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TORNADO (Den) #2 (Fanzine)



This is the kind of fanzines which really sends millions of different input every line I browse. This might be basically because, like me, the author has his clear distastes and opinions and doesn’t give a fuck to display them even though they would cause some noses to curl and some more enemies at his door. The interview with great acts such as Rebaelliun, GBK and Nun Slaughter and span 90% of the pages, and are good, very good, especially when you read him talking about old bands and popping out names the like I haven’t been hearing for ages... the spirit in this zine is also damn strong, a bit retro, printed both in layout, grammar and spirit just like zines used to be in the golden age of Death Metal between 1987/1993, just like other good zines like Outshitten Cunt and Hellish Massacre try to simulate even if they’re blatantly newcomers. This time is not like this, cause the guy behind the curtains is definitely and old crusty hardrocker, and the review part in the end of the zine is accurate, detailed and one thing which is actually very difficult to find today, also exhaustive (I really cannot bear 2-line reviews, make a zine look like a catalogue). So what’s not exactly fitting my humour? The same thing which I praised a few lines above, which is the “Defender” approach to “True Metal” which is boasted interminably all through the pages, is really something that bore me like hell. Like Nuclear Abominations though, this is a pretty elitist publication so I guess that should not be much of a problem, just a personal impression. Let me elaborate better: I can state frankly that my background come from the mid eighties as well, with all the punk/hardcore/metal movement still at its highest peak (punk/HC at the time didn’t mean dirty and scummy as it means today, not all punk/HC bands had dreadlocks, leftist views and a must-be-cheap sound, in fact they had nobody to look back and imitate like these plastered monkeys today but that’s another story) but honestly I am disturbed when reading that garbage faggot bands like Twisted Tower Dire, which WOULD HAVE BEEN gay even if they formed in the mid 80’s, are praised as cult, precursors of all that is extreme, come on... one page you are single minded satanic and brutal and in the other you say this band is great... I also DO hate baggy pants and slam funky Death as well, and I DO also prefer gory, satanic lyrics and stud and leather wrapped old-school bands, but they even feature interviews like this one with AIMING HIGH which is described as “Melodic Speed Power Metal”, which might easily be the weakest genre ever imagined (imagine, hundreds of kids screaming crazed as one guy with vocals so high pitched they sound like a female bangs his head on the stage, all dressed in leather undies and furs at the rhythm of riffs so overused everyone can write in 1 minute). And to ruin the spirit is some fake band like VARATHRON which ever since the demo days did not release anything but melodic crap, come on, I think you can just skip these losses in style and write an all satanic/black/death zine as well without these “forcedly” all metal views. He will hate me by now, but anyway, both me and Unstum are old, grizzled veterans and I believe both mine and his views are equally interesting, you do your sums. I do hate Heavy Metal and have no respect for the “progenitors” like Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Iron maiden but so what? Fuck off to everybody here, we’re the two sides of the same medal. Give me the filth and blood and keep the Metal Faith in your pants.


Reviewed by: Necrogoregrinder


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