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THE RAVENOUS (USA): "Assembled in Blasphemy" Cd 2000 Hammerheart

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Cover Art

Running Time: 31:37


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In almost 15 years I passed listening to Death Metal, I never found this complete perfection. THE RAVENOUS is not just a Death Metal band, it personifies every aspect that makes this music unique, every single piece creating a picture which incarnates the essence itself of filth, ferocity and perversion. The sound is exhumed directly from the band who created Death Metal: AUTOPSY. Straight from the bowels of inferno, THE RAVENEOUS brought me back a few years when AUTOPSY was king, with their perfect, filthy sound, their undistinguishable class in writing guitar arrangements, a fucking brilliant zombie cover artwork, two of the most original and influential vocals of all time, Killjoy and Chris Reifert (fuck, they only need some backings by Stevo and you got the trinity of the Horror Death Gods), and perverse, doom parts which are the sound of decomposition and putrefaction. Men, I don't know how to explain it with bare words but this CD is pure art, it is exactly the paragon of perfection every Death Metal band should strive to follow, the sound, the vibe, the feeling is so great I almost cried in rapture when I heard it for the first time. Absolte classic masterpiece at the levels of Reign in Blood, Severed Survival, Horror of the Zombies, Altars of Madness, Symphonies of Sickness... The words "AUTOPSY resurrected" are not a boast, Not at all. The work behind this CD is unbelievable, monolithic, absolutely terrific: no fucking exaggerations, the best album I have heard since AUTOPSY was buried for the first time (but then, being AUTOPSY the definition itself of Death, could they really be considered dead forever? In other words, can Death die? Leave these questions to H.P.Lovecraft, and get this Cd instead of reading these rants). What really makes the big spot in this Cd is not the appearance of Killjoy of NECROPHAGIA or Danny Lilker (ANTHRAX/NUCLEAR ASSAULT/BRUTAL TRUTH etc etc) but the core of the band, Danny Coralles, Chirs Reifert (father of Death Metal) Clint Bower, in other words, the original AUTOPSY... Now the music isn't the carbon copy of the band, a bit more horrorific in the Necrophagia style, and with what is possibly the best Death Metal artwork of all time by the big (fat) tatto artist Paul Booth, this Cd was unbelievable when I first got the raw mix through black market means a few months before the actual release. Like I said, it's not thoroughly an AUTOPSY self ripoffs although they maintain every atom of their original filthy energy, Death Metal spurting from every rotting orifice, wound and guitar twist. The music is death Metal of the best sort in ages, thick, accurate, perfectly woven between doom laden decomposing atmospheres that sucks air from your lungs, to messy sublime accelerations that deviate in chaos and brain fucking melodies, lyrics are the typical AUTOPSY/NUCLEAR DEATH like bad taste, you know, dogs, rust, piss, carvings and stuff, These guys must be mad, in some way absolutely insane, they really recreate soundscapes like none is able to do today, not even the bigger names, in a moment when the magic comes and goes, when the scene is so controversial, an album like this is beyond words, really seems to be from other times, other worlds. I know I won't have the ability to describe song by song this Cd, but believe me, it's the best thing happened to Death metal in a very long time. Top prizes go to "Ageless Existence" and "Keep my Grave" open, but every track is a masterpiece by itself really.
Logo by Mark Riddick (you know who the man is)


Tracks (10): 1 - Shrieks of the Mutilated 2 - Dead, cut up, and ready to fuck 3 - Orgy in Dog's Blood 4 - Feasting from the Womb 5 - Keep my Grave open 6 - Assembled in Blasphemy 7 - Perverted before God 8 - Hallucinations of a deranged Mind 9 - Ageless Existence 10 - Annointing the Worms