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THE CHASM (Mex): "Procession to the Infraworld" Cd 2000 Dwell records

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

Might be unfair to talk about THE CHASM as the band from Daniel Corchado (ex-INCANTATION), but it's just to give out some trivia stuff for your evenings with friends. Anyway what punches you in your stomach at a first listen is that THE CHASM is absolutely original. This is the kind of REAL originality that lacks in lot of bands to this day, they have a fucking thick identity in their music. The CD starts with that heart constricting feel you get when listening to "Hell Awaits" (that mood that even SLAYER were unable to recall after '84) and progress with some melodic crescendo into an absolutely different kind of Death Metal. That SLAYERish mood comes and goes down the music as you'0re brought into the halls of Aztec forefathers... Oh well, I find myself in a very strange situation but I just can''t find the right words to write down this music in words. Think of songs whose every single riff is adorned with dissonant, articulated partly melodic vines... and place the whole music in a eerie mood which has nothing to do with Doom, Gothic or Blackish Metal. To me they're entirely superb. You got to listen to this because it's very malignant... and then somewhat depressive although fast and catchy...well you got the point?


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