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EMBRACE OF THORNS (Gre): "...for I see Death in Their Eyes..." adv tape 2006 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 28/10/2006 23:59:59


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Running Time: 30:05


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This promo tape contains all the songs from their upcoming album so consider this review the same when that Cd is out. From what I hear this stuff is is actually much better than the split with Goatchrist, with some added consistency in the song structures which really doesn't diminish the overal feeling of blasphemous massacre. This shit is as fast as Black Witchery, with agonizing vocals which travel the whole low range spectrum in the best of the bestial/blackgrind school. The structures are chaotic and the multi-layered vocals add to the maelstrom of sounds, but this isn't just completely abrasive upheaval a la Revenge, there is more speed and structure in here, which some purists might call "Death Metal" chords. I won't agree to this point becouse to me this stuff is way more black metal than Enslaved with all their happy vikings shit or Emperor with their faggot goth keyboards, regardless of how simple and cold they might sound. To tell the truch we have here also very simple chord progressions but with sounds scaled down so much it feels like a long ritual humming not unlike totally different bands like Mortician. It's the drummer here which blasts unerringly from start to end, and we also have a couple of Slayer like chaos solos. Good release indeed, purely black in soul, with a weird mix of South American growls and a indistict vein of Greek dismal misanthropy.


Tracks (13): 1 - Ritualistic Blooddraining of the Apostles (intro) 2 - Disinfestation 3 - Sempiternally Cursing the Weak 4 - Victorious March of the Predator (intro) 5 - Passionate Destroyer 6 - Tyrant Goat (Crowned in Glory) 7 - Litany of Purification (intro) 8 - Throes of Doubt/Flames of Despair 9 - Cleansing the Whores of Man 10 - The Temptation (intro) 11 - Those Tiresome Intruders 12 - Finis Hominis (The Lament of Slaves) 13 - Heretic's Warmarch Towards Enthronement (outro)