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INFECTED BRAIN (Ger): "s/t" Cd 2006 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 12/09/2006 23:59:59


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Running Time: 39:01

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I didn't find much on this band so I have to stick to the elements I can perceive only. For a self-produced album, this doesn't look bad, although the cover artwork suffers from heavy lack of sharpness becouse the images have been manipulated in a low resulution, the brain on the coiver results quite fuzzy, not to mention I hate the slick tomato effect on the logo and fonts on the back of the packaging. Anyway the concept is okay enough, it could just have been much better by just taking a few precautions. Infected Brain is an old German band that plays straight, heavily chuggish Death Metal in the vein of other German classics like Pavor, Purgatory or Obscenity. It always happens like that, when I hear a band I cannot but make comparisons to bands from the same country, it just clicks in my brain eh. The sound is quite pwoerful, and there are very few digressions from the genuine, brautal and to the point sound of this band. There are no space warp accelerations or technical frills, just a lot of emphasis on the rhytm that constantly chugs and hammers in mid to fast tempos, with guttural snarls and grunts all across. I might be blunt but I have the impression a band like this suffers a lot from releasing an album today when we have bands like Arsebreed, Artery Eruption or Disavowed playing Brutal Death Metal with twice as fast and thrice as complex riffs. I still am a big supporter of old School Death friggin' Metal but some bands just falls in between that gap that separates the fascinating old school and the immensely powerful new breed of Brutal Death. And this has to be the case, the vocals are deep, the riffs are never banal or tarantella, which is a real feat when you play only heavy rhythmic riffs, and they even have a solos or two scattered in the middle. However to this time and age, an extra effort is being asked to Death Metal bands to stand out. Maximum support to a band that has gore lyrics and a festering brain on the cover, but I have to slip in a vote which is neither a praise nor a punishment. In other words, not bad but not a must buy.


Tracks (12): 1 - Dream Master 2 - I Will Kill You 3 - Claustrophobia 4 - Napalm Death 5 - Untergang 6 - Power 7 - Crash 8 - Frozen Stiff 9 - Infected Brain 10 - What I Am 11 - Cancer 12 - Gesichter