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demo tape, 1998
(self released)
(re-pressed in MiniCD format by Full Moon Productions)

This eight track demo/promo-CDr with six new tracks has covers from Inquisitor "Damnation For The Holy" and Morbid Angel "Blasphemy" It's cover had a great painting from Rob's own hand. "Of Purest Fire"got loads of very promising critics and reviews in the underground metal scene and also some nice offers from record labels. In February '98 Centurian did not only found Patrick, the long awaited Bass player, but Centurian also signed a deal with Full Moon Productions; a very promising label to promote Centurian in the years to come. According to the deal Full Moon Productions would release two full lenght Centurian CDs. But before that they re-released the "Of Purest Fire" demo/promo-CDr as their first mini-CD in April '98. Thanks to a very well organized promotion campaign the first pressings of the mini-CD were sold out in a matter of weeks and good reviews came in from all over the world, thanks to the 500 promo copies Full Moon Productions send out. After the release of the mini-CD Centurian played gigs with bands as God Dethroned, Marduk, Pentacle, Desaster, Sinister, Hammerhawk, Altar, Ancient Rites, Krisiun and many more and Centurian got well known for playing extreme and fast live gigs.

(03:10 - MP3 format) - Lyrics
BLASPHEMY OF THE HOLY GHOST (02:52 - MP3 format) - Lyrics

Debut full length CD, 2000
( Full Moon Production )

With the release of the "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" CD and helped by a new promotion campaign from Full Moon Productions Centurian definitely placed themselves at the top of the DEATH METAL scene. The release date was set at July '99, two weeks before their gig at the Milwaukee Metal Fest, USA, where also the new promotion campaign started. This gig went absolutely great. Together with a hundred-and-sixty extreme bands Centurian made a party of two days, with nothing but Death Metal and Miller (!!!!) beer. Unfortunately, the release of the new CD was delayed two months because of some printing problems, so it wasn't ready at their USA gig. When the CD finally was released, again great reviews came in from all over the world. Well known magazines like SOD Magazine, PIT Magazine, The grimoire.. Etc. did great articles about Centurian , not only telling good things about the new CD but also with very great reviews of their gig at the Milwaukee Metal Fest. In some magazines Centurian even got mentioned as one of the three best bands appearing there. Thanks guys….we'll be back.

- Lyrics


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