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LIQUID OF LIFE (Fra) #4 (Fanzine), 1997

INTERVIEWS WITH: REPUDILATION - 16 Xeroxed pages written in English


New striking issue of LoL, never stopping to surprise and please me, I could never get enough of this tornado of pure Death thrashing energy. Now a full grown 'zine with a cover and an astounding 16 pages (eheh, just kidding, but believe me, it will take you days to read it all, the characters are almost invisible, and there are no ads of wasted space at all). Olivier closed Anticraps with this issue to concentrate fully on this slab of decaying flesh, this time with the first interview ever (he could not say no to this band) with REPUDILATION from NY, very guttural Death Metal in the American vein, I managed to know the band through this 'zine... REPUDILATION now changed line up and name to ENTORTUREMENT but in my opinion at the time they were a bit more interesting. As usual, reviews flood the big part of the issue. And as always, a masterpiece.


Reviewed by: Necrogoregrinder


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