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MORGUE (Swe): "Eroded Thoughts" Cd 1993 Grind Core

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 15/09/2006 23:59:59


Cover Art

Code: 89818-2

Running Time: 31:40


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Argh, so I finally skipped one day, but luckily I am already here to ammend, by making two posts at once. I felt ill yesterday so I had to slip under the bedsheet without solving my review duty. So, it is the friday review and it has to be an old record, so what about Morgue from Sweden? I already had this band spinning in my player since I dug up Broken Hope's debut on Grind Core rex, and what can I tell you, this is an excellent Cd to own if you manage to find it. The cover art is wondrous, bloodspattered and abstract at the same time, the colours of flesh and bone. I miss these cover arts today, really I do. And how it's great to see a good dripping logo which is not glowing a million colors. Musically, you can really tell by hearing this Cd, how the early Swedish scene was horizonally influenced by Autopsy. Morgue plays rather solid, classic Death Metal with an abundance of cartilaginous riffs with have the fragrance of the Autopsy doom passages. The vocals are the deep kind, but they struggle for some variety so you might hear influences of Asphyx, Autopsy (hm), Unleashed and early Sentenced as well. The music too, is able to display fast, grinding facets which even recalled memories of Carbonized. I have to say the lumbering obscurity of early Finnish/Swedish bands is generally lacking here, but we have a good breed of classick Death Metal which is always a pleasure shredding your ears at. This is a product of its own time, as much as the Wommbath review I made earlier, it's difficult to believe one could be able to play like this today. I loved the track "Severe Psychopathology" for it's variety of riffs balanced between old school grindings, crushing passages and even some brief snapshots of melody. The lyrics are also a mix of introspection, sick thoughts and gore, in the pure Death Metal tradition. As a closing note, for those complaining too much about today's rap look of Death Metal bands, I would like to point at the jacket the drummer wears in the band photo, ah, for what reason should one add so much paint on a leather jacket two sizes more than what fits you? Man I always found a logo painted on a leather jacket to be ridicolous. But let's not fall into a fashion review. Classic 90's Death Metal, the best music there is.


Tracks (7): 1 - Coroner's Report 2 - Random Decay 3 - Repulsive Death 4 - Plagued Birth 5 - Severe Psychopathology 6 - Personality Conflict 7 - Eroded Thoughts