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PURULENT SPERMCANAL (Cze): "Legalize for Cannibalism"/"Sperman" Cd 1998 Leviathan

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Other releases from this band

Right one year after "Puaka Balava" PURULENT SPREMCANAL come back with another disc, this time as a 4 piece (the bass and guitar duties are not anymore on the only back of Marunic, as the new guy got the bass job). In just one year they also have a completely different feel. The songs are shorter but span a broader sonic field, the music is just more complete and the samplings just don't fall abruptly between the songs but just fit brilliantly melding into the music. New intensity, more guttural grind speed ups and more intense arrangements brought this band to high levels. Pity it's a bit short, as only 30 minutes for theoretically 2 releases, but the Sperman part is made up of averagely 20 seconds insane tracks so it's just a sort of appendage. The darkish mood constant is still here although its just wrap the new sound instead of bringing it down into the bowels of death. Also great the brilliant splatter cover artwork, with that vaguely 50's/60's comic style which was also on the previous CD, depicting a man grinding itself in a meatgrinder. Something in this arteork reminds me of my school science books.


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