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SKELETON OF GOD (USA-Ca); "Urine Garden" MCd 1993 Creepo

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 06/09/2006 21:11:00


Cover Art

Code: CR46

Running Time: 18:41


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Wicked, massive, insane. A powerhouse on drugs. By merely looking at the cover art, one realizes something had gone out of place among the drug-dull brain cells of these four musicians from Colorado. Right after the recording on the Hideous Corpse Ep, the band returned to the scene with a truly insane masterpiece of feverishly original Brutal Art. Call it Hydro Grind (as one notorious chick once defined) or post-Brutal Death Metal, Skeleton of God has created an incredibly dense concoction of sturdy brutality a la Suffocation mixed with leaks of dissonance and riffs that can only come from the green weed leaves depcited on the cover. Even if I HATE when bands deal with this marijuana shit (to me, that's stuff you should overgrow after getting 11 years old), the whole concept is so convincing and charming in this MCd that it broadly summarizes all the Cephalic Carnage albums in just 18 minutes of music. The recording is as heavy as a rolling boulder, with a full, bovine guitar distortion, guttural vocals and a rather elastic drumming. I only complain a bit about the sound of the kick drums which really sound a bit too "wet" for my tastes, but the strings and vocals tonalities are just perfect to me. It is amazing how this band managed to keep all the heaviness of these early Brutal Death sonorities, with all these heavily muscled, powerful riffs and at the same time being able to wrap it in an hypnotic cocoon of metallic fringes and wondrous experimentations. The deformed, bloated body on the cover with multiple dicks, the sickly green blackground on the band pic, the use of black, green and greys for the layout and the insane lyrics (the "Smog" song has among the most nonsensical lytrics ever, I wonder how many magic mushrooms these guys ate before writing this stuff) just all collaborate to create something ahead its time (BTW ultra cool Pigface shirt, that's the first time I saw a metalhead wearing one). I am somewhat happy this band quitted shirtly thereafter, becouse they just burned out (any excuse was good to inhale some fucking smoke eh, dorks!) in a nimbus of flickerings and sparkles of genius... and their name has so remained somehow hidden to the masses. The story of how I got this Cd is unbelievable also, I just brought a flyer at the local record shop, which basically just sold Thin Lizzy and White Lion records, and showed it to the owner as a joke. He said to me: " hey I just got that one Cd ", and I was like "sure..." and well, he just picked it out of a drawer! How an underground Cd released by an independent label (I think I remember that Creepo was just Skeleton of God's members, need to dig that interview) landed among AOR and Heavy Metal records is still a mystery. Maybe it just hopped through a mirror and landed up there. It still smells of hallucinogenic fungi. With Skeleton of God, you could never know.


Tracks (5): 1 - Urine Garden 2 - Ten Seconds Infinity 3 - Spiritual Schizophilia 4 - Withered Humans 5 - Smog (Gacy Remix)