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ROTTEN SOUND (Fin): "Drain" Cd 1999 Repulse

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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I don't know how much this CD convinces me. In a way it's very simple but on the other hand it is one of those releases you should manage to hear for a while....some of the bands that spring to my mind are the latest DISMEMBER, latest NAPALM DEATH, crossing with some almost crossover mosh and a punk-core backbone. Actually they have some good slamming originality, though far from the excellent crusty Grindcore they used to bring with their previous work on Repulse. Seems as if they found a definite identity in a small space that stands between different kind of genres, but they're just not a confused patchwork of genres without any cognition like AVULSED's latest. Actually now that I am at the end of the disk I realized I was doing other things without having been grabbed into the music at all. Well do you like the newest DISMEMBER? Put them on speed (wouldn't take much I think eheh) and pump up the volume high and you'll get something which might remind ROTTEN SOUND with its deserved hardcore push. While sometimes they blast like a serious Grindcore affair, often they stay on the slamming thread which just seem to have missed something. I favoured the old stuff.


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