliens to splat(only green blood?)and things to destroy.

Rebel Trucker:Cajun Blood Money (PC)-A bad developed 3D driving game which adds Grand Theft Auto elements to the recent trend of trucker's life simulators.

Judge Dredd:Dredd versus Death (PC,Xbox,GC,PS2)-Another FPS.Good game version of the comic books,fast and bloody.

Metal Slug 5 (Neo Geo)-Another chapter for this wonderful shooter always in 2D bitmap graphic.

Metal Slug Advance (GBA)-And a conversion for GB Advance will be released in the next months.

Doom 3-Graphic and sound will need an ultra powerful computer to be enjoyed at their best,but the gameplay will be fast and furious as the previous episodes?

Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas-After the 3 and a half episode "Vice City" comes the real(?)GTA 4.Will be released at the end of the year.

XIII (PC,GC,XB,PS2)-They wrote this is the first FPS with "comix" graphic and it's false,the first was ZPC-Zero Population Counter with more "underground" drawnings.

Man Hunt (PS2,PC,Xbox)-Right now the only version available is the PS2.Developed by Rockstar(GTA series)this is a survival bloody game.You are alone in a big city area,the only inhabitants are criminals with a great "look" and you begin without weapons,so you can also use a piece of broken glass to kill the first opponents.

Serious Sam:Next Encounter-One day this third chapter will be released for PS2 and GameCube.

Serious Sam Advance (GBA)-When i read the preview of this GBA version i hope in a sort of shooter with view from above,something like Total Carnage and Smash TV.I'm sad to write that this S.S.A. is a first person shooter with blocky graphic,slow action and a decent amount of blood.

Gangland (PC)-Strategic mafia simulator with view from above.I just watched some pictures that reminds me the PC game Hooligans.

Roadkill (PS2,Xbox,GameCube)-A sort of post-atomic GTA where you will always ride your car and fight against the gangs for cash and to see the next city.

Dead Man's Hand (PC,XBOX)-Western themed FPS now in stores.I don't know if this is bloody. The Suffering (Xbox,PS2)-3D action game with view in third person.The genre is horror and the location is a jail.Bloody.

Pop Scars-Still in develpment.Should be a sort of Mortal Kombat with chars such Marylin Manson,Korn,Limp Bizkit and other nu-metal bands.

Hokuto No Ken (PS2)-Another game based on the manga/anime,this one is developed by Sega. The graphic is a sort of 3D with lateral scrolling.Bloody.A game with the same characteristics is been developed by and should be freeware.

Firestarter (PC)-A sort of Quake arena.

Conan (PC,XB,PS2,GC)-3D action game in third person about Conan the Barbarian.Blood and gore.

Knights of the Temple (PC,GC)-Same genre of Conan with medieval theme and very detailed graphic.

The Warriors (PS2)-A game based on the cult movie The Warriors developed by Rockstar games.

I of the Dragon (PC)-Quite bloody 3D action game where you control a dragon.Probably with some strategic elements and an interesting plot,but i could'n care less.Blood and dragon are the keywords.

Blowout (PC,XB,PS2)-I hope the official release will be splatter as the first screenshots i watched. An action/platform with futuristic plot in sidescrolling 3D graphic similar to Duke Nukem Manhattan Project.

Besieger (PC)-RTS as Warcraft with Vikings and Cimmerians.

Drake of the 99 Dragons (PC,XB)-3D action with cartoon graphic and moments of gore.

Lagsters (PC)-Futuristic racing game with interesting graphic and weapons.

Meteor Blade (PC,XB)-Mainly intended as an online multiplayer game where up to 16 fighters can use their weapons and martial arts to spill blood from the opponents.

Extreme Demolition (PC)-Pick up a car and destroy the opponents in several arenas.Urban theme.

Curse:The eye of Osiris ((PC,XBox)-Mediocre clone of Resident Evil,the story starts in 1890 in a Egyptian museum placed in Great Britain and then zombies,mummies,guns and flamethrower. The xbox version is the best of the two.Not so gory.

Goblin Commander:Unleash the Horde (PS2,GC,XB)-Real Time Startegy with 6 goblin clans to choose or to destroy.Classic view from above during the strategic moments and the 3D third person view option during the battles.

Drakengard (PS2)-Slashing 3D action game with hundreds of enemies to deafeat with your sword or riding a dragon.Third person view.Also see Draken reviews.

Chaos Legion (PC,PS2)-Same as above without the dragon and the hundreds of enemies. Dark gothic graphic design.Here you will cast the "legion" spells where monsters will help your main char in the killing.

