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BUTCHER ABC (Jap): "Promo Cd Limited in Maryland Deathfest 2006" MCd 2006 Obliteration

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 30/08/2006 23:08:00


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Running Time: 35:26

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If my opinion is worth anything, Butcher ABC is much better than Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ, at least than the last few releases of the Jap Grind anime kommandos. That this band is a tribute to old school death metal (which is still my favourite genre) can't be more blatant than this: the logo on the cover of this promo reminds fairly that of a famous band from England (eh), and the back of the booklet spots the cover artwork of that great "Mad Butcher" album by Destruction. And I just love bloodspattered surgeon vests, gas masks, chains and denim and all the graphic bollocks this band manages to grab along on stage. The sound of this band Cd is sick, there's a weird kind of distortion which reminds me a lot of Sweden's Crematory and Germany's Coprophagist but it even gets more twisted and sludgy in the second track, grabbed from their first album. So on this promo you get one track from "Butchered at Birth Day" and one from "Butchered Feast of Being", and things don't seem to haven't changed much... still nasty old school Swedish/Finnish Death Metal, with vomiting vocals, some vaguely punkish riffs, only the sound seems a little bit less oppressive from one part, but the riffs are heavier.... Before going in depth I'd rather stop becouse I prefer to make a full review of the new album instead of scattering it among promo tracks and EPs. You also get and two good live extra tracks (almost half an hour) on this Cd, which start with a riff from Black Sabbath (hey these guys just can't live without citing the classics) and gives a good idea of what this band has to offer. Being a promo of just four songs, you can't expect something unforgettable, but it's nice to get, I think Naru still has some copies at the Obliteration HQ, you cen order it along with the new Butcher ABC album!


Tracks (4): 1 - Track from Butchered Feast of Being 2 - Track from Butchered at Birth Day 3 - Bonus Live Track 4 - Bonus Live Track