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PSYCHOSADISTIC HATERAPIST (USA/Ma): "4-Way Cybergrind Pornogoremageddon" split Cd with BLOODY DIARRHOEA (Cze), FUCK SAW (USA/Wi), TUMOUR (Hol) 2006 Bizarre Leprous/Coyote/Urethra/Butchered/Sevared

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 09/11/2006 23:29:00


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Code: COY 30-06, SR-031, U

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Psychosadistic Haterapist, is a bit noisier and a bit more serious than the previous Bloody Diarrhoea. They still use mechanical drums and froglike harmonizer effects, but the sound here is much more claustrophobic and darker. In some parts they even remind me a bit of Catasexual Urge Motivation, even though the overall work is less refined. I like the use of eerie samples in the background, and the Goreopsy-like echo the vocals have, in this grey, fuzzy soundscape. The structure of these song are closer to ambient than happy goregrind, and even the sporadic chugs are not just slam dancing hits. I like the insane, serious approach of this band, and the song titles seem do deal with serial killers and sadistic rapes, not just comic play on words. If there is some band which seem to be able to brandish the Vampiric Motive axe, this seems to be the case.


Tracks (3): 11 - Alley Sweeper 12 - I Stalk 13 - Stain Of A Razor