The Thing (PC,Xbox,PS2)-The videogame version of the mighty John Carpenter's movie,The Thing.Well done,but too atmospheric for my taste.

Arx Fatalis (PC,Xbox)-3D action/rpg in first person placed in a underground fantasy world.

Smash Up Derby (PC)-Another demolition racer with 20 cars and 28 tracks.

Darkblack (GC,Xbox,PS2)-Should be released more than one year ago.Maybe in the next months. A FPS with horror theme and ferocious dinosaurs ruling the streets.The screen pics shows disemboweled bodies and blood.

Rush Club (PS2)-Another unreleased game?It should be an illegal driving game with different gangs(such mafia and yakuza.Are these gangs composed by car fanatics???),money to recruit new members or pay police men and private detectives.The gameplay should be a sort of moderated demolition racing in urban streets.

Bloodline (PC)-This game is enigmatic.Developed by a czech team,maybe released in 2001,but nobody knows of its existence and the official page is updated to 2004 without mentioning an official release.Anyway Bloodline should be an horror/action in first person with lots of gore.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (PC,XB,PS2,GC)-Third person shooter,main character is an archangel,Abaddon(?),who looks like a metal-head,and his mission is to stop the Armageddon. It's a preview and the first pics i watched shows wonderful hellish places and destroyed cities filled with corpses.

McFarlane's Evil Prophecy (PS2)-3D Slash/Beat 'em up with 4 characters on screen(you choose who play with),combos,blood,spells and hordes of enemies.Developed by Konami and based on the McFarlane's Toy's "Monsters" series(Frankestein,Dracula,Werewolf and 3 other).Single and multiplayer modes.

Traps of Darkness (PC)-Cut and paste preview: Strategy First's adventure game will let gamers assume the guise of one of seven evil demons trying to destroy the world.

Chaos League (PC)-Brutal mix of rugby and football,fantasy theme,10 races and more than 70 different units.Nice 3D graphic.Spells,multiplayer mode,hooligans,management and scandals.Maybe blood.

Resevoir Dogs (PS2)-3D action in third person based on the Tarantino movie.

100 Bullets (Xbox,PS2)-3D shooter based on the Vertigo comics.

Call of Cthulhu:Dark Corners of the Earth (PC,XB)-3D adventure based on the Lovercraft's novels.

Lobo (PS2,Xbox)-A 3D action game with the nasty DC comics character as protagonist.



Now I want to write about some games which aren't full of blood and destruction, someway connected with the spirit of this article.

Atari 2600

A glory of the past with hundreds of games and a graphic that today you can find only on mobile-phones videogames...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre- The only goal of the game is to kill people with your chainsaw. In the old days lots of parents hated this pathetic game, now you can only laugh watching this brown block of pixels running after green/pink stuff with a sort of propeller in the hands.

Halloween-From the same developer of TCM, this time you are the victim and must save some children in a 2 levels house.Somewhere i read about a Halloween game scheduled for GBA(not Halloween Racer for GB Color).

Fast Futuristic Racing Games

F-Zero (snes)-This was the first game where cars haven't wheels but antigravity systems,sort of futuristic overcraft mixed with spaceship design.20 circuits,4 difficult levels and 4 cars. Tracks are filled with mines,jumps and the borders are electrified.Each lap gives you a boost which may take your car over 700 kmh.

Utyu Race-Astro Go!Go! (Snes)-Developed 4/5 years after F-zero,it uses a similar game engine with a different camera view and an ultra colored graphic which reminds me japanese Pachinko flippers.Also known with the name Astro Go!Go!-Freeway Flyboys.

F-Zero 2 (snes)-I don't know where or when this game was released and now with emulators everybody can play this short sequel.

F-Zero X (N64)-This is a must have.24 regular tracks and 30 cars,if you will complete all races you could choose all cars,open a new difficult level and a new circuit with 6 random created tracks. At the beginning of the second lap you gain the turbo and anytime you boost the life bar will decrease a bit.Before the race choose if you want more max speed or accelaration,this option can let you win or loose a race.Graphic and track's structure are 3D and this means galleries,up&downs and loops.

F-Zero Maximum Velocity (GBAdvance)-Different cars and tracks for the real sequel of the first F-zero game for snes.

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu (GBA)-Just a couple of months ago another game for this long running racing saga.Now the gameplay is more similar to the F-Zero X one with a lot or cars really fighting for the cup but the game is 2D.

F-Zero AX(Arcade)and GX(GameCube)-The last born of the family seem to be an awesome evolution of F-Zero X always full of hidden tracks and cars but very hard to unlock.

