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AGONY (Can): "L.I.F.E." Cd 1997 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 04/09/2006 23:59:59


Cover Art

Code: AGO-666

Running Time: 43:11


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Montreal's Agony are one of those groups whose name was lost somewhere between the paragraphs of fanzines and the faded memories of old Canadian headbangers. There was however a consistent potential in this band which I sense was somewhat never exploited in its entirety. While maintaining the convulse national proficiency to create progressive and interesting music while keeping it all the way brutish and uneasy, there was something inexorably mssing between these lines. But to ignore them is a crime, becouse hear this stuff and let me know if this band didn't have the same imprint of Cryptopsy, Kataklysm, Blood of Christ, Hidden Pride and all these vibrantly insane bands (not to mention a sick logo, I just love it). My feeling towards this band is that is had definitely something more and all the while something less than its countrymates. It had an ability to create remotely sad, placid soundscapes and melodic riffs and glue them to heavy brutal death breakdowns, bombastic bass slapping and irreverent music destruction a la Human Remains all the while remaining coherent and not sounding pretentious. The progression this band made since their demo tape can be sampled here becouse this latter is included as bonus at the end of track six in this Cd, which turns out to be almost 45 minutes long, so you basically have a Cd which is twice as long as a modern Death Metal full-length (myseries of the world globalization). The music follows very clearly a definite if broken path, becoming rougher and more extreme as we approach the end of the recording. I just love this production, just like I said for Cryptopsy, I feel this is the correct one for Death Metal, with a warm sound and an extremely wooden sounding snare. The patterns followed along its length are spastic but not as frantic as those of modern day post-core bands, which allow the whole music to set on denser, more brutal sonorities; we have a couple of different vocal styles, from inhuman screams to grunts, and a good share of melodic bridges as well, shattered in a multitute of rainbow hued riffs and blurry percussions. The bass is still very high in the mix but this style relies very much on the drum-bass rhytmic chemistry to add a framented feel to the music, it's just a trademark. I just enjoyed Agony, in all its lunacy. And the cover is beautiful too, blurry and nightmarish, somehow reminiscent of H.R. Giger's works. The layout too, follows the unfathomably colorful putridity of the music. Good lyricstoo, while not outstanding.


Tracks (6): 1 - Self-Butchery 2 - Perpetual Breeders 3 - Blood Addiction... 4 - Feasting on Human Components 5 - Obsede 6 - L.I.F.E.