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NAPALM DEATH (Eng): "Words from the Exit Wound" Cd 1998 Earache

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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NAPALM DEATH is the band who, few remember this nowadays, baptized the term Grind Core. It's a band who passed several moments, all the time proposing something different at every released who has been liked by some, hated by others. The first 2 albums are absolute masterpieces, mile stones of modern music and had a strong symbolical impact on the whole world musical scene at the time they were released. Soon after that the singer went away and Barney took the vacant place from the rows of BENEDICTION. This little lesson of history is just to anticipate that I have never had a precise idea on their albums untile I managed to give em a close listen. Some, like SPLATTEREAH turned them their backs to ND when they moved to Death Metal abandoning their crude, crusty garage approach to the fastest music ever existed. But then they had something to say after that period for me as well, until Barney took the path which BENEDICTION (again) were taking at the period. Which is, barking like a sick dog instead of grunting like he always did. Which lead me to stop liking NAPALM with the absolutely uninteresting and easily forgettable "Diatribes". I was still paying attention in the distinctive, particularly cold synthetic touch they gave to their music at the time of "Fear Emptiness..." but that feeling I was afraid, had definitively abandoned their music for the ways of some weak structured Metal since "Diatribes". Well in al, honesty this new CD is not that bad. Actually they made a step back, which is somewhat admirable. Although they hardly manage to interest me musically anymore, their music on this disc falls somewhere between "Fear" and "Diatribes". Which is somewhere between interesting personal cold, inhuman Death and absolute nothingness. Whatever, from a band that have been played for such a long time, I was expecting something more.


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