Wipeout (PC,PSX,Saturn,N64)-Well i don't know very much about these games and i don't think they need a presentation.The fastest and tightest racing game ever made with a great graphic and sound but only 8-12 tracks.Originally was developed for PSX and later converted even for N64,which version is slower and the graphic colors aren't cold as in the original games. After several minutes and incidents you will fall in a sort of altered state of mind and if you never touch walls or opponents the gamespeed will be astonishing. There are also weapons in this game such missiles,mines and earthquakes but nothing with a real demolishing graphic impact.Should be 3 or 4 different wipeout games.

StarWars Episode 1 Racer(PC,N64,PSX,DreamCast)-I played the N64 version of the game because i prefear its graphic style than the "cold" PC-PSX usually have.I don't like the Star Wars saga and the only thing good to me is the race in the first episode,well here is the short review of the game.25 tracks and lot of "pods" to choose from(each victory will open new characters). The graphic is various and well done,each lap duration is variable from 1 minute and a half to 3 minutes and you need 3 laps to complete a track.A very long race...No weapons.Also available Gameboy Color and arcade versions.

Star Wars Racer Revenge(PS2)-I haven't played this game but the gameplay is the same,the tracks are only 13 and probably the graphic impact is improved.

Hi-Octane(PSX,PC)-A sort of fast Wipeout-like game.Like some other old games the PC version need a program to slow down CPU speed,this means you can choose how fast you want the race, from slowmotion to lighspeed(in the true sense of the word).

Extreme G 1/G 2(N64)-Two games with motorbikes in the Wipeout style,the differences between the two E.G. are few and i decided to wrote just one review for them.It's easiest than Wipeout games and each "motorbike" have starting weapons,so you can shot all the time between one missile and the other.Funny.

XGRA:Extreme G Racing Association (XB,GC,PS2)-Episode 4 of the Extreme G saga,more detailed graphic and same gameplay.The third was released for GameCube and Playstation 2.

Aero Gauge (N64)- Typical N64 graphic,only 6 tracks,no weapons.The 6 cars in the game don't float over the road but flies so you can choose how high you will run.Not fast as F-zero X.

Scorcher (PC,Saturn)-Running with bikes covered with a shield which transform the vehicle in a sort on ball and the 6 tracks are designed to add the flipper-factor with lots of jumps.Dark atmosphere and graphic could be better.Only single player mode.

Motor Raid (Arcade)-Futuristic motorbikes and no weapons.Developed by Sega,programmers said that the main inspiration for Motor Raid's graphic design were Akira and Venus Wars anime movies.The aspect is similar to Wipeout and Extreme G.

POD (PC)-Developed in 1997 by Ubisoft.No wepons and strange tracks with jumps and stuff.New tracks and cars should be available online.

POD:Speedzone (Dreamcast)-3 years later,the sequel.Six tracks and better graphic. Space Haste (PC)-Standard quality,no weapons,just some items and easy to learn but hard to win.In these months

Space Haste 2 (always PC only) is in stores.

Quantum RedShift (Xbox)-One of the first 128-bit games of this genre,could be better.

Powerdrome (Amiga)-It's old,developed in 1989 by Electronic Arts,but this could be considered the real daddy of Wipeout.In the next months a new Powerdrome game will be released for xbox and playstation 2.

Tube Slider (GameCube)-Developed by NEC.Only 8 tracks,the tubular structures are funny and reminds me some tracks of F-Zero X.No weapons and not ultrafast as a futuristic racing should be.

HSX HyperSonic.Xtreme (PS2)-30 tracks(some locked)divided in circuits and slalom,a bad developed track editor,clean and poor-detailed graphic.No weapons.

Beam Breakers (PC)-This is futuristic in a different manner than the previous games.The championship mode(30 tracks) and the mission mode(57 missions)are placed in city filled with skyscrapers where the "cars" fly.Something seen in movies such The Fifth Element or Star Wars Episode 2.Great 3D graphic,no weapons and a complete lack of soundtrack and sound effect.

New York Race (PC,PS2,GC)-Same gameplay of Beam Breakers with 25 cars and 12 tracks.If you like this kind of 360 racing/flying action you can try the following mission based(bounty hunter/cop)games:BHunter(PC),G-Police (PC,PSX) and Slave Zero (PC,DreamCast).

Arctic Thunder (Xbox,PS2,Arcade)-Snowmobile racing game.12 characters with different sleds,weapons,gain extra points performing tricks.The arcade version has only 6 characters and tracks,the consoles also adds a battle mode with 3 arenas.Xbox version is better than PS2.Third of the Midway's "Thunder Series",after Hydro Thunder (Arcade,PSX,N64,DreamCast) and Offroad Thunder (Arcade),both awesome and without weapons.

