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MENTAL FUNERAL (USA/Ct) #1 (Fanzine), 2000

INTERVIEWS WITH: WARSORE, DIM MAK, ATM (Aural Torture Mechanism), MERMAID IN A MAN HOLE - 20 Xeroxed pages written on English


Really a big and very positive surprise, Mental Funeral, despite its short length is probably one of the best fanzines I have seem in a long time. while. Relatively minute, it's ripe with information and has a very cured layout, and what's better yet, it deals mainly with the sickest, weirdest shit out there, it's one of the really few publications which actually bring up some really new names out. Yes, as the grindcore/gore scene is beginning to recycle itself, this 'zine succeeds in ripping out some fresh meat. Also the layout is unusually neat yet very pervert, Mental Funeral is not just grind and gore, it's everything extreme, from buzzing noises to extreme hard core, crust and grind, gore and black, porn, gabba and "shitnoise", and the inner artwork shows it, the cover artwork is brilliant, grotesque and horribly splatter, the interior crammed with porn/weird comic strips and tiny disgusting details, and the interview just a bit out of the norm. Also reviews of some jap/crazy movies. Due to the limited size, the fanzine is cheap, so you don't have excuses not to get it, there's lot to learn, and you can read it all in one evening.


Reviewed by: Necrogoregrinder


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