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GARRISON (USA-Ma): "Be a Criminal" Cd 2001 Revelation

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 06/11/2006 23:59:59


Cover Art

Code: REV:103

Running Time: 27:50

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B...but...but what the fuck am I listening to? Is this supposed to be Hard Core??? Where's the hard part just to know? This shit has no power, no rage, no push, nothing. Not to mention what the fuck does this cover stand for? A fucking picture of a camera? And on the back the door of a metro? I am missing some elements to understand this shit but my take is that it isn't worth a fuck. It is a sort of mellow punk/rock with big pop elements and soporific howls here and there. Total crap..


Tracks (10): 1 - Recognize An Opportunity 2 - Choose A Weapon 3 - Know The Locale 4 - Focus, Focus, Focus 5 - Commit, Commit, Commit 6 - Dump The Body 7 - Don't Feel Bad 8 - Cover The Tracks With Cash 9 - Catch Your Breath And Have A Cigarette 10 - Accept What You've Done, Accept Who You Are