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DEATHEVOKATION (USA-Ca): "Blood Demo 2005" tape 2005 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 27/10/2006 23:59:59


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Running Time: 24:44

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Other releases from this band

Deathevokation make no secret that the music they play is a big tribute to the 1990 ca. Death Metal scene, which is, obviously the best shit there is from my point of view as well. Not just the name is a clear tribute to the best Dismember/Carnage period, but the whole writing on this demo reeks old school, including the classic arpeggio tracks a la Morbid Angel and evocative intros a la Incubus/Morgoth. The riffs are most diverse here, with side A having more hooks from Benediction, Autopsy and Massacre, and side B more into Morgoth and definitely a LOT of Unleashed power gallops. The unifying element are always the vocals, raucous and deep without being intelligible, and a faint, far away streak of melody deign of the best early Swedish years. In a way, Deathevokation stand to Death Metal as Dark Throne stand to Black Metal: both are clearly tribute bands to the very principles of their respective styles, to the most untainted forms of these two big styles that intersected for years before splitting up into degenerate "scenes". I must admit Dark Throne probably mixed the elements a bit better however, as songs in this demo tend to be quite distinct from moment to moment and in the end the "collage" effect is quite blunt. BUT as far as the single riffs are so damn good, and as far as the contaminations come from names which all stand among my favorite bands ever, who exactly gives a fuck. This stuff is well executed, genuine, and emotional as only early 90's bands were able to compose, so there is no fucking way I am not going to reccomend it to the very extreme. Some more cohesion and we could have a HUGE album coming out one day from this band.


Tracks (4): 1 - Intro 2 - Embers of a Dying World 3 - The Monument 4 - Blood