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NEMBRIONIC (Hol): "Incomplete" Cd 1998 Displeased

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

NEMBRIONIC, ex-NEMBRIONIC HAMMERDEATH is a rather well known band from late '80/early '90 which plays a rather honest Death Thrash metal. I believe every attempt by the label to mark them as a grind band is not accurate and a bit unfair. NEMBRIONIC play fast Death/Thrash metal and they do so in a respectable way. The song structure are rather interesting, thanks to a long time militating into this scene which also granted them an enviable array of releases, mixing Death with some characteristically Thrash guitar frameworks. Some PROTECTOR and ALTAR on speed might come to mind although the vocals are more of the Death Metal sort with some acceleration and some old school thrash details (again), all in all respectable if not outstanding. I think when you get to listen to all this music when you're working a fanzine, bands which do not make themselves stand out of the average gets rapidly forgotten. Which might be a pity as NEMBRIONIC deserve some attention for sure. But just like OBSCENITY, I believe they need to spit out something more. To them the task to find what. Great the ghost track which lasts for almost half of the CD in the hand. Just wish I understood what they say.


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