Ballistics (PC)-Fucking ultrafast hoverbike racer with 7 long levels of obstacles and bonuses.The tracks are tubular and controls are limited to quick movements.

Kinetica (PS2)-Racing game with guys wearing suits with wheels on hands and feet,dark graphic not the classic neon-style of futuristic games,4 tracks and other 8 unlockable in season mode. Not fast as others of this chategory but here the racers break gravity rules very often.


About games where players controls flying dragons with no blood or gore.

Dragon Spirits (mame,NES)-Detailed bitmap graphic,view from above.The NES versions (US-D.S. The New Legend/JAP-D.S. Aratanaru Densetsu)added a new starting level,if you win or loose in that short level you will start the real game with a Golden(powerful,when you loose)or Blue(weak,when you win)dragon.Both the arcade versions are without continue game options,but the new version[] adds the option to select the starting level (9).[The old version rom name is]

Dragon Sabre (mame)-Developed in 1990,3 years after Dragon Spirit,always by Namco.Same well done graphic and gameplay with new enemies,levels,power ups and a easiest game difficulty.[] In 1988,between D.sprit and D. Sabre, Namco released Phelios []with a similar graphic and gameplay.

Panzer Dragoon (PC,Saturn)-Wonderful graphic and backgrounds,3D graphic and view from behind the dragon.You can only shoot beacuse the movements are on "rails" like the gun-shooting games.The sequel Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei is available on Saturn only and improves graphic and variety.Panzer Dragoon Saga always on Saturn is an RPG similar to Final Fantasy 7.

Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox)-Another rail shooter with 10 levels

Dragon Rage (PS2)-Shooter with one dragon,32 attacks and 40 enemies.Modern 3D graphic.

Dragon Strike (PC,NES)-The PC game is a flying simulator with lots of different dragons and primitive 3D graphic,most of the game are duels against one or more opponents in large levels. The NES version should be the same with 2D graphic and view from above,but i'm not been able to play that.

Dragon Breed (Mame)-Lateral scrolling shooter with a warrior riding an oriental dragon,the body of the dragon could be used as an offensive shield against demons and monsters.

Saint Dragon (Mame)-Same as above without the warrior.The dragon is made of steel and the enemies are all machines (the first boss is a big chromium plated bull)When enemies hit the dragon's head you lose one life.[]

Syvalion (Mame)-Another snake-dragon shooter.Multiscrolling levels with labyrinthic structure,hi tech and monsters enemies.[]

Wrestling Video-Games

Usually the Wrestling games are total crap but i think the following titles are the best you can find:

3 Count Bout (Neo-Geo,MAME)-The same "powerfull" graphic impact of neo-geo games applied to a wrestling game.10 chars,ring-fight and streetfight,very hard.[]

WWF Wrestle Fest (MAME)-Royal Rumble with max 6 chars on the ring at the same time or Tag Team Championship.12 wrestlers from the early nineties and a cheat to unlock and use Hawk and Animal from Legion of Doom.[]

WWF Superstars (Mame)-The prequel of W.Fest with 6 playable characters (only 3 of them are also available in Wrestle Fest)and 2 bosses,tag team mode only.[]

Muscle Bomber (Snes,Mame)-Also known as Saturday Night Slam Masters.10 chars designed by Tetsuo Hara,special moves,great gameplay,only one man fight or tag team,no royal rumble here.

Ring Of Destruction-Slammasters 2 (Mame)-This isn't a true wrestling game but a Street fighter like Beat em up with the 10 chars from the first episode and 4 new entries always designed by Tetsuo Hara.The 5 buttons of the game are 2 kicks,2 punches and 1 for grab moves.[]

Mutant fighter (MAME)-A fantasy game with characters such the fighter,minotaur,dragon,beast and so on for a total number of 9 and maybe other to defeat.Slow but well done.[] Japanese version is named Death Brade [].

Federation Wrestling (PC)-Not good as the games i wrote above,anyway better than the big names of this genre.A ton of wrestlers and options to choose,hardcore attitude,decent animations and graphic but a control system in the classic wrestling style (my point of view:crap). A demo available at with several freeware games such Rocky, SureShot and a lot of stuntman/wrestling.

Full Motion Video

In 1995 this kind of games were sponsorized as the future of video gaming.Do you remember Mad Dog McCree arcade with its huge screen?FMV games are all the same:a movie 2 hours long where the only interaction is shoot or press the right button when an option appears on screen.

Corpse Killer (3DO,SegaCD,32X)-Obviously horror with several zombies to shoot,better than the shitty standard of FMV.Corpse Killer-Graveyard Edition is the improved version released on Saturn with new/more enemies.

