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BROKEN HOPE (USA-Il): "Loathing" Cd 1997 Metal Blade

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 10/09/2006 13:06:00


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Broken Hope's "Loathing" spots one of the most effective if abstract covers by that great artist that is Wes Benscoter. If you ask me, while I acknowledge the skill of relatively recent artists like Zig or Tony Kohel, this guy is on another world entirely. If the layout is clean and sharp, the music follows strictly these guidelines: the textures are way less oppressive than those of modern day Brutal Death bands like Artery Eruption or Gutrot, but the songs are each clearly identifiable, and the vocals of Joe Ptacek on this album are really those of a fucking ogre in barbarian rage. Today we probably have no less than one hundred thousand bands with vocalists that range deep and low as a boar, but there are few singers which have such a intestinal, profound timbre. Things have gotten a bit cleaner than "Repulsive Conception", following the path started right after "The Bowels of Repugnance", but the inspiration and creativity is still strong here, despite an amazing production, really surprisingly balanced and clear, and it shows on the music and the lyrics, this time the most repulsive they have ever written: venereal diseases, necrophilia, necrophagia, inborn deformities, psychic deviations and even blasphemy (the song "He Was Raped" talks about how the Romans fucked Jesus in the ass and came in his throat right before the crucifixion) are explored with precision and a disturbingly elegant style. This is an album that still resides among my favorites from 1997, becouse you can just never get tired of this shit. Brian's obsession for power riffs is at his highest here, but they are not as bare as those in the following album (a delusion on many levels); you got a hundred ultra-powerful chugs and grunts, the most blatant example surely the song "Skin is In", a good ancestor for Skinless-like grooves, if maybe a bit "easy" in relation to the others. My favorite must be "Reunited", not just the lyrics are terribly sick, but the song has an impressive variety in itself as well. If "The Bowels of Repugnance" remains their masterpiece, this one should be an excellent buy for those used to a cleaner, more ordered sound. And two thumbs up to Joe's vocals here! Big guitar personality and a bunch of elegant solos as well.


Tracks (11): 1 - Siamese Screams 2 - Translucence 3 - The Cloning 4 - Reunited 5 - High on Formaldehyde 6 - A Window to Hell 7 - Skin is In 8 - Auction of the Dead 9 - He Was Raped 10 - I Am God 11 - Deadly Embrace