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VOMIT THE SOUL (Ita): "Unrecognized Elements Presence" MCd 2006 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 25/10/2006 23:59:59


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Running Time: 7:22

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"Unricognized Elements Presence" is the brand new two track advance from Vomit the Soul, Italy's most American Brutal Death Metal band. The "promo 2006" tag seems to be misplaced as there is no mention about what label this is going to be released on, which leads me to think this is a demo, and not a promo. Contrary to its title, the elements here are indeed well recognizable, despite the rehearsal sound (as it is a reharsal by the way): there is no shitting about the fact this band has been growing steadily on their path, growing deeper vocals, more twisted riffs, faster blastbeats and so on with the passing of years. While a particular attention here is drawn by slamming chug riffs a la Internal Bleeding, I am pleased there is no lack of ultra-precise blastbeat accelerations as well. Here you get a good share of deep grunts, rutilating snare drums a la Devourment, but most of all, a lot of sane hyper-complex riffs that end up in moments of total sluggish power chords. What I was complaining about in the review of their debut was the lack of coherence in the songs, which let to a rather eveness of the sound. The goal seems having been reached by now, as all the songs have a definite identity while shamelessly driking from the clichès of the American style, from NY slams to TX accelerations. The first track has elements of martial snare beating, but the title track is a real massacre, and there is still space for improving.


Tracks (2): 1 - Overcrowd 2 - Unrecognized Elements Presence