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INTESTINAL DISGORGE (USA-Tx): "A Clockwork Whore Binge" Cd 2005 Sonic Death

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 12/11/2006 23:41:00


Cover Art

Code: SDR004

Running Time: 33:54

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I am telling this very sincerely: I remembered Intestinal Disgorge to be way heavier than this. When I was about to put this album in the player I was expecting hugely sick sewage scatological goregrind shit noise, but sincerely this stuff didn't turn out to be as heavy as I hoped. The sound is quite clear all the time and the guitar distortion would fit better a modern Death Metal band. Lots of riffs are balanced between crusty modern grindcore a la Bolesno Grinje and some power chords a la Internal Bleeding and harmonics and stuff of clear Brutal Death origin, but I just don't dig this mickey mouse vocals that seem like a timid attempt at playing the grindcore noise game. Even if sometimes some sick twisted savagery emerges, Japanese are able to condense all this and more in one quarter the songs contained in this "Clockwork Whore Binge". There are also no lyrics inside, just a short story of a guy killing girls and masturbating on the strangled cadavers. And the cover is a very cheap piece of computer graphics, which to me suit a goregrind/noise release as well as a photo of a field of red flowers. No really, there is some deviation in here but it seriously need an extra dose of filth, if it was on vinyl, i would rub it on a dirty floor to add some craclking and dirt to this sound. Go back to the Rectal Sludge era, it was much better. Do not misunderstand me, this is not wimpy stuff, but it's just they turned all the attention to noisy side leaks instead of making the whole songs a work of noise.


Tracks (41): 1 - Bitch Killer 2 - Three Headless Corpses 3 - Smear Me With Bitch Fat 4 - Stop Screaming 5 - Crawling With Maggots 6 - Boiled Bitch Boobies 7 - I Can't Stop 8 - Let Me In Bitch 9 - Shit Smeared Panties 10 - Help Me 11 - A Handgun And A Handful Of Sleeping Pills 12 - Bloated Bitch Corpse 13 - Snuff Film 14 - Your Kids Shouldn't See This 15 - Guess Who's Back 16 - Rotting Slut Carcass 17 - Answer The Phone 18 - Vomited Shit Platter 19 - Piss Drenched Grandma Whore 20 - Orgasmic Strangulation 21 - Daycare Restraining Order 22 - Worm Infested 23 - Buried In The Backyard 24 - Crotch 25 - Shut Up Bitch 26 - Little Orphan Tranny 27 - You Can't Get Away 28 - I Found A Body 29 - There Was Blood Everywhere 30 - More Sleeping Pills 31 - Battered 32 - Several Suffocated Sluts 33 - Please Catch Me 34 - Something Is Happening To Me That I Can't Explain 35 - I Found Another Body 36 - Piss Fetish 37 - Streaker Of The House 38 - Decapitater Tots 39 Molesting Maggot Infested Infant Corpses 40 - Ounce 41 - Ball Fuck My Ass