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MENSTRUAL DRUNKERS (Ita): "Infected Fragments of Menstrual Sangria" split Cd-r with BUKKAKE VIOLENCE KOMMANDO (Ita) 2006 Grind Block

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 07/11/2006 23:59:59


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Code: GB 027

Running Time: 12:57

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The town of Bologna is finally stirring from its long period of torpor which lasted forever, always one or two steps behind the rest of Italy regarding extreme Metal/Core scenes (not to mention an horizontal ignorance in terms of scene events which has always been appalling). Grind Block is a label from that city which is being very prolific in releasing a shitload of noise/gore/grind projects on semi-professional Cd-rs, a bit in the vein of Fecal Matter Discorporated from US. Despite the home printed covers, this shit looks great. Menstrual Drunkers (which probably means "drunkards" in Italo-English) is a cybergrinding terror one man band not too dissimilar to Anal Penetration in style, with ultra fast drum machine programming and a guttural layer of harmonzied vocals. The recording is probably 100% digital so the sound comes out almost perfect, despite the distortion is quite heavy. While porn lyrics are all fine for me, I definitely prefer the sicker titles to the the humorous ones. Goregrind needs some seriousness too, it's become a bit too infalted with smiling teenagers and stupid band pics in pink skirts. More in detail, almost all songs deal with tampons and menstrual blood in one way or another, which is, well, just another way of specializing in one field I guess, as Creamface did with facial cumshots and bukkakes. There is really not much I could criticize here, the music genre itself has a quite rigid set of rules and we don't stray too much from the classic (but all the more enjoyable) flow of goregrinding vocals and machine gun drum. Some samples of tampon ads are added in the mix, in French, Italian and English, just to spice up things. Nice product anyway, support the band!


Tracks (25): 1 - Intro 2 - Anal Trophallaxis 3 - Endometrium Pizza 4 - Tampax Warriors 5 - Penetration Grinding Mad 6 - Chupa Cocks Flavoured Menses 7 - I Eat Used Tampax for Dinner 8 - Man's True Hatred 9 - Tam Tam Pax 10 - O. B. 11 - Pneumatic Hammer Tampon 12 - Gimme Baby More Warm Blood 13 - Menstrual Vomit 14 - Man Sex 15 - Vaginal Red Storm 16 - Tampax vs. O. B. 17 - Volva This Play of Power 18 - Menstruation Red Passion 19 - All You Need is Blood 20 - Uterus With Chips 21 - OB-Omination 22 - Vaginal Sangria 23 - Dolmio Grin 24 - Let Me Eat Your Shit and Vomit In Your Face (Anal Penetration cover) 25 - Fuck Off (Dissection Cover)