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GOATCHRIST (Nor): "In Embracing of the Goat" split Cd with EMBRACE OF THORNS 2006 Black Plague 666

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 15/10/2006 23:59:59


Cover Art

Code: PLAGUE#01

Running Time: 13:42


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Hey this is not bad at all, so there is still some Black Metal left in Norway? I was completely hopeless after years upon years of complete fuzzy shit. I wasn't familiar with Goatchrist but this is actually a repress of their 2004 demo, a juicy chunk of bastardized Black Metal with roaring vocals and totally deprived recording sound, it really doesn't sound much different than a chainsaw hitting a train being recorded with a walkman, but that's the spirit I support, as far as there is satanic energy pumping in the background. The complete chaos is characterized by a vibraing, almost droning hammering and a interlocking of vomiting vocals, plus the added value of a guitar which aimlessly pummel random notes. This is possibly closer to a grindcore/noise band turned towards the bestial side, with dismembered angels, nuclear holocaust, spiked leather and all the good shit that can be found in real Black Metal. It's very raw but I reccomend this shit nonetheless. Argh!


Tracks (7): 1 - Intro 2 - Concubine Of Antichrist 3 - Tears Of Idol 4 - White Wings 5 - Tetragrammaton 6 - Outro 7 - Profane Abomination Of Three Inversion