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ALLFADER (Nor): "At Least We Will Die Together" Cd 2006 Osmose

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 23/09/2006 14:54:00


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Code: OPCD189

Running Time: 53:03

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Okay, now I remember when I heard this band last time. It's the nameless band that plays in the background when you're buying beer at the bar before the real bands start to play on stage in a big gig. Remember when you went to the last show and the music was on when you reached the venue, as you were talking to friends or looking through the distro stands? That's it. The music in this album seems to be going nowhere. It's so aimless it could be a Danish band. Even if we ignore the melodic chorus that appears here and there, here we get totally forgettable second rate metal, the kind that fills the gaps between two interesting titles in a record list. While the music is well played, and also well recorded, it's 0 aggressive, 0 melodic, 0 brutal 0 whatever you might be looking for in a band. If some big magazine doesn't start promoting this stuff, I doubt it's gonna sell one single copy based on quality alone. There are some melodies and some aggro (ah ah) riffs coupled with those raspy snarls they call today "black metal vocals" which obviously are not Black Metal as in "satanic" or "dismal" but just high pitched. I have been listening to this twice and while I can't still find any flaws, I cannot think of a situation when I might be tempted to put this on. It just doesn't fit ay mood: if you're looking for something either brutal or mellow, this just stands in such a middle ground it's destined to fester forever in your Cd rows collecting dust. A special mention to the vocals, becouse they range a big specrtum from start to end, but they manage to be surpsisingly average in every configuration. The cover artwork is also horrendous, a faggot and a lesbian with trendy haircuts kissing each other guns in hand. Wow how brutal. How artistic. Technically everything's okay here, it's the soul that's missing.


Tracks (9): 1 - We Will Go 2 - This Blackened Heart 3 - Into Nothingness 4 - Hate Is My Creed 5 - Sanctimonious 6 - Born To Serve 7 - Hevnen 8 - One Thousand Days Of Poison 9 - Cursed Chemistry