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Games of Blood and Destruction, part 1 - By Grind@
Games of Blood and Destruction, part 2 - by Grind@

Chaoscore, Ultracore, Grincore, Powerviolence Discographies


Band Necrographies

Fear of God (che), in Italian



Diskord - Instauration

General Surgery - Sneezing Pus

Karnarium - Averse Incantation



Guess the Meaning



Captain Deadbird Dogfuck and dths, LdD and Hellflame, Billy&Jill and Razorback, Morphzombie, The Serpent and STARGAZER, MkM and ANTAEUS, Nondor and ABORTED CHRISTCHILDE, Seth and ALTAR OF PERVERSION, all in NEFAS, BASTARD SAINTS, MORBUS amd PENIS LEECH, the core of Italian Death Grind.