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PATHOLOGIST (Cze): "Re-Regurgitation Over Fuckin' Pathological Splatter" Cd 2001 Leviathan

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 18/09/2006 23:59:59


Cover Art

Code: LVR CD-037

Running Time: 77:39


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You know how sensitive I am about reissues, especially when we talk about real good bands from the past like this Pathologist. I admit I'd have preferred something a bit more deluxe for this farily complete reissue of Pathologist material. But the poster that opens when you unfold the booklet is a heaven for gore maniacs, so much blood, guts and chopped flesh there is, arghhhh I cum! I have a small cult for this band, I also have their picture Lp hung on the wall of my bedroom between the first two Carcass so go figure! Taken singularly the riffs on the second album (the first ten tracks of the Cd) are not the most extreme, but I just like the concept so much I can only hear the good things. The vocals here are a mix of Demilich and Mexican Disgorge, a real liquid, low croak, while the song structures tend to vary quite a bit from the beginning to the end of the Cd (the releases are arranged in reverse chronological order). The second album is way more classic Death Metal, whicle the real shit, gore-gore grind is contained on "Putrefactive..." and on the demo tracks, which are deliciously noisy and grinding if elementary to the the extreme. I would like to go more in detail on the review of the single albums taken one by one (got them both already on my desk staring at me with blind eyes, I'll review them in due time), so let's just say a few words on this collection: there are no lyrics, no band pictures, no liner notes, basically nothing extra other than the music. The only cheapest reissues I can think of are Xtreem's Funebre and Disgrace and this says MUCH. But nonetheless, you got 77 minutes of Pathologist for the reasonable price of one Cd and all compacted in a single disc. Instead of downloading music from the Internet, I'd surely go for this one if you don't have the old albums, this is great gore drenched stuff from Czech republic and being released in 2001 it should be easy to find as well. This reissue could have been done far better with a double Cd containing ALL the demo stuff instead of just a bunch of songs, and surely some extra pictures or notes would have been great, but here's great stuff nonetheless. Ah, great vocals!! It shoud be clear that the vote is meant for the value of the reissue and not of the singular albums.


Tracks (27): 1 - Paroxysmal Prelude 2 - Cannibalistic Disfigurement 3 - Putrescence 4 - Cadavers In Medical Jurisprudence 5 - Uterogestation To Abortion 6 - Exhumed Dead Body 7 - Infectious Agonizing Parasitism 8 - Gynaecological Sickness 9 - Secretion of Ejaculate 10 - Malignant Introduction 11 - Open The Dissection Ward 12 - Reek With Suppuration 13 - Cadaveric Metamophoses 14 - Genital Pathological Perversity 15 - Tumorous Defects And Diseases 16 - Anatomical Necropsy 17 - Progression of Putrefaction (Part Two) 18 - Decomposition of Corpses 19 - Carcass Dismemberment 20 - Vomitory Corporal Dysfunction 21 - Rotten Outroduction 22 - Progression of Putrefaction 23 - Cadaverous Murmurs 24 - Dissolution of Corpses 25 - Anatomical Evisceration 26 - Tumorous Illness And Mutilation 27 - Vomitory Necrotic Disgorgement