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SCREAMER (USA/Wi): "Target: Earth" Cd 2006 New Renaissance

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 17/10/2006 23:59:59


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Code: NRCD52

Running Time: 38:54

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Other releases from this band

Well, I've never hidden the fact that I find classic Heavy Metal, be it prog or street or whatever variation on the theme, disgusting to the extreme. I just couldn't swallow it in the '80s and after 20 years I still don't find any nostalgy for the sharp vocals and minutes-long solos, not to mention spandex and big hair. If anything, it was the kind of music I hated the most and it was the main deterrent that kept me from listening to Metal in my first days into uncommercial music (that's why I was mostly into Hard Core at first). This might be a small jewel for the lovers of classic bands but to me it's a boredom without limits. It's not as bad as Fates Warning (man, that's real shit), but we're on that wave length, with terribly soporific guitars and single-note shrills. the fact the first song alone is 7 minutes long is a declaration of war for my gonads ah. That said, you still shall support the label becouse it's a finest one, and this Cd is also numbered, they just dribble between amazing reissues of bands like Dream Death and Blood Feast and things like... this. The only good thing in ageing, is that I feel free to shoot shit on classic bands without being possibly be reprised of "not having lived in that period". I just did (yeah I am a showoff), and always found this music vomiting, period. Not get out of my boots.


Tracks (8): 1 - Visionary 2 - Outcast 3 - Time Master 4 - Forgotton One 5 - Flame Dream 6 - Target Earth 7 - Future World 8 - Heir to the Throne