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LAMENT CONFIGURATION (USA-Ga): "Demonic Incantations" Cd-r 2005 Vile Art

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 11/11/2006 02:13:53


Cover Art

Running Time: 27:45


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Reviewing a band after seeing Grotesque in concert is something quite painful to stand, especially when a band is so full to the brim of clichès and devoid of personality as this one. This is the kind of sad ballad Black Metal a la Burzum out of ideas. Musically this is nothing but of shit. One million kilos of reverb, which might as well hide Dream Theater beneath this veil of filth. Nothing wrong with it, so far so good if they leave the moaning continuously vibrating all the time. What kills everything here is that couple of happy, sing along rock and roll riffs which just fit the distant vocals like a dick in the pea soup. There is little to pity in this shit. If Black Metal is surely more about misanthropy and atmospheres, this fails tragically. There is a thin veil between dismal simplicity and being incompetent. This shit band stands right in the second field. The cover is standard greyscale with gothic fonts and stuff but well, this might as well be the case with this genre.


Tracks (7): 1 - Intro 2 - Storm Winds Of Ancient Evil 3 - Dark Messiah 4 - Murder Of The Deity 5 - Withered 6 - Obsidian Lake 7 - Demons Within