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YDIN (Fin): "Silvottuna Ja Hapaistyna" MCd-r 2006 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 26/09/2006 22:56:00


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Running Time: 16:01

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Other releases from this band

Ydin is a very interesting Death Metal group from Finland: not just their monicker (meaning "core") is a Finnish word, but the whole lyricwork has been put together in their native tongue. I have some records of traditional Finnish folk music (including some Kalevala) but I never actually heard Death Metal sung in Finnish (maybe some punk or crust-core but nothing strictly metallic on the top of my mind). The result seems to be worthy of respect, the language fits this faster, heavy music in a way others like Italian seems to find impossible to accomplish. This is also one of those demos which is recorded and studied in extreme detail, comprising a full color cover art and packaging. My copy came on a Cd-r but as far as I know, the original copies you buy with $ might come on professional printed discs as well, better ask them directly. Loads of structure and thoughtful songwriting can be heard in the music as well, these arrangements are quite complex and definitely beyond the level of amateurish works. This band reminds me a bit of other high level recordings by bands such as Genocrush Ferox, Insision, Strangulation. I am not very much into the higher frequency vocals which sound a bit too nasal, but the growl is deep and sober. The guitar riffs are technical but not surgically cold a la Psycroptic, just think of that latest Cannibal Corpse method of twisting the riffs with loads of harmonics and crushing dissonance. I admit that being crammed in just over 15 minutes, there is a lot of shit going on in here, I won't rate it neither old school nor mechanically modern, but more like true, sane Death Metal with lots of competence. This is a high quality work that can be ordered for the reasonable price of 10 euros for 5 copies wholesale. Support this band, they're worth checking out (and their website contains loads of samples and movies as well). When I'll learn some suomen kieli I'm going to add some critics on the lyrics as well, aha!


Tracks (5): 1 - Inho 2 - Verivaltias 3 - Klyma Ydin 4 - No. 1 (pt. 2) 5 - Ikuinen