Road Avenger (SegaCD,Arcade)-Interactive anime in the japanese style about a car and the things which deserves to be shooted on its way.Arcade version's name is Road Blaster(not Road Blasters)

Zombie (PSX)-I'm not even sure if this FMV was released.

Fantasy Action/Platform

This is the unbloody counterpart of the Barbaric Action Games chapter,the following are the best in graphic,longevity and gameplay with the most "arcade" attitude available on old computer games.

Lionheart (Amiga)-Play as a half man half lion slashing monsters in multiscrolling levels.More platform than slasher.

Ork (Amiga)-A sort of Lionheart with an ork and darkest graphic.

Shadow of the Beast 1,2 & 3 (Amiga)-There is also a Snes and a Megadrive version of one of the 3.The character is a sort of beast,lot of levels with horror touch.

Leander (Amiga)-Awesome graphic for this fantasy platform.

Wrath of the Demon (Amiga)-I'm not been able to test this.5 floppy disks.

Switchblade 2 (Amiga,Lynx,and more)-Surely better than the first game,this should be a paltform shooter but you will use the sword very often.Decent graphic,good gameplay and a mix of post-atomic and futuristic/fantasy backgrounds.

Thundercats (Amiga,C-64)-Fast arcade gameplay and old but decent graphic.Similar to Rastan with more traps,jumps and platform attitude.No blood.Amiga version with different and better graphic,slowest action than C-64 version.

Dragon Unit (Mame,NES)-Scrolling beat em up,6 levels.Obviously the NES version has a very inferior graphic compared to the arcade.

Dragon Fighter (NES)-Classic NES graphic,5 or 6 levels of lateral scrolling arcade action.

Unconventional Sport

Combat Basketball (Snes)-The full name is Bill Laimbeer's C.B.,Bill was one of the "bad guys"in the NBA several years ago.The atmosphere is very similar to Speedball 2,view from above and two-buttons-for-everything controls.There aren't blood,death or injuries,anyway fights are essential to win a match.Slow action,the better players you will buy are faster.5 players in each team and good gameplay.

Nba Jam-Well,i'm not so sure to put this game in an article like this.Anyway the game is awesome,converted for a lot of game systems in different editions.Only 2 players for each team, unfair-play,turbo and special moves,a lot of cheats to modify game graphic.From the same developer you can find the hockey game 2 on 2 Open Ice (mame,PC)[] and the football series NFL Blitz also converted for many systems,the mame versions are blitz,blitz99 and blitz2k all with a chd and a zip files.

Rageball (PSX)-The only thing i can tell you about this is that should be a manager simulation of the usual speedball/rollerball brutal sport of the future.

Mega Man's Soccer (Snes)-A spin-off from the famous Megaman/Rockman platform saga.It's a mix between Nintendo World Cup and Soccer Brawl with 12 soil types and something like 18 characters to build your team.Un-fair play and special shoots.

Death Row (Xbox)-A violent mixture of hockey and basketball.Short matches,14 teams and a lot of moves to beat the opponent's ass..

SkateBall (Spectrum,Atari ST,PC-Dos)-A sort of hockey/football with brutal attitude and weird players was the intection of the developer,but the results are pretty sad and the time had no mercy with this game more than others.

Klash Ball (NES)-A clone of the mighty SpeedBall with less players in each team.Just take a look if you are curious.

Rocket Ball (C-64)-Ugly game based on Rollerball movie and Rollergames sport.

Back Street Soccer (Mame)-5 men team playing in the street with no borders(it's like a flipper)and special shots.Well done bitmap graphic with big sprites.[]

Hit the Ice (Mame)-Several rude players available for your 3 men team but moderated violence,only punches.[]

Arch Rivals (Mame)-The Nba Jam's father,same gameplay without turbo,special moves, digitalized graphic and NBA teams.[]

Pigskin 621AD (Mame)-American football with no laws,5 on 5 with medieval thugs and theme. []

Punk Shot (Mame)-Another basketball game without rules.Suburban theme.Only 2 teams:The Ramblers and The Slammers both with 80' street gang's look.[]

Harry Potter:Quidditch World Cup (PC,XB,PS2,GC)-I don't know the "Harry Potter's universe" but this should be their magician's sport.7 players for both teams,each one of them with a different role(seeker,chaser,bludger and so on)flying on broomsticks,4 balls and 3 hoops.Not so easy to play,several big fields and modern graphic.I hope in a blood hacked version.

