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CRYPTOPSY (Can): "Blasphemy Made Flesh" Cd

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 03/09/2006 12:57:00


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Code: IR011

Running Time: 39:44

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Other releases from this band

Cryptopsy's fire has burned out fast in me, in a matter of just a few years. But its flames had been high for their short lifespan, fuck! I ordered this Cd straight from Invasion* after hearing "Gentle Exhumation" (the demo tape) and whoah, I never thought a band could play so fast, I never heard blasts this fast since Brutal Truth's "Extreme Conditions"! This shit was completely out of mind! Even better than the first tape, for sure. Since then, my idea of Canda's headfucked creativity was real high, starting out with Voivod (which were a BIG favorite of mine and I still think they have been more or less always good to hear) and up to the incredible Kataklysm first MCd and debut. But when I heard this Cd things really seemed to shoot skywards, it's just so fucking pissed off and schizophrenic it was a defining moment in Death Metal freakiness. Majestic in its insanity. True madness made not only real, but also a turned into a common paragon for a whole new style. It was more or less the time where a lot of weird things started to happen up there with bands like Necrotic Mutation, Putricid, Decerebration, Pandemic Infection (cool demo), Agony (this one was GOOD), Gorelust... but the insanity seeped downwards as well in the States with small jewels like Undertaker, Skeleton of God, Wicked Innocence, Cephalic Carnage and basically the whole Creepo crew... I am in the mood of hearing this kind of pissed off stuff lately so here you go, I'm going to review a couple of schizoid classics in the following days. Fuck off. And where better to start than with this huge record? With my first words I meant that I completely lost interest in Cryptopsy after buying "None So Vile". I gave "Whisper Supremacy" a listen or two but I wasn't very much into Di Salvo's vocals. It was just a matter of personal taste becouse Cryptopsy's music is so unique you could basically throw any kind of vocals in the mix and they will probably work, but I just found the vocals on this album way more varied, more brutal, and fucking crazier. Hear what this guy does to his throat on "Memories of Blood". I read he also used to do some tricks with earthworms on stage but I cannot remember well (I just remember one episode when the drummer passed out at a Milwaukee Metal fest, becouse the place was so hot and they had to play FASTER than on this album, so go figure). In any case, it's always a pity when you lose a personality like this in change for some more standard stuff. Other than for the vocals, things started losing the Death Metal sound more and more, the sound become so clean, the technical tricks so prominent, it lead me to forget about Cryptopsy for several years. But it is always great to hear this one. For one, I LOVE the sound on this release. People complaining about it are fucking faggots and they know nothing of the Death Metal sound, fucking cunts. "Blasphemy Made Flesh" is already a technical monstrosity, but the sound here is that of a totally Death Metal album, with all his imprecisions and filth. The sound of the snare drum is fantastic, like it's just a block of wood instead of a skin, the guitars are down tuned and fat, the vocals exploring a wicked range of raspy screams, grunts, squeals as if they were just another instrument per se, the vocal chords squeezed and hammered like those of an exotic musical instrument. The bass might be a bit over the top, with slapping so loud it almost drown everything beneath, but it just contributes to the frantic feel of the whole album. The arrangements are the very best thing however, and what makes this band so singular: the riffs are just scrambled in a big cauldron and scattered in a nonsensical pattern, but somewhere in the mix, you can hear there is some alien intelligence overseeing the works, even if a deranged one. The drums, well we know that, this band coined the term hyperblast, so you can figure how varied and fast they can be, they're just unbelievable. I am very pissed off becouse somewhere in these years this Cd must have been in contact with water and a good share of its pages are now glued together (grr), but most of the lyrics can still be read. They're some sort of cross between poetic and serial killer stuff. Just as impossible to pigeonhole as the rest of the music, but great. I was tempted to buy either the Displeased or Century Media reissue but I am not sure if the booklet is exactly the same (and anyway I'd keep it for personal affection). This one has a nice gold pantone logo on top of an amazingly insane painting of a misshaped monstrosity with insect legs and a huge central eye lying in the middle of an ocean, with icebergs all around it, carved with monster visages. How it perfectly fits the concept! This is a big classic, even by today's standards.

* I also have an interview I made with Invasion records made around those years, I shall publish it one day if I find the letter.


Tracks (10): 1 - Defenestration 2 - Abigor 3 - Open Face Surgery 4 - Serial Messiah 5 - Born Headless 6 - Swine of the Cross 7 - Gravaged (a Cryptopsy) 8 - Memories of Blood 9 - Mutant Christ 10 - Pathological Frolic