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UNDERTAKER (USA-Co): "Necro-Thievery" MCd 1994 Creepo

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 07/09/2006 20:34:00


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Running Time: 16:11

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Other releases from this band

It's still Colorado, the studio is still Time Capsule and the Mixer/Engineer is still Kirby Orrick, and judging by the "Ganja God" mentioned in the thanklist, things are still a bit high on toxic substances, eh, and the music shows! Gore-green they should call it. See I just invented another label! Ah ah. Anyway this is not Skeleton of God as you might have concluded but the Englewood/Denver based band Undertaker (ex-Maledict but I don't want congrats for this trivia, I just read it in their bio two minutes ago eh), made up of four young musicians and kicking some dust with this interesting "Necro Thievery" demo-Cd. I have the compact disc edition but I remember it was also released on tape. The lyrics are not as flowing and well written as Skeleton of God's, dealing basically with hidden corpses, violating cadavers and witnessing the apocalypse. but the music surely follow their sick minded steps. A bulging, powerful sound, low guttural fucking vocals and a shitload of nasty riffs with grating harmonics and a generous dose of accelerations. If anything, this band sounds even more compact and somewhat faster, while maintaining a distinct, let's call it trademark American neat style. The sound here is not the best as it becomes a bit confused when the music become more complex, the kick drums a bit too high, and the strings maybe a bit too lose, but I generally love this mini on the overall. We're discussing about a genre which was still in embryo as what was to become Brutal American Death Metal, not to mention these unconventional dissonant harmonies in the mix which just emerged many years later, hell there are even excellent solos in here. The whole spectrum of speeds is explored here, from slow, crunching bridges to grindcore blasts, while keeping the sound full and compact. Great thing how these Creepo/Napalm bands combined heaviness with hints of progressive intelligence. The packaging is very simple but cool in its simplicity, but the cover artwork, while surely visionary and "gore" coould really be drawn better, the proprtions and anatomies were definitely unripe for publication but in the end, the concept holds. It was surprising to read there is still a webpage about this band, maintained by the then guitarist/backing screamer Matt Rinehart (I heard the tracks of his new band and well... I don't like it, period... you know, I am still a retarded teenage Death Metal fan despite the years passing ehe, just can't evolve!). I am enclosing here one track but the whole demo is freely downloadable from the band's website!!!


Tracks (4): 1 - Epidermal Decor 2 - Necro Thievery 3 - Bone Saw 4 - The Accursed