Stone Ball (Mame)-Soccer game,2 on 2,funny toon graphic,dynamic camera movements.6 teams of cavemens equipped with bludgeons.[]

Street Football (Mame)-Boring football game 5 on 5 placed in a street.Beware of cars,dogs and manholes.Isometric view and old bitmap graphic.[]

Dead Ball Zone (PSX)-At least a brutal sport game!!!Dark graphic for this mixture of Speedball and Rollerball.Blood,puke and also wrestling moves.


The names of the 3 software houses which have released the best vertical shoot 'em up since today. These games have in common the abscence of blood,the destruction limited to the enemies and the vertical scrolling.The reason to write about them is the astonishing amount of fire unleashed upon your "spaceship" which is someway psychedelic.All avalaible for MAME and for some consoles.

Dragon Blaze-[] Wonderful backgrounds,4 dragons to choose from.

Vasara-[] Ships,mech and hi-tech in old Japan epoch.Three heroes fighting against the shogun and his servants...It could sound very stupid,anyway the graphic realization is good and the atmosphere quite dark.

Change Air Blade[] The concept of this one is a duel between 2 spaceships and some enemies around this battle shooting at you.8 spaceships to choose.

Samurai Aces [] A bit too short and easy but funny as the others.

DoDonPachi [] This game is developed and published by Atlus/Cave,high destructive impact and 3 ships each one with option "normal shot" or the great "laser shot".

Dimahoo [] This fantasy oriented shooter developed by Eighting/Raizing has 4 chars to choose and the classic high-tech enemies.The previous chapter of the saga are Mahou Daisakusen []and Shippu Mahou Daisakusen [].

Mars Matrix-Hyper Solid Shooting [] Developed by Capcom.A more classic vertical shooter with modern graphic.

Sengeki striker [] Only one spaceship and ultrapowerful weapons,long levels.

Armed Police Batrider [] 3 groups of 3 ships available,the 3 ships of each group are a "life" with different weapons.3 difficult levels with 3,5 or 7 levels.Some stages are in cities so the destruction is more impressive.[]

Battle Bakraid [] Short levels with classic high-tech sci-fi theme and 4 airplanes with different fires but the same powerbomb.

Dangun Feveron [] Space shooter fast and destructive where enemies' fire is more "chaotic" than "psychedelic".Before playing you have to choose the spaceship(3),the alternative fire(3) and the speed of your ship(4).Also known as "Fever On".

Gunbird 2 [] Wonderful backgrounds placed from an old-western city to mediterranean ones to the arctic pole. Enemy's fire isn't exciting.4 flying dudes available.Developed by Psikyo.

Gunbird [] More than 7 short levels as the sequel,5 flying dudes,fantasy backgrounds and the same plot.

GunNail [] Fucking fast and hard game.8 short levels,one ship and several kind of lasers.

Psyvariar 1-2 (Arcade)-Two un-emulated games,i have seen only two pics about these and they looks good.

Nazi online

Somewhere in the eastern europe and maybe north american internet sites you can find even these:

NaziDoom-The doom wad with enemies modified in black men,rich jews and other incredible chars.Exhilarating.You will probably find it also on Kazaa.

SA-Man-Forget pac-man!! Here comes SA(the brown shirts militants of Hitler's party,killed and soppressed by himself before the creation of the SS),the slowest game on earth will make you feel how unstoppable is the march of this disposable hero.Fucking easy,the enemies are always away from you...subliminal message?Occult propaganda?Will to power delirium?

Now I can't remember the names and don't know addresses or how much available are these games anyway there is also a nazi version of Arkanoid(slow and easy as always)and Lager Manager simulators.

Puke cocktail

Warlock (snes,megadrive)-A pretty ugly game based on the horror movies,lateral scrolling 2D graphic and some spells.

Water World (snes,MD)-Another tie-in with decent graphic and 3 different kind of game,one section in the sea shooting "the smokers" on their ships,another 2D lateral scrolling and a third i can't remember.

Nosferatu (snes,MD)-A game like Prince of Persia with horror/vampires plot.Pretty hard.

Horned Owl (PSX)-A pistol shooter game with mech designed by Masamune Shirow,the author of Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell.

Black Thorne (snes,32x,GBA,PC)-A great game in the Prince of Persia style but darker and with shotgun.The graphic of GBAdvance version is more colored/arcade than the cold and dark of the early versions(snes and 32x).You can't really save the prisoners,but you can mercifully shot them.

Spawn (Arcade,Dreamcast)-Forget the one for playstation,snes and all following games about Spawn.This 3D beat em up developed by Capcom is surely the best and has nothing in common with them. Mikie (mame)-Very old game with view from above and funny cartoon graphic where you have to escape from your classroom and run all over the school beating who wants to stop your heroic escape.[]

The Mikie-High School Graffiti []is a sort of censored version where you don't beat enemies,just scream as an idiot and get your ass kicked.

