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RELATIVITY (Fin): "The Mind is Weaker Than the Body" 7" Ep 2006 Thrash and Burn

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 08/10/2006 23:59:59


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Code: TNB018R

Running Time: 5:40

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I admit this is one of those record I'd never buy if I had to choose from the package alone (ahem). It's a blank 7" recorded on one side only and without any sleeve or artwork of sort; looks like one of those old promos labels used to send in the 80's when they didn't have promo tapes or some sort of test pressing. Musically it's not bad however. It's pissed off grindcore stripped of peculiar elements like dissonance, growling vocals, super skill or whatever. Just very genuine and with lung squeezed screams. The songs must have been recorded in different times becouse the first two are way more brutal and sharper then the rest of the Ep, with an inch of added speed and straightforwardness. However I must say these vocals, while certainly able to communicate strife and frustration, are quite even from start to end, and the result is more that of nerve pinching than rage. I wanted to listen to it several times before making judgement becouse with a packaging like this, all you have to judge is the music, and sometimes I think this is a real good choice when you want a listener to focus on that alone. In the end, if one wants pure and simple 90's grindcore this might be a sound choice, yet I cannot reccomend it for any other particular reason I can think of. Good recording, good riffs, good structure, some modern HC elements make way in the mix. Other than that, I am afraid it might disappear in the second hand bins. There are no lyrics here but they wrote me they're more like "psychological" than "political" in theme.


Tracks (4): 1 - You Look Pretty in Blue 2 - Mindfuck 3 - Eyes Burnt Blind 4 - Mantra