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AMNION (Spa): "Burn the Forest" 7" Ep 2006 Calabozo

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 09/10/2006 23:59:59


Cover Art

Running Time: 16:39


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I am quite picky when it comes to Black Metal, but since the label also released the FANTASTIC Crucifire 7", I was confidant this Amnion had some special qualities to spotlight. Indeed the concept of "Burning the Forests" as a fuck off to all those Philosophic Pagan Nature Worshipping Black Metal cunts (plus all that bullshit about Thule, Nietzche etc etc.) is shared by this guy writing to the very last word. Furthermore, the vocals are the bestial, roar kind a la Funeral Mist, not the dreaded crow screech, which is also a good thing. Unluckily the pros end here, becouse the music is soporific to the point of agony. You could play the whole album with one hand and a MIDI keyboard without a second of preparation. I hope you know that I don't give a fuck about skill when there is style supporting it, and bands like Von clearly told the world one could make a memorable song with just one riff. But Amnion is not Von, not at all. And the closing result is almost as sleepy as Striborg. I also have some doubts the band members are so old to remember when the Black Metal movement was true as the nostalgic words in the sleeve proclaim, but I have no proofs to go deeper on this topic.


Tracks (2): 1 - Burn the Forest 2 - Black Metal Resistance