Tongue of the Fatman (PC,C-64,Megadrive)-The C-64 version is a conversion of the PC game and is renamed "Mondu's Fight Palace".Slaughtersport is the megadrive version.This is a beat em up in the old school of International Karate + with weird humor and several kind of opponents,each time you beat one of them you have the option to choose his race.

Powerslide (PC)-Racing game with 10 tracks and several kind of cars,the environments reminds me post-atomic movies and the graphic is really well done.

Metal Slug:First Mission/Second Mission (NeoGeo Pocket)-These 2 are platform games with weapons,someway it could be considered more a spin-off of the Metal Slug saga than a sequel/prequel.Here we have much more levels and much less blood&destruction.

Zombies ate my Neighbors (MD,Snes)-A sort of view from above with good 2D bitmap graphic.Goal of the game is to find keys and doors,no blood,a lots of levels(around 50)in horror theme,a bit childish but funny.

Ghoul Patrol (Snes)-The sequel of Zombies ate m.N. with the same graphic,longevity and gameplay but different enemies and locations.

Zombie Hunter (NES)-Platform game with rpg elements,tiny 2D graphic,lateral scrolling,without blood, japanese language and monsters.

Nightmare on Elm Street (NES)-I was surprised by the good gameplay and decent bitmap graphic of this action/platform based on Freddy's movie.Not even a drop of blood.

Friday The 13th (NES,C-64)-Choose one of the 6 guys and explore the Crystal Lake camp.A lateral scrolling action with third person sections inside the buildings.Adventure side of the game is better developed in the Commodore 64 version.

Ninja Clown (mame)-A scrolling beat em up in the Final Fight style with weird/filthy cartoon graphic and dark colors.It could be a Troma movie.

Metamoqester (mame)-High impact fighting game,3 characters to choose and several giant monsters to defeat around the world.Special moves and original monster design.[]

Bonze Adventure (mame)-Action/platform with horror theme similar to Ghost n Goblins and Ghouls n Ghost.[]

Gargoyle's Quest 1(GB) and 2(NES)-Another G 'n G-like series with a sort of RPG scheme,this mean that you will talk with people in view from above villages,that's all the RPG element because the most of the time you will play an action/platform with original and easy controls.

Demon's Crest (snes)-The third Gargoyle's Quest,RPG elements disappears but the gameplay remain the same and the graphic is surely better than the previous chapters.

How To Be a Complete Bastard (C-64,ZX Spectrum)-A graphic adventure computer game with two 2D windows to navigate better in fake 3D places.Funny.

Andy Capp (C-64)-Based on the omonimous comic strip,another graphic adventure.The goal of the game is to live as long as possible and this means that you have to drink beers,your only vital fluid.

Overkill v2-The Death of New Generation (C-64)-The goal is to piss on a guy and decrease is energy before the timer reaches the zero.Four levels/guys of two buttons alternate fast pushing.

Ed Hunter (PC)-An Iron Maiden 3CD greatest hits with 20 songs and this video game.A gun shooter,help Eddie in his rescue of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.Each level is based on an album's cover(you know:Killers,Powerslave,Number of the Beast and more).So and so graphic,high difficult level and a quite boring gameplay.

Kiss Pinball (PC)-Pinball game with 2 boards with the Kiss on it.Funny.

PunchMania-Fist of the North Star (Arcade)-Released in 2000 by Konami.Also known as P.M.-Hokuto no Ken,both versions with a "2",should be sequels but they seem to be the same game.Another name could be FightingMania. A sort of boxing game with 6 pads around the monitor.The first two levels are about Nanto and in the third you will face Hokuto (Jagger,Raoul and Toki).First person and anime graphic,storm of punches will make you feel happy.

Crossed Swords (Mame)-Original game,this is a slashing game with first person view, you can control sword and defense,movements are automatic.Fantasy theme and many levels. [] There is also a sequel simply named Crossed Swords 2,probably not emulated yet.

Double Dragon (NeoGeo,Mame)-Classic NeoGeo overpowered graphic in this 1vs1 beat em up with characters from Double Dragon movie,graphic is in bitmap,nothing is digitalized escept for a couple of elements in the backgrounds.Special moves are easy to perform,10 characters and only a couple of them are really pathetic(that ninja and the girlies).Destruction of some backgrounds elements,no blood but awesome special moves.

Fire and Brimstone (Amiga)-A sort of Ghouls and Ghost in computer version.This means:good graphic,slow and frustrating gameplay.As the vast part of old computer games this is fucking hard and with more jumps/platforms than enemies to shoot.Anyway a good action/platform with dark/medieval viking theme.

Zombi (Amiga)-Graphic adventure in the classic computer style,a window with the action and a shitloads of icons up,down and aside of it to show you actions/status of the 4 characters.The city is invaded by zombies and you have to do something about it.Nice graphic.Based on the movie "Zombi"(the Dario Argento's cut of Romero's Dawn of the Dead),more exploration than action. The starting point is the supermarket roof.

Ranx (Amiga,PC)-Classic computer graphic adventure based on the italian cult comics written by Tamburini and drawned by Liberatore,violent and raw like the comic books with a shitty control system,poor graphic and probably available in french language only.Buy the comic books...

Alien 3 (Snes,Megadrive,maybe Amiga)-Action/platform,6 levels with several missions.Sort of dark digitalized graphic,aliens splattered here and there,simple and addictive gameplay:search the terminals,read the missions,walk through the corridors,enter the sub levels,complete the mission and go back to terminals.That's all.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (mame)-A scrolling beat em up like Final Fight/Double Dragon based on the famous manga/anime.Good graphic and gameplay.Pure trash.You could make a couple of laughs with it.[]

Eco Fighters (mame)-Lateral scrooling shot em up,developed by Capcom.Cartoon graphic,7 levels of polluted environments.[]

Barbie Secret Agent (PC)-100% pure shit.

Car Battler Joe (GBA)-This one is complicated.2 game modes:........,with 16 arenas,lot of vehicles and opponents who deserve to be destroyed.And ...........,the real game where you will play 1-RPG in the classic japanese style2-Fight and move driving a battle car in a sort of post atomic world3-Manage your garage,the strategy section of the game.Funny and well done but harmless.

Headhunter (Dreamcast,PS2)-This game is sad.Could be a sort of GTA3 with motorbike rides alterned to missions but the gameplay is fucking "strategic" like Metal Gear and there isn't blood because the weapons are modified to not hurt people.

Hitchcock:The Final Cut (PC)-Mediocre modern adventure in 3D graphic with a plot sometimes based on Hitchcock's filmography.

Blood Wake (Xbox)-Shoot to everything that move on screen controlling a boat equipped with tons of weapons.Good graphic and gameplay.

Space Harrier (lotsof,mame)-Classic of the shooter genre developed by Sega,i can't remember the number of levels,around 6 or 8.Frenetic action with frontal scrolling.[] The sequel Space Harrier 2 was developed for a lot of game systems except arcade,same gameplay and graphic but 13 levels.The best versions of both are Amiga and Megadrive or Mame.There is also an arcade sequel named Planet Harriers with ultramodern 3D graphic.

Devilman (NES)-Obviously based on the famous Go Nagai's manga/anime.The language is japanese and sometimes you need to try more than an answer to see results.3 transformations and in some brief moments of the game you will play using other characters than the main Akira Fudo. Once you understand the mechanics of the game(with a good FAQ for example...)is hard to stop to play.

Urban Yeti (GBAdvance)-It's a sort of GTA 1-2 with a Yeti,searching for a female,beating cats,humans and cars around the town.Missions here are things such "you need a job,find a newspaper" and so on.Blocky graphic.Beware of the bird's shit.

Dukes of Hazzard:Racing for Home (PC,GBA,PSX)-Somebody hate this game while others just play it for some fun.Racing game based on the old TV show.Mostly linear tracks(sometimes a crossroad appears)in the countryside and several missions.T.D.of H.2:Daisy Dukes It Out is the sequel for PSX. T.D.of H.:Return of the General Lee will be released for PS2 and Xbox at the end of the year(2004).

Professional Bull Rider 2 (PC)-The name says it all.3D graphic.

Kouketsu Yousai Strahl (Mame)-Lateral scrolling shooter with nice backgrounds,big sprites and colossal,detailed bosses.The explosions are mastodontic but unsatisfying.[]

Metal Black (Mame)-Same genre as above with a strange powerup system,from the post atomic theme to the classic space shooter style.Beautiful giant monsters as final bosses.[]

Elemental Gearbolt (PSX)-Gun shooter without bullets but spells(water,fire and lightning),6 levels and nice graphic.

Ray Tracers (PSX)-Same gameplay of Chase HQ with more vehicles available(cars,tanks, helicopters),decent 3D graphic and fast framerate.Only 6 levels with final bosses.

Night Striker (Mame)-Similar to Space Harrier with a sort of starhip.Lots of levels and good amount of destruction but not enough for the "Side A".

BioMetal (Snes)-Lateral scrolling shooter with poor background's graphic,big and detailed enemies in Bio-Mechanical style and big explosions.Soundtrack by 2Unlimited.



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