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PHAZM (Fra): "Antebellum Death'n'Roll" Cd 2006 Osmose

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 24/09/2006 15:15:00


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Code: OPCD184

Running Time: 45:23

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Uff. Sometimes I really don't know what to write. When I read the words Death'n'Roll the bands I figure are Dominus, maybe some Illidisposed, maybe even that shit that's Entombed's post- "Clandestine". But here we got different stuff, the Rock'n'Roll vein is here introduced in a sligthly different, less invasive manner. First of all, the band sheets states this band has strong Black influences. Well I can tell you there are NONE here. It even says the cover art is made in the vein of Marvel comics. What? Have a look at the cover and tell me. I guess they meant Disney instead... this stuff is good for Bestial Mockery, maybe. Ah. Anyway the music here is different to define, it doesn't have the groove of the aforementioned bands, but it doesn't sound so trendy or easy listening either, which is good. It also deson't have 3 minute guitar evolutions a la CSSO and that's even better. But after two listenings, my mind still isn't able to concentrate. Every time I start thinking about what I'm hearing, my thoughts go elsewhere. That's not a good sign. I just plain don't like this. I can't say it's trendy but it's surely weak, and doesn't have the dragging energy of rock either. I'd go 100 times better for the worst Motorhead instead than hearing this stuff again. Drunk vocals, some riffs a la Hangover/Gehennah, some aimless riffing. Nothing much to add.


Tracks (12): 1 - How to Become a God 2 - Hunger 3 - Black'n'Roll 4 - So White, So Blue, So Cold 5 - My Darkest Desire 6 - Damballah 7 - Decay 8 - The Bright Side of Death 9 - Sabbath 10 - Mr. Toodling 11 - Lorelindorenan 12 - Burarum