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BOLESNO GRINJE (Hrv): "Nitko Mas Ne Vidi..." Cd 2006 Deathbag

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 17/09/2006 23:59:59


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Code: DB01

Running Time: 46:23

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Ah! So Blythe was serious when she was talking about her Deathbag records and this Bolesno Grinje release! This means I am the only cunt who's not able to release a Cd on his own, dammit! Anyway the Claudia fuckin' Schiffer of Grind Core started out with a grand debut for her label with this Cd, quite different from the previous material. For once, I can tell there's real progression here, from every angle you eye it. Dropped the fleas, the packaging is real top level, the lyrics are finally understandable (if contorted) and what's even better, the music has bloomed into a schizoid and thoroughly original pulp of Grind, Death and general extreme music elements. First off the production is sharp and well balanced, the sound has a bit more emphasis on the metal side, with some intreesting turns which even reminded me of some Neurosis stuff and the songs really difficult to pigeonhole. There is just a track which I cannot swallow easily and that's "Uvdek Problemi" which sounds a bit too emo-progressive post-something at first yet even this one branches out quickly into a plethora of different styles, all at the same time. It is interesting how this band manages to explore and define a sound of their own yet paying homage to a lot of distinct genres. It's one of those concoctions which just amalgam finely and without sharp contrasts. Surely there is a huge English/Swedish crust vein, expecially in the vocals, but heaviness and complexisty are definitely borrowed from metal. Yet I wonder: to this day, after hearing bands like Nasum and Rotten Sound does it really mean something to talk about labels? Whatever, even if I am still all for teenage gore bands, my critical sense admits there is something big developing here, this band is developing fast, with a lot of logic and inner consitency. Simply put, for being one of the very few bands I can think of from Croatia, this is absoutely the best I know from that country. Were I in you I'd buy it, eh.


Tracks (17): 1 - 2,000,000 grinja spava sa vama 2 - Crvenilo i parfem 3 - Cuvaj zdravlje 4 - Poludjeli psihijatar 5 - Savršen dan za samoubojstvo 6 - Supernova budala 7 - Melem za uši 8 - Uvijek problemi 9 - Idemo na papu 10 - Nesavršen svijet(jebiga) 11 - Lauf 12 - Produkt progresa 13 - Biraj: budala, debil, kreten ili imbecil? 14 - Gusti sloj septicke 15 - Zbog love 16 - Sam protiv sebe 17 